Earn Money from Instant SEO Audits with This Tool

If you’ve read much of my stuff on here, you’ll know I’m a big fan offering multiple services to clients. As long as you can provide the right standards, I don’t see the point in sending clients elsewhere when you can keep the business for yourself.

I’ve talked about email marketing, conversion rate optimistion and many other services you can add to your existing design skills. One thing I haven’t really spoken about, though, is search engine optimisation (SEO).

I only realised this the other day when a colleague introduced me to a tool I’d never seen before. Basically, it runs SEO audits on websites in 30 seconds – which I thought was pretty cool. But, when I took a closer look at it, I saw a much bigger opportunity to earn money.


Introducing MySiteAuditor


The tool I’m talking about is MySiteAutitor and I have to admit I’d never heard of it until three days ago. It’s from the same team that built OptimizeMySite, which I was already familiar with. The thing is I couldn’t see how the tools were all that different – except that MySiteAuditor comes with a higher starting price.

Then the penny dropped.

Sure, you can use MySiteAuditor to improve your own website and generate more leads – just like many other tools. That’s not what interests me, though. This is a tool you can use to run SEO audits for clients in no time – and then charge for optimising their sites. Now we’re talking.

In terms of a reporting tool, MySiteAuditor is like many others. Except it compiles fast, accurate SEO audits you can customise and present to any number of prospective clients. These have your logo, your brand colours and your business details written all over them.

These are your audits and you can use one account to run them for an unlimited number of clients. That makes this a very profitable piece of kit.


How much does MySiteAuditor cost?

There are two plans to choose from: Basic and Pro – both of which you can try out with 10-day free trial.



The Basic plan is designed for using on prospective client sites only. While the Pro version allows you to embed the tool on your website and generate leads from traffic. The important thing for me is MySiteAuditor puts all the emphasis on helping you win more clients. Yes, it makes SEO audits insanely fast but it goes the extra step of turning them into a service you can use to make more money.


How does this help me win clients?

The key to MySiteAuditor is you can use it on an unlimited number of sites. So there’s no limit to the number of clients you can approach or leads you can generate.

A really nice touch is you can customise these reports so they look every part your own. You can see a full sample of the reports by clicking here and here’s a quick snippet of what you get:




  1. Upload your logo and it appears at the top of every page
  2. Your company name and contact details appear on the opposite side
  3. MySiteAuditor generates your reports in 30 seconds
  4. Your details also appear in the footer of each page


So, in a matter of seconds, you get a comprehensive report to send potential clients. Not to mention your own checksheet of things to improve for them when they come back to you for help.

You also get a collection of free SEO tools and resources to help you get up to speed on the SEO essentials. So MySiteAudit even tells you how to optimise websites based on its reports – and once you’re done, you run the same audits again to show all the improvements you’ve made.


Embed MySiteAuditor on your site

The Pro version of MySiteAuditor allows you to embed the tool on your own web pages. This means you can place forms on your site for users to get their own reports and see where they need to improve.

The idea is these reports show site owners why they need your services. This is a really cool feature if you have a healthy stream of traffic because it starts generating leads on its own.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 17.28.28

You can create new service pages and embed these forms, create new landing pages and start running AdWords campaigns to generate targeted traffic. This gives you a whole new way to target clients and generate leads.


That’s a big selling tool at this kind of price and it’s not just SEO agencies that can generate leads with this. I think freelance designers have a lot to gain here. It’s not that much of a stretch to implement an SEO audit and these reports pretty much tell you what to do anyway. I think freelance designers have a lot to gain here, too. It’s not that much of a stretch to implement an SEO audit and these reports pretty much tell you what to do anyway.

Even if you’re new to SEO it doesn’t take long to pick this stuff up. Plus, search optimisation and web design overlap so much these days it makes perfect sense to provide both services. And, with a tool like this, it’s a much easier prospect.


Are you excited yet?

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for anything that helps me offer more services to clients. I’m no stranger to SEO audits but I’m pretty excited there’s a tool designed to actually help you get the clients. It’s one thing to add a new service to your business model but marketing yourself is another thing entirely. Being able to generate instant reports

It’s one thing to add a new service to your business but marketing yourself is another thing entirely. Being able to generate instant reports for unlimited sites and embed forms on any page is pretty exciting at these prices.

It’s certainly got my attention and I’m looking forward to hearing what other people think about MySiteAuditor. So be sure to let me know if you try it out and how you get on with it.