Tips To Create Effective ‘Coming Soon’ Landing Pages

coming soon landing page

The company website is an effective tool for grabbing the attention of potential customers. While it may seem like a daunting task, creating an effective ‘coming soon’ landing page is not all that hard. Just like any website page, it needs to have an appealing and attractive design to make your customers excited about the launch of your new website.

What is a ‘Coming Soon’ Page?

Before we learn some tips on how to make an effective ‘coming soon’ page, let us first have an understanding of what these pages are. As the name implies, these are placeholders that announce whether your website is launching or undergoing maintenance. They are designed to capture a visitor’s limited attention span.

While creating one may take time and energy, it can also help create a sense of anticipation to your loyal and potential customers. Making them look forward to your launch date can also have some huge benefits to your company. On your part, it can also be a form of motivation. It would not give you any reason to quit because you know that people are expecting something from you.

effective coming soon landing pages

Generally, these landing pages are designed to provide your visitors with an explanation for its existence. Your failure to give them an explanation can be tantamount to a lost customer. A ‘coming soon’ landing page will stir curiosity on the part of your customer which will make them come back to your website.

These pages generally have three major purposes:

  • Announce the impending launch of your website
  • Explain the purpose of the website
  • Invite the visitors to return to the website once it is officially launched

For the page to be effective, it has to create buzz and anticipation.

Make Your ‘Coming Soon’ Landing Pages Spectacular!

Ready to drum up excitement for your website’s big launch? Here are effective strategies to bring the anticipation in your ‘coming soon’ landing pages to fever pitch:

under construction landing page

Be Unique With Your Design

While your website is not yet fully functional, your design should effectively create excitement to your visitors. The design should have a wow factor as the page should stir some interest on your customers. To make your layout unique, you can check other ‘coming soon’ pages and make a design that suits your intended purpose. But as much as possible, keep your design minimal especially if there is limited content and information.

When making your basic announcement, make sure that you are not making a generic copy. Try to personalize the message. Small mistakes can have a huge impact on your traffic data.

Display Your Mission Statement

By adding a mission statement that explains your purpose or intent, visitors will gain an idea on whether the final website will be enticing to them. In your mission statement, you should:

  • Describe what the visitors can expect
  • Explain the purpose of the site
  • Arouse visitor interest
  • Have a launch date

The phrase ‘coming soon’ by itself is not enticing enough, nor is including a site name without giving a clue that an actual site is coming. Whether it’s a sentence or a paragraph, you should provide visitors with some explanation on what is your site about, but you should keep it as short and simple as possible for the reason of keeping the excitement until the final launching of the actual website. The idea is just to give visitors a taste of what they can expect.

Putting a date somewhere on the page can help generate repeat visitors during site launch. Giving them more information will help encourage your visitors to bookmark your date so they can easily return to your site.

Utilize Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing websites and you can use these channels to promote your landing page. With so many people owning social media accounts, you can take advantage of your network to give your upcoming website the exposure it needs. When utilizing social media, make sure that you truly have an active social media account. It will not help your cause if you lead visitors to an inactive social media account.

Just because your website has already been launched does not mean you need to stop utilizing your social media channels. You will still need Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels to promote and invite visitors to your new website.

Your ‘coming soon’ page will need as much exposure as it can to generate excitement to your potential and existing customers. You would want to announce your upcoming website to keep everyone informed of your site’s progress and official launch.

Add Subscription Forms

Your ‘coming soon’ page will prove effective if you add some kind of subscription form to it. This will help you gain potential customers through a mailing list. It will also help increase the chances of getting revisits to your website. To make your subscription form effective, consider the following:

Explain what’s going on

When adding a subscription form to your landing page, make sure to make your visitors aware of what they are signing up for. Visitors will most likely not subscribe if they do not know what benefits they will get from subscribing. Make sure that you give them an assurance that any information they will provide would remain safe.

Provide incentives

When adding a ‘coming soon’ page, offer something in return for those who will subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list. The incentives may be in the form of a discount or free trial. If you are not offering a product, you can consider a giveaway that will help gain more subscribers or increase your mailing list.

Use your mailing list

The mailing list you generated will prove to be a valuable asset for your business. While keeping your subscribers updated is necessary, it is still important to regulate the number of updates you will send. You do not want to lose your subscribers because you are frequently sending them updates.

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Final Word

An effective ‘coming soon’ page has the ability to generate excitement and anticipation on the part of your existing and potential customers. This would mean more traffic to your website once it is fully launched. By bearing in mind the tips mentioned above, you can look forward to getting your visitors eager about your website launch.