15 Useful & Free jQuery Plugins

Javascript has become central to much of the awesome functionality found on many websites and luckily for web designers or developers who haven’t spent weeks learning how to code javascript there are loads of jquery plugins available that allow you to get the benefits of javascript by simply adding only one or two lines of code to your website.

I am sure most people who have arrived on this site know what jquery plugins are, but for the purposes of those who are new to jQuery it is worth giving a quick summary of jQuery is and what it is used for. In summary, jQuery is fast and streamlined “write less, do more” JavaScript library designed to make it much easier to use JavaScript on websites. jQuery is designed to take a lot of the most widely used functions that would normally take a ton of JavaScript code and bundle it into methods that you can call with only one or two lines of code. Due to its flexibility and extensibility, jQuery has become the most popular way coders write JavaScript.

To get the various javascript functions that has been built in to many fantastic plugins web developers can go to  main jquery website, github or the the jquery plugins author websites and copy the small code snippet required. We have collated some of the most useful jQuery plugins available to download now from the developers website or Github. Check them out below.

Owl Carousel

Owl Carousel jquery

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Owl Carousel is a responsive touch-enable jQuery slider. You can easily put showcase your content using this beautiful slider plugin which will adapt to smaller screen sizes.

Super Scrollamma


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Powered by TweenMax and the Greensock Tweening Engine, SuperScrollrama gives you some amazing scrolling effects like that animate text such as fadeing, flying, spinning, scaling, wiping, bouncing, coloring, flicking and pinning amongst others. Just out their website to see the effects in action.



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Twitter has developed a magnificent plugin that puts smart auto-completion to a new level. Typehead.js shows suggestions of search queries using a predictive text script. It can work in local or remote databases and can fetch suggestions at an immense speed.



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ScrollUp is an instant-scroll-to-top plugin that allows you to navigate through content with the hassle of scrolling back up to the top. Using this lightweight plugin will add ease of navigation to your website, especially where you have long written content.

jQuery Scroll Path


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jQuery Scroll Path allows you to define custom scroll paths in any way you want to so you are not constrained by the normal vertical parralax scrolling effect. Scroll your content horizontally, diagonally or in arc to create very unique site.

jQuery Pop Menu


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jQuery Pop Menu allows you to create neat and responsive popup navigation panels. With two different color schemes all designed under the flat-look, this plugin makes your website more fancy-looking.



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Slidebars adds an app-looking navigation pane on your website. Using this jQuery plugin makes you hit two birds in one stone as it is both a navigation panel and a stylish sidebar.

Smooth Box


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Smoothbox is another responsive jQuery plugin that is similar to lightbox whereby clicking on an image makes it popup and the background fades. Because it is very light and doesn’t need a lot of memory to load, you can view stunning slideshow-style image presentations without a head scratch.

Block slide


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 Block Slide is a CSS3 animated modal window image gallery jQuery plugin that uses a lot of built-in animation to create some amazing effects.

jQuery URLive


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jQuery URLive allows you to create previews on any web site url with Open Graph. It is lightweight and will help you with advertising and promoting other websites.



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In short, Fit.js helps you fit things into other things. It allows you to put elements over other elements with the way or place you want them to be.



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Mappy.js is a jQuery plugin that lets you integrate with google maps and places by adding or editing the place on a map.

Lazy Loader


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Lazy loader is a responsive jQuery plugin that lets you load the most appropriate renditions according to the current breakpoint into the CSS grid system.

Auto Tab


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Autotab is a jQuery plugin that provides filtering on text fields in a form and as the name says, it allows you to auto tab.

jQuery Square Menu


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jQuery Square Menu is a jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 to create square-shaped or square-like menu animation.