Techniques To Humanize Your Website and Connect With Your Audience

tips to humanize your website

Have you ever visited a website and wondered if anyone was working round the clock behind the scenes to make sure that your user experience feels personal? A lot of business owners are using their websites as a way to connect with their prospective clients, especially if they cannot personally communicate with them. This is the reason you need to go to great lengths to humanize your website.

In this article, we will look into the importance of making your websites more human, and some effective tips and tricks to pull this off.

website represent business

The website represents you and your business

The success of any business involves a lot of factors to consider. Some of these include having the right mindset on how to take care of the business, and having enough resources to start the business. Meanwhile, other companies focus on hiring the right people who can do the job, as well as providing products and services that people are likely to patronize.

All of these factors are key to making any business achieve its goals. But have you realized that you can accomplish all of these things by positioning your website properly?

The website lets people know more about your company

Years ago, promoting a business was done mainly through advertisements on TV, radio and print media. However, with the technology that we have today, the internet has become central to marketing – whether for brick-and-mortar stores or online businesses. These days, practically every business owner wants to take advantage of online media to promote its brand across the globe with just a few clicks.

Putting up a website has become one of the best marketing tools to reach out to consumers. Although earlier iterations webpages focused solely on content, functionality and user experience are now considered some of the key ingredients to make a website viral or popular.

Nevertheless, more than providing vivid colors and extraordinary web design, there are two important features that most consumers look for in a website: instantly available information, and customer satisfaction.

The website should give your prospective clients what they need

The content of the website plays a vital role in the success of any business. Website owners should stop beating around the bush and just go straight to the relevant information that a site visitor may want to have. Giving your site visitors high-value content propels them to browse through all of your site’s pages to check out what you can offer.

No matter what kind of content you provide, for as long as it is reader-friendly, then you can absolutely capture anyone’s attention.

Sure, you can configure your website to follow every detail in the SEO best practices rulebook. However, you need to remember that you are writing for humans – people who will potentially find your business on search engines. Do you think people would even bother to stay on your page for more than 5 seconds if they notice that you’re flooding them with repetitive keywords?

In other words, although using the right keywords in your site content is helpful in terms of SEO, you need to construct your website to satisfy your site visitors (and not the search bots).

Give your readers informative, interesting, and engaging material. Make sure that from the title, you already can excite their minds to read the rest of what is written on the page.

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Tips to Humanize Your Website

One of the fundamental strategies to humanize your website is to make the content friendly and engaging to your intended audience. You want people to be interested in what you can offer them. Therefore, your goal is to create content that your target market likes.

It’s important for your site visitors to feel that they are being valued. They want to feel that their needs are being met by a real person, and not by a chatbot or a computer that’s running 24/7. In short, people want information with a heart.

Here are more techniques to humanize your website in order to connect with your target audience better:

Use human emotions

humanize your website use human emotions

You’ve probably come across some websites where you feel like you’re reading your college professor’s lecture noes. That’s common among a lot of business websites, wherein they use a strictly formal tone by default.

While doing business is something to be taken seriously, not everyone may be interested to read technical jargon or overly serious content. That is why adding human emotions is effective – it can trigger a positive response among your visitors.

To achieve this, you may start listing down the products that your company offers, and identifying each of the product’s features that the people will probably appreciate. Be creative in using words that can trigger the user’s emotions and think about how it makes a user feel.

This can be successfully done by incorporating a story that everyone can relate to. People are fond of reading stories that they see themselves in. This kind of emotive or affective content (to humanize your website) will push them to action, whether it’s buying your products or signing up for your weekly newsletter.

Make use of creative content tools

humanize your website content creation tools

It may be difficult to constantly update your website and provide new stories to tell your online visitors. The solution is simple: Search for apps that can help you create compelling headlines to keep your online visitors returning for more.

People generally like unique content along with high-quality images that can tickle their imagination as they read along. Once a visitor feels that the content is worth reading, he will likely become a regular follower of your website. This kind of following may even produce a lead or a sale.

Create unique content

unique content stand out

How can you provide a weekly update without having the right materials to use? Get inspiration or ideas by checking what is trending. Discover what other people are talking about. and share something that is interesting and engaging.

Searching for trending hashtags can give you some ideas on how to create your content that will grab attention. Letting your followers realize that you’re updated with the latest trends is an effective way to humanize your website.

Find the right balance in terms of posting frequency

humanize your website posting frequency

You may feel obliged to constantly update your content. But realistically, posting bi-monthly is ideal as you let your online viewers have time to read your latest post.

If you feel like sharing some more thoughts, you may do so by sharing shorter posts of about 500 words. Just make sure that everything that you share with your audience is carefully researched and written in high quality.

Initiate a call-to-action

humanize your website in e-commerce online shopping

Sometimes a website visitor may need a little more convincing before finally making a purchase. It can be helpful if you leave a question for readers to get them into thinking, or give them a direction (or call-to-action) to let them have an opportunity to decide.

For instance, you can offer them to sign up for a weekly update, or leave them a question to answer. This does not only make them feel that there is a real person behind the website, but it also helps in generating leads wherein they can be given priority in enjoying member-only promos.

Provide an opportunity for discussions

humanize your website discussions

Some websites make use of a community board wherein visitors/consumers leave their comments, suggestions or opinions. This can help others in deciding to buy a certain product or service.

As a website owner, make sure that you take part in the discussions as well. By doing this, users are able to get first-hand information from you, in order to help them come up with a decision. In short, you can already humanize your website just by personally engaging with your followers.

Tap someone to check on your content

humanize your website review content

Having an amazing website should not only be based on visual aesthetics or effective social media sharing. There is also a need to make the content as perfect as possible in terms of grammar and spelling.

You may feel that you have made a well-written content, but it might be best to ask someone to review your work. This gives you better assurance that your text is 100% error-free.

At times, when we have a lot of things in our mind that we want to write about, we tend to think faster than we can write. As a result, we unknowingly miss out some punctuation marks, the plural forms of some words, misspelled words, and the like. Hiring a proofreader can help you create excellent content in which people can feel that you really know what you are talking about.

Besides, bad grammar may appear as if you used article spinning software to create your content. Aside from turning off your readers with weird text, article spinning also gets you penalized in terms of SEO.


Readers these days are very meticulous when it comes to browsing websites. Although web design continues to have importance in terms of catching attention, failing to humanize your website may turn off your potential clients.

The best way to connect with your prospects online is to make your website feel as human as possible. Nobody wants to experience talking to a robot while they’re browsing your site – unless if they’re huge fans of the Terminator’s Skynet!

Make your business flourish by making a website that can do more than merely enumerating your products or services. Humanize your website by telling a story to keep your online audience more engaged. People will become your loyal customers when you are able to strengthen your brand through sharing great content, providing high quality products and services, and establishing human communication that encourages interaction.