The Top 12 WordPress Themes for Sports Websites

WordPress Sports themes

With countless themes to choose from, WordPress makes it easy to install ready-made templates for your website. But when it comes to sports websites, there are a few themes that rise above the competition. Check out our in-depth guide to find out which WordPress themes are champs, and which ones belong in the minor leagues.

WordPress is the most popular blogging system in the world today. Developed by the WordPress Foundation, it was released in May 2003 to widespread acclaim. One of the key factors behind the success of WordPress is that it has a built-in template system. This allows users to easily switch between pre-made themes that change the look and feel of their website.

Themes are essentially user-created templates that a WordPress administrators can freely access (or purchase) for their own website. Once installed, the appearance of the website changes as the PHP, HTML, and CSS makeup of the page are reconfigured.

WordPress themes make it easy to launch your own personalized website. Whether your website is all about political affairs or the latest financial market speculation, there are WordPress themes that can appeal to your target demographic.

If you want to build a sports-related website, WordPress is the platform for you. With hundreds of diverse themes to choose from, WordPress simplifies the process so that you and your team can have the website you deserve. Want to know which WordPress themes are the best for sports websites? Our experts break down the top WordPress sports themes below.


Gameday theme

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If you want to build a responsive WordPress website dedicated to all things related to sports, Gameday is an obvious choice. The Gameday theme wears its inspiration on its sleeve, as an ESPN-like scoreboard scrolls across the top of the page as it updates in real time. It also features plenty of dedicated ad space if you are interested in monetizing your site.

Gameday is one of the premier sports themes for WordPress. We recommend previewing the Gameday theme if you are interested in building a sports news aggregator or a league-specific page. This way, you can take advantage of the live ticker at the top of the page and compile a view-friendly database of scores across the league.

Big Slam

If you love basketball, Big Slam is the WordPress theme for you. Big Slam is one of the few premium WordPress templates that is entirely dedicated to the sport of basketball. The theme is bundled with several high-res images and logos built on top of a beautiful black and red color scheme.

We recommend Big Slam for WordPress users who are looking to build a website for their basketball team. Or, better yet, for fans of the sport who want to put together a community fan page for their favorite basketball team. Conveniently, Big Slam allows for multiple teams to be profiled at once by providing a simple categorization feature.


Appropriately titled “Soccer”, this WordPress theme is one of the premium website templates dedicated to the sport of soccer or association football. Soccer is pre-loaded with a variety of page-spanning soccer graphics and sprites that make the page instantly recognizable to your viewers. Built on a black and yellow color scheme, Soccer is a modern and elegant WordPress solution for the diehard soccer fan.

As soon as we had a chance to experiment with Soccer’s massive “integrated Megamenu” we fell in love with this theme. With the click of a button, the main menu drops down from the top of the screen and features a lineup of animated panels for viewers to choose from. In our experience, Soccer’s main menu feature was simpler and more intuitive than most others.



Image via Null 5

Jevelin is an excellent theme for those who want to build a website dedicated to strength, fitness, or endurance sports. Jevelin loads with several gorgeous images and high-res graphics depicting high performance athletes in training. It is minimalist in design, and elegant in its impression on the viewer.

If you are interested in developing a WordPress website dedicated to CrossFit, strongman, powerlifting, or competitive bodybuilding, we think you will love Jevelin. This is because Jevelin is all about fitness and fitness-related sports. Plus, Jevelin offers a host of additional plugins so you can customize the landing page to your liking.


Although you would never know based on its name, Newspaper is one of the best themes for sports-related WordPress sites. Newspaper is the ideal choice for anyone interested in building a sports news site that rivals that of Bleacher Report,, or Sporting News.

The latest Newspaper build features five main image panels on the landing page. This lets readers choose between five main story headlines. Underneath, there is ample room for additional story coverage and several social media links as well. Overall, Newspaper is a great low-risk choice for sporting news enthusiasts.

Flex Mag

Flex Mag is the easy choice for WordPress users who want to create a sports magazine empire. Flex Mag combines the simple elegance of a minimalist WordPress aggregator with the raw power of a high-capacity streaming website. Essentially, Flex Mag is the go-to theme for sports enthusiasts that want to develop a high-profile multimedia presence.

Flex Mag crams a ton of content space onto its landing page. Although we found this theme to sometime suffer from overcrowding, it ultimately gets the job done perfectly. We found the tabs to be intuitive and the navigation a breeze. Although it may look dated by a few years, it is the ultimate in user utility.


Osage is a fully-responsive WordPress theme dedicated to sports magazine producers. Osage features a modern homepage based around one lead story and a high-res background image. From there, the user is directed toward five or six main navigation tabs at the uppermost section of the screen.

We found that Osage was the perfect choice for those looking to make a sporting magazine franchise dedicated to a niche sport. For example, competitive cycling or skeet shooting websites would suit the build well. This is because the site is missing a scoreboard feature and is not overwhelmed with sidebar content.

Sports Cup

Sports cup

Image via Theme Forest

Are you tracking a sports tournament? Do you want to build a one-stop shop for up-to-the-minute news about the FIFA World Cup or the IIHF Hockey World Championships? If so, the Sports Cup theme is the choice for you.

The general template of the Sports Cup theme is immediately recognizable. To most viewers, the theme will be familiar to those who have ever spent time on sports betting websites or oddsmaker websites. However, with Bootstrap 4.0 and SASS pagebuilding features, there is tons of room for originality and customizability.


Jannah is a premium hybrid option between traditional sports news themes and team-based fan pages. Released in 2017, Jannah is one of the few all-new WordPress themes to take the market by storm. Jannah provides plenty of modern-looking features to appeal to both sports newspaper websites or for your local high school football team.

Where Jannah really shines is the customizability factor. Jannah is not only easy on the eyes, but it provides a lot of open space for additional content or advertising space. To boot, Jannah is equipped with AdSense optimized plugins to make it easy to use Google’s advertising platform.


Sporty is a no-nonsense choice for little league coaches and sports media executives alike. If you have a sports team you want to honor with an elegant and intuitive WordPress website, Sporty is an easy choice for you. And, best of all, Sporty is not designed to profile any one specific sport or event. This makes Sporty ideal for just about any sports fan, coach, or general manager.


Sportimo is a future-proof WordPress solution for anyone interesting in building a multi-platform sports media enterprise. With Sportimo, developers have access to several builds that are optimized for tablets, handheld devices, and desktop computers. This makes Sportimo a great selection for those interested in marketing their website on Instagram or the Facebook app.

Where Sportimo truly shines is in its ability to work well as a SEO platform. Sportimo is tailored to churn out regular content that attracts a wide viewership. Plus, Sportimo supports Google’s AdSense program which allows for easy and high-yielding monetization options. If you want to make a sports website with lots of inbound traffic, Sportimo is the theme for you.


While the title hints toward American football or soccer, Kickoff is a WordPress theme dedicated exclusively to soccer fans. Kickoff is loaded with soccer graphics and original royalty-free images that make it a great choice for soccer team fan pages or official team websites.

We love Kickoff for its easy-to-use design and in-depth options. For example, Kickoff makes it easy to create a “Player Profile” section dedicated to the stats and biographies of each player on the team. Similarly, Kickoff has built-in support for discussion forums and chat rooms so your team’s fan base can talk about the next big match.

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