Wix ADI Aims To Revolutionize The Website Creation Process

Website builder Wix has recently unveiled its new system called Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which the company is promoting as “the future of website building.”

Wix ADI is an AI-driven service that not only designs your website but also gathers content. Wix considers their new service as the first AI website builder to reach the market since The Grid.

Most of the adopters of The Grid – especially those who paid upfront – may have been over-promised a tad.  Even with substantial funding, The Grid’s extended beta period has been continuing due to mixed reviews and with no clear and revolutionary product in sight. With the inevitable release of Wix ADI, the blog hysteria that AI has made designers obsolete may be revived.

However, Wix wants to make it clear that it has not created an AI-based design system. They are only adopting the term artificial intelligence for marketing purposes. Upon its launch, AI will be heralded as an integral part of NASA’s pilot mission to Mars or launched by IBM as a means for interpreting Big Data. It will not be knocked up after a couple of years as part of a template vendor’s side project.

AI developers who jumped on the bandwagon that have not announced their versions yet, but it’s clear that the AI that they’re using does not involve “real” artificial intelligence (imagine robots on an automated assembly line), but rather skilled craftsmen. Like The Grid, Wix will cater to small businesses that need to set up a website quickly but cannot afford hiring a web designer.

In addition, AI won’t target or challenge the web design industry. Its focus is on small business owners who do not understand web design terms. The AI system of Wix is designed to provide a clearer picture of what the business owner is paying for.

How does Wix ADI work?

Wix ADI will generate a website based on the site owner’s response to five basic requirements:

  • Name
  • Purpose of the website
  • Business location
  • Preferred design style
  • Special site features and capabilities required

In an interview with Wix President and COO Nir Zohar, he said that the answers to these five blanks should be enough to make a standard website fitting for any kind of business. “Each is custom-made, designed as if by a pro and absolutely unique. There are billions of different options, so your site will not look anything like the next guy’s,” Zohar said.

From the responses above, Wix ADI will generate ‘structures’ to generate the site content. It will then edit anything that will not make sense to human readers and then select one theme from its wide collection. Wix ADI provides a wide collection of templates.

How good is it?

The performance and effectiveness of Wix ADI remains to be seen because while it is set for launch in the next couple of months, it is still not available worldwide. So far, the new online service has launched only one website, which is still a work in progress. In fact, this particular demo website looks average at best, with a standard design. Aside from that, the code still has some obvious flaws and the SEO needs a lot of work.

While the priced is yet to be announced, one of Wix’s major selling points is its affordability. Expect the price to not stray too far from the first launch offer.  If you are looking for a website builder that costs less than $100, Wix ADI may be a pretty sweet deal.

It’s highly unlikely to challenge freelancers or agencies in the web design industry. However, there a few PSD and WordPress services that can also be a great option and could give Wix a run for its money.

If you are a designer, AI’s promise of automation may be difficult to accept when it is seen as a devaluation of design. However, releases like Wix ADI should give designers something to rejoice about as they emphasize on the additional value that designers can give to their clients.

On the part of Wix, it should be lauded for the product it will bring to the market. Although it is not artificial intelligence per se, the fact that it makes picking a template an easy task is already something that businesses will be thankful for.

Benefits of Wix ADI

In a nutshell, here is what Wix ADI will bring to the table:

  • Every website has a unique design. Your website will look different from other websites. It offers various options for designing sections, pages, layouts, themes, color sets, fonts, and copy variations. Wix ADI is packed with billions of unique combinations for different business categories.
  • Each website is suited to the needs of the business. Wix ADI matches images, text, and layout based on its knowledge of the client’s business and location. Whatever kind of business the customer owns, Wix ADI can customize a website that is tailored to their insight and content to ensure their online presence.
  • It gathers content all over the Web. Wix ADI searches for relevant content from around the Web as well as from social media channels that users can choose and add to their custom design.
  • You can customize the AI-generated website. With a bevy of themes and templates, users are given the option to customize themes, change layouts, or add beautiful images, sections, and pages.
  • Website design is stunning and professional. Wix ADI takes your website’s aesthetic appeal to the next level and can change its design according to your needs.
  • Wix ADI adjusts to the user’s preference. ADI designs the website according to the needs of the user. It will also provide a step-by-step guide on optimizing the design of their website.

In a press release, Wix ADI chief Nitzen Achsaf revealed that the system has been being developed for years already. “Wix ADI is an advancement that has been under development for years, and we know from our deep experience and extensive research that there is considerable demand from individuals, designers and businesses all over the world for exactly this type of solution,” said Achsaf. “Wix ADI isn’t just a new website builder – it sets a new market standard for web design. We have been at the forefront of this market for nearly a decade, and now as one of the leading AI technology providers, we will make website creation accessible and easy for everyone.”

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