Tips To Design Amazing Stickers For Branding

Stickers can be an amazing way for businesses to promote their brand in a memorable, impactful and affordable way.  When it comes to designing, the major challenge lies in designing a sticker which is capable of standing out from the crowd! Since the space of any printed sticker is rather limited, it becomes all the more important to think out of the box and get your innovation caps on. The focus should be on creating a sticker design that is able to create a memorable impact and make a high proportion of viewers to take action (i.e. make a call, visit the website). Here are a few tips that can help you create an outstanding sticker design and ensure that they help you stand out.

Logos Are Not Enough – Add A Call To Action

It may be tempting to design your branding stickers with a logo and tagline that represent your brand but this is not really going to have much effect. It is what most brands do as it is easiest but adding an impressive and persuading “call to action” can be the real game changer. It will improve the chances of the sales in your business increasing. Try to add some catchy and interesting phrase along with phone number, web address, office address or any other relevant detail.

Bold and Gorgeous Graphics

When you have stickers for vehicles that display bold and bright colours, you know they are going to grab attention like nothing else. If they are on printed stickers with small sizes, pairing the graphics with contrasting features can make it clearly visible and contents within, far easier to read. If you are using full colours on your stickers, you know your final product is going to be a design that is eye-catching and nothing less than the best.

Sticker Templates

Sticker templates can be a great place and they are plenty of companies you provide them. If you choose to start with the sticker templates, you will get a better picture of the sticker dimensions that also include ‘trim’, ‘safe area’ and ‘bleed’. Templates are great for different shapes and sizes or nearly whatever that comes to your mind.

Cheap Printing Methods Or Materials Is A False Economy

Even if you have an amazing design, keep in mind that printing on cheap vinyl is going to mar the entire thing and create an impression you never wanted. If you choose to get the stickers printed on some premium stock with the impressive varnish coating, you know you are going to get the best results.

Also, keep in mind that printing stickers on laser or inkjet may not be as effective as you want them to. Don’t forget that the quality of printed marketing materials does represent the quality of your brand or business along with the services and products.

Marketing Moves To Be Made

Think about the different ways in which your printed stickers can be used for promoting your brand or business and give way to increased brand recognition. It is possible to use printed stickers on giveaways such as rental equipments, presentation folders, sales packets, etc at events like trade shows. There are countless ways in which printed stickers can be used for marketing campaigns and boosting sales for any sized business.

Sticker designing has always been considered as one of the integral parts of any business or corporate culture. Since the market looks to be all the more saturated with different sticker designs, it makes sense to understand and analyse the competition prevailing and create designs that stand out. Few sticker designing ideas can be deceptive so watch out! Display with confidence – that should be the call.