Top 3 Locksmith SEO Keywords For Your Site

Like pretty much most handymen out there, locksmiths are not part of our everyday conversation until the day a problems actually comes up and they are the only ones who can get us out of the mess. That is about the time we start to frantically research locksmiths – or, better said, search for the nearest locksmiths in the Yellow Pages or online. How much time would you say you would normally allocate to the search process should you be stranded outside your house with no spare key at hand at 1 in the morning?

Most people click on the first top 2-3 results on their search page! So how can you make your locksmith website show up high in search results?

#1: Learn How To Target The Right Keywords!

  • Targeting the right keywords your audience is prone to search for is critical. Effective SEO practices industry include good targeting, and this is especially true in the locksmith industry.

  • Trying to boost your ranking while focusing on the wrong keywords your customers are not actually searching for is a complete waste of time. Ranking will only provide the best results in case you will make an effort and find out exactly what they are interested in.

  • Terms like 'locksmith, locksmith near me, nearby locksmith, car locksmith, 24 hour locksmith' are just a few of the most relevant one a person in distress looking for an emergency cuts duplicate keysth is prone to type in and hit the Search/Find button.

#2: Put Relevant Keywords To Work

  • Make sure you include the most relevant and effective keywords in the content of your web site and blog. Each of your pages need to had a well-established goal during its creation.

  • Usually, this goal is targeting specific keywords and attracting the attention of people in need of 'car locksmith', 'emergency locksmith', or 'office locksmith'.

  • Select a couple of these keywords for each new page or post and insert them in the critical areas of your pages, such as the main titles, the H1, H2 titles, the tags and alt text for your images and the list goes on.

  • Do not overdo it; trying to squeeze in too many of these keywords into a single phrase or paragraph will make your articles sound unnatural and untrustworthy.

  • Take a look at successful locksmithing sites like the one and figure out their recipe for success. Can you notice the way they are using the most relevant keywords to them to their best advantage? Since they offer the complete selection of locksmith services, including residential, commercial, and automotive, they are making sure this become very clear inside their content. They have created special site sections dedicated to each of these categories of services individually and they are adding fresh content constantly.

  • Their content is highly relevant, describing the tools and procedures they use when working with the full array of locks and keys. They also talk about their professional team of experienced and insured locksmiths and the friendliness they will embrace each new customer with.

  • Their content is transparent, short simple, and useful, increasing the degree of reliability visitors are prone to attribute to them.

#3: Geo-targeting As A Smart Solution

Add a location to your keywords inside your website pages or blog posts. This, on short, is geo-targetting and it will work wonders for you. Use the name of the city/state/area you are offering your service in together with the keywords you have decided upon. Your pages will become more targeted and show up in search results a lot higher.