The Best Web Design Ideas For Selling Services

Small businesses that do not have a promotional web site have already lost half the battle with their competitors. Since they do not have huge advertising budgets at hand, chances are these businesses do not dispose of a great deal of visibility on the market, making them harder to be reached by customers. Websites are therefore vital pieces of the marketing and branding efforts of businesses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring their success. If you are currently trying to promote your business selling services, here are a few useful website design tips that should help you win more in potential revenue.   

Research Your Target Audience Carefully

Let us assume you are desperately trying to get your locksmith site designed as soon as possible so you can upload it and see it generate visitors and revenue. This means you are more focused on how to complete the design process faster, and less on whose needs the site actually addresses – people looking for locksmith services. Major mistake that could prove to be extremely costly. Since you are targeting people of all ages and of both genders, think about using a special larger font alternative for displaying your content as well – which will address the needs of your older target market.

Young adults accidentally locking themselves out of their rented college apartments will also grab their smartphones and do a search for your type of service – which translates to a mobile compatible version of your site’s design as well. Plus, being locked outside the house normally means one does not have access to a computer to perform an online search for a nearby 247 Chicago locksmiths service.

Create A Well-Balanced Design

This means making sure it is neither too flashy, nor too dull to look at. People visiting the homepage of a locksmith company offering 24/7 emergency lockout services at 2 in the morning will not spend a lot of time analyzing design features. But a web site that does not express reliability and trustworthiness will scare off customers. Flashy ads should be kept to a minimum – they might work well for better signaling the emergency customer support number for example, which is the number one thing people who are locked out are prone to search for. Next, make sure the homepage leads visitors to the list of services (residential, commercial, automotive, or a mix of the three) and also to the price table. In other words, get your customers who need lock rekeying or fresh lock installation for their front door to the designated site area in the blink of an eye.

Have A Clear Call For Action

For a locksmith company, the call to action is easy to define. You want visitors to call you and contract your services. If you also have lock parts to sell or you need them to subscribe to your newsletter, tell them exactly what you need them to do. Tell them what’s in it for them (fast, affordable, insured service, 24/7 emergency handling, best brands of locks etc) and use the call to action to tell them just what to do next.