Why Putting Up a Website for Your Business Isn’t Enough Anymore

website for business

While putting up a website has always been considered a good marketing strategy, companies should know that maintaining a website is not enough to make a mark.

Remember that a website is just an extension of your company site or office, and it is where your clients may know what products or services your company offers. Each company will opt to do the same — create a website and maintain it to ease transactions and to post updates about your company.

The thing is, if every company does the same, how can you make your company stand out in a sea of competitors? Here are things you can do aside from putting up a website:

Make use of social media

maximize use social media

Marketing strategies extend to social media because this is where a lot of people are. Aside from the fact that your company may be able to reach a wider population, social media keeps people updated on the latest deals that your company offers. It is also the fastest way to connect to your market.

The only thing you need to do is to choose what social media platform to use. From there, you can engage your clients through social media posts. Make sure that you put in extra effort to connect with your clients by replying to their comments and personal messages.

Every social media platform offers different features, and it is highly recommended that you use these features for your marketing strategy. Your social media accounts should also be publicized through your main website so that your clients can click your accounts and discover your company.

Your social media presence can also be easily felt by adding exciting promotional activities such as games and contests. You may also offer free trials of your products or services to those who participate.

Consider getting an app for your company

mobile app for website

Branding tests your ability to strategize and think of ways to make people interested in your company. While websites are still very useful in branding, mobile apps also work like magic. Since most people have online access and own mobile devices, apps are an effective way to connect with your potential customers.

Compared to websites, apps are easier to handle because your clients will no longer have to search for your site online. They can just download your company’s app and check your updates without any hassle.

Familiarize yourself on how to create an app so that you can select the features that will make your user interface effective. You can also incorporate fun ways to interact with your clients. For example, you can add features where they can get discounts.

Make sure that your existing website is mobile-friendly

mobile friendly responsive website

If you choose to stick to your website instead of exploring other possible options, make sure that your website is formatted in such a way that it can be accessed using mobile. This way, people will be able to view your updates even if they are only using handheld gadgets.

Also, put in mind that everyone is in a hurry these days. Make sure that your website’s user interface is simple and easy to grasp so that people will save time figuring out how to view the details you put.

Create some videos/ads/short films

make videos for website

Short films that serve as your ads are an effective way to leave a mark on your clients. You do not have to spend a huge amount on this, though. You can just make your own video, post it on YouTube, and earn views and likes.

Exercise your creativity by crafting a good story line that will plug your product or service. The thing about YouTube videos is that when people like what you uploaded, your post will become viral in no time. This is a good way to advance your marketing strategies.

Schedule an email blast

laptop email marketing for business

Some companies promote their services or products by sending emails. Chances are, your clients will be able to click your message once they see it, especially when you inform them about discounts and other promotional packages.

You can create your own directory of your frequent clients and start sending them greetings on their birthdays or other special occasions.

Never underestimate your presence in people’s emails. Remember that a large percentage of people are actively reading their email inboxes. Most people check their emails on a daily basis, and this is a useful medium for you to invite them in your company’s events and activities.

In short, a good email marketing strategy is a good opportunity for you to create a personal connection with your clients — both current and future ones.

Use Google Analytics to monitor the impact of your website

google analytics

Using Google Analytics will help you generate reports on online visits to your website. Amidst the sea of competitors, it is not enough to post updates on your site and just let it stay there without monitoring the impact of these posts.

Google Analytics will be very helpful to help you track what pages are usually visited and what transactions your clients make. These reports will be useful for future developments in your website.

Use Google My Business to maintain your visibility online

google my business

There is a need to increase your online visibility especially when you are only starting to build connections with your target market. You need to reach out to your prospective clients by making sure that your contact details and address are searchable.

Using Google My Business makes it easier for company owners to update useful information for people who need your product or service. It also offers features that help you connect with your clients by sharing videos, photos, events, and even blog posts.

You may also make use of Google Hangouts to directly chat with your clients. This way, transactions will be easier for you and for those who visit your page.

Final Word

Although having a website is beneficial for any business, it would be a shame to miss out on other opportunities to capture the attention of your target market. These tips should be able to boost your marketing strategies particularly in online media.