The Basic Web Design Tips for Aspiring Designers!

Today with the advent of the internet and of its numerous web resources there are more opportunities in the employment market and, as a consequence, in the investing market. Actually, having a website if for most businesses the best way to invest money and get a larger visibility which translates, then, in more sales opportunities and business traffic. So, without much further ado, we present you with some practical tips that will make your website run smooth like silk.

How to Make a Pretty Website?

  • Have a polished, professional logo – and link it to your home page. "Your logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it's located prominently on your site," says Tiffany Monhollon, senior manager at ReachLocal. "Use a high-resolution image and feature it on of each of your pages," she advises.
  • Design in shades of gray, then add color. If your web designer creates wireframes prior to visual designs, then you know the value of starting with shades of gray.  Turn your wireframe into a grayscale visual design, add your photography, then carefully add color to design elements one at a time.
  • Clear navigation – once a visitor has come to your site you need to make them go through your site. To do this you need to have clear navigation. Make sure all your important links are at prominent places, preferably right on top. Make use of menus on the right and the left.
  • Keep it clean and clutter-free. The world around us has become quite cluttered and the web is no exception. Sometimes it can all get a bit heavy. So why not give your site visitors a break from all the noise and clutter? Embracing things like flat design and white space can do wonders.
  • Check your character count. 45-75 characters per line is generally accepted as safe for comfortable reading. There's a quick trick to ensure your responsive or fluid design supports this. Place a line of dummy text on your page with an asterisk at character 45 and an asterisk at character 75. Now test the site.
  • Use the 80-20 rule. What 20% of what’s on a page gives 80% of the value and content that people go there for? It could be the copy, some social proof (review snippets, testimonials, media badges), and a signup form or call-to-action button, for example. That’s the 20% right there.
  • First three seconds are the most important. You only have a few seconds to give your new visitors a good first impression of your site. If the visitor is not impressed, they may leave, never to return. We all know first impressions matter. Be it with a magazine cover, car, house or web site.

What About the Physical Safety of the Server?

Ah, we finally come to the part that is all too often disregarded by even the most basicmost of tips, and that is the issue of the physical safety of your server and other hardware requipment! Sadly, one bad day, one illegal entry and all your hard work that you've put into creating beautiful websites and keeping them going could be destroyed. But fret not – simply have in mind that all those things need to be protected physically. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, it is all to natural that you find a good 247 locksmith in los angeles to protect your assets. Heck, a good locksmith website is bound to have some good safety tips in general.