Shopify WP Plugin: Make Any Page an eCommerce Store in Minutes

When a client comes your way looking for an eCommerce site, WordPress and Shopify are the two big names that probably come to mind. WordPress isn’t an eCommerce platform in itself (WooCommerce normally takes care of that) but a growing number of WP sites are using Shopify to power the buying process behind their online store.

Integrating Shopify with WordPress just got a whole lot easier, too, thanks to the Shopify eCommerce plugin. The plugin means you can now turn any page into an eCommerce store in a matter of minutes. This not only cuts down on your project time but also allows your clients to add products to any page with the click of a few buttons


Selling products just got a whole lot faster

Integrating Shopify into a WordPress site is nothing new and it’s not your only eCommerce option by any means. Each platform has something in common, though: they’re not the quickest things to set up. Once you know your way around Shopify, WooCommerce or whichever platform you’re using, things are easy enough – but still pretty time-consuming for each new project.

What this plugin does is cut out a chunk of the workload at the page level. You still need to set up products from within Shopify first, but embedding them on pages takes no time at all.


Shopify WP plugin

Screenshot from WP plugin page


This means you can embed product listings into any page you want. Crucially, it also allows your clients to add products to any page or blog posts from within the editor. So you don’t need to create an entire eCommerce store, as you do with most plugins – you can simply embed the product listing onto the necessary pages and move on.

Here’s what Shopify itself has to say about the plugin:


Other WordPress ecommerce plugins want your whole website to be a store, but with Shopify Ecommerce Plugin – Shopping Cart, you can seamlessly integrate a WordPress shopping cart for as little as one product. It’s perfect for WordPress ecommerce site owners looking for a simple way to sell directly to their audience.


This is ideal for businesses with a small range of products, where a catalog of pages is no good to them. The plugin means you can drop in related products to any blog post or new product page. You can even embed products directly into landing pages with buy buttons, ready and waiting to be clicked.


Buying products is equally as fast

The plugin makes the buying process equally as fast for consumers, coming with all the usual security of the Shopify system. Just as you can add products in no time at all, customers are never more than a few clicks away from buying.


Shopify WP plugin

Screenshot from WP plugin page

You also get the full package of Shopify features to help you sell more products:

  • Facebook Shop to promote and sell products
  • Android/iOS POS to sell products face-to-face and accept payments on iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Store Management App to track sales and get insights on buyer behaviour


There are plenty of other features that come with Shopify and you can find out more from the plugin page or by visiting Shopify to see the plans on offer.


How much does the plugin cost?

If you or your client is already using Shopify then the WordPress theme is completely free to use. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at $9 per month for full access to the plugin and all its features. If you’re new to Shopify, you can get started with a free trial today and you’ll find the pricing plans on the same page (starting at $29/month).


Are there any limitations to this plugin?

If you’re looking to run a large-scale eCommerce store then this plugin won’t be enough to cover your needs. It’s not designed as a replacement to the full Shopify platform but more of an extension of it.

For clients with an extensive range of products, you’ll want the full Shopify infrastructure to provide customers with all the features they need. In such cases, this plugin will allow you (and your clients) to add products to specific pages at will. For example, a blog post could feature relevant products in the main body of content for users to browse and buy.

For clients with a small range of products to sell, this plugin just about covers everything they’ll need. Aside from initially adding products into Shopify, the plugin pretty much covers everything else for small eComerce stores with a simple structure.


Reviews of the Shopify WP plugin

At the time of writing, this plugin has an average 4/5 rating from users on WordPress. It’s still a new plugin at this stage, so expect more reviews to get published over the coming months. What we already know about the Shopify WP plugin is it makes adding products to pages incredibly simple and it performs very well. We’re talking about a young plugin here, too, so I’m optimistic it will only get better with time and more user feedback.


Have you tried the new Shopify plugin for WordPress? If you have, I’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts.