What You Need To Know About Mozilla’s Project Common Voice

mozilla common voice project

The rise in mobile use has paved the way for voice to become a necessary feature in online browsing and communication. As more people rely on mobile technology to browse pages and do a quick online search, the need for voice technology has increased dramatically. This is probably the reason why Mozilla has ventured into a breakthrough endeavor known as Project Common Voice.

What is Project Common Voice?

Mozilla’s new project aims to make voice technology an open-source resource. According to the Common Voice website, bulk of voice technology is controlled by private companies that don’t share their tech data with the rest of the world. Mozilla wants to remove the barriers to innovation, leading them to launch the Common Voice project.

In a nutshell, Common Voice opens up the trending technology of voice to contributors and developers. The aim here is to promote the use of voice technology by the public, as well as its development by practically anyone who wants to get involved.

Three Ways To Join the Mozilla Project Common Voice

Because it is open to everyone, Mozilla has opened up doors for anyone to contribute to this worthwhile cause. If you are interested to take part in Mozilla’s Project Common Voice, here are three possible ways for you to get involved:

1. Donate your voice

A lot of people like the sound of their voices, and so allowing the public to donate their voices on the project seems like a no-brainer. Common Voice gives you the unique opportunity to lend your voices (literally) to the voice recognition engine.

To do that, all you need to do is read a sentence aloud, and the site will record your voice as you’re reading. In each session, the site will give you three sentences to read.

mozilla common voice project donate voice record

After reading and recording your voice, you may review your work and re-record as you wish. Afterwards, all you need to do is confirm all of the voice clips.

2. Validate sentences

I’m pretty sure that Mozilla has a team of people who review every single voice clip to check its validity. However, the company also opens this opportunity to the public.

mozilla common voice project validate voice recording

Scroll to the bottom of the front page, and look for the heading title “Try it!”. From there, you can help Mozilla validate some sentences that other users have read and recorded. Click the Play button to hear the voice recording, and then click the corresponding button to approve or reject the recording.

3. Spread the word

As with any other open-source technology, Common Voice will shine best when a lot of people know about it. If you support open-source voice technology, then feel free to share the information – that includes a link to Mozilla Project Common Voice – on your social media accounts and via word of mouth.

The Huge Potential of Common Voice

Because Common Voice is under the umbrella of Mozilla, imagine the potential of voice technology to enhance the functionality of Firefox. I can already envision a no-keyboard, all-voice mobile technology to rule all handheld devices in the future.

Here are some other potential benefits of Common Voice:

  • Improvements in voice technology such as this can also improve assistive technology, particularly in the field of mobile use.
  • You can speak on the phone, and an automatic real-time translator can convert your sentences to a particular language.
  • The tech may render the keyboard obsolete. This may lead to more efficient use of mobile screen space.

Final Word

In its FAQ page, Mozilla wants to dedicate its efforts and resources to keep “the web open and accessible for everyone.” What’s exciting about Common Voice is that it not only involves the public, but it also leads the way towards better and more improved services for anyone to enjoy and develop.