The Charming Atmosphere Of Old Egypt – Between Games & Theater

For many centuries the charming and sumptuous atmosphere of ancient Egypt has been keeping writers, poets and artists very busy in the creation of new literature works, poems, portraits of elegant and beautiful queens with pharaohs, charming theater work whose goal is to generate in public’s mind the sceneries that were more typical to the old Egypt times.

When Games Can Combine History & Artistic Inspiration

Today, the ancient Egypt is still a charming page in the endless book of artistic works of all fields and we can even find strong suggestions from old Egypt in top advanced online games that combine the most modern technologies and animation techniques to the most and historically important places of the world.       Cleopatra II - the new Wild slot game

We are talking about Ladbrokes Cleopatra Slot games: actually, these very classic games have been completely revised by the Ladbrokes team in order to meet the expectations of both nostalgic slot players who love the classic Cleopatra game and of the youngest and new players who want to taste the latest techniques and 3D animation features in slot games.

Differences Between Classic And Wild Cleopatra

As a result, Ladbrokes created the new Wild Cleopatra from the Classic Cleopatra game. Both sot games feature 20 paylines and a jackpot prize. But there are also relevant differences between these 2 version of Cleopatra slot game. First off, keep in mind that Cleopatra is one of the most classic slot games of the history played in all Vegas casinos in the 70s and 80s.

Currently, the new Wild Cleopatra features a few new symbols replacing standard ones – except for the scatter symbol which still has a relevant role in this slot game.

New elements and symbols in the new Wild Cleopatra include archeologists, deserts, camels and sphinxes.

In addition to this, this new Cleopatra slot game features the seductive voice of the wonderful Cleopatra – a totally new and appealing game element.

The Sphinxes In Wild Cleopatra Slot

The sphinx symbol is probably the most important in the new variant of the Cleopatra slot game. Actually, the presence of sphinxes within the reels of this game mean new advantages for players.

  • When 2 or more sphinxes appear in any position on the reel of Cleopatra slot game, players earn a scatter award on their total bet. The paytable button will show you all the award multipliers.
  • When 3 or more sphinxes appear in any position on the reel of the game, players earn a FREE SPIN Bonus of 15 extra free spins.

And, if during the 15 free spins, players will get other sphinxes appearing on the reel, extra 15 FREE SPIN Bonuses will be added to the current spins.

The free spins are played automatically at the same bet placed when the bonus was activated.

Learn How To Play Cleopatra

As all slot games, Cleopatra is a really easy game to play. All you have to learn is that you have a few buttons you can use to select your stake for the game and the number of lines to play. You will see a couple arrow LINE BET buttons (a “plus” button and a “minus” button) to decide the amount of the stake and a couple arrow LINES buttons to select the number of lines to play (a “plus” button and a “minus” button).