Socially Awkward Free WordPress Theme


This is a fantastic theme for those wanting to show off their videos, audio tracks or images. It packs in far more features than your average free theme and the author (Justin Tadlock from Theme Hybrid) must have considered charging for it.

It is a fully response HTML5 and CSS3 free multi media theme. It has been designed for users who want to host their own video, audio and visual content but also allows you to embed content from the big players (ie.. youtube, vimeo etc). It plays nicely with the main social networks.

The theme is based around sharing content and blogging with multiple media content displayed. The author says he put of love of time and effort into it and it certainly shows. He has emnployed Hybrid Core’s new media grabber and enabled media formats like soundcloud, vimeo and youtube to be embeded easily and look slick on the front end.

Socially Awkward has some new features that I’ve been experimenting with lately but have finally gotten a chance to fully put to use. Here’s a list of a few things that’s different about this theme.


Key Features

  • Self hosted audio & video with custom skins and ID3 tags.
  • Used Hybrid Core framework’s new media grabber.
  • Incorporates social networking links into the default nav menu provided by wordpress.
  • Custom menus
  • Custom page templates
  • Featured images
  • Editable post stylesheets to make bespoke post styles
  • Sticky posts possible
  • Threaded comments
  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Control over gallery design
  • Customised page paignation
  • Flexible layouts
  • Translation friendly
  • In built Superfish jQuery plugin
  • Easily use custom templates for any post type and not just pages


It has been built on Hybrid Core framework which is a WordPress theme development framework for creating stable and effective parent themes. It givees theme developers the freedom to focus on creating great HTMLCSS, and JavaScript code and stop worrying about the complexities of wordpress.  It is a modular framework which allows wordpress theme developers to dive in and be safe in the knowledge they gave a quality PHP code base under them.