Put Landing Pages Together In No Time With These Tools & Resources

Landing pages are vital to any website designed to sell products or services – and it’s great when clients are prepared to invest in landing page design. Quite often, though, you’ll find clients either don’t budget for landing pages, expect to get them on the cheap, or don’t even realize they need them.

Whatever the reason, it pays to have quick access to landing page templates when budget or time are in short supply. Either way, it’s worth checking out these tools and resources so you always have some templates to fall back on.


Buying individual templates

If you don’t fancy signing up to a long-term service (the kind we’ll be looking at shortly) then you might prefer buying templates as, and when you need them. Luckily, there is no short supply of places to get your hands on them, and here are three to get you started:



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Wrapbootstrap is probably the least known of the three places we’ll be looking at to buy individual templates, but it’s actually got some of the more exciting designs. You can choose from roughly 150 designs and the variety available is impressive – especially at those prices. You can easily get a template for $10, sometimes even less.



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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know ThemeForest also does landing page templates. After all, it does just about everything else. You’ll find hundreds of landing page templates, WordPress plugins and builders to choose from. Prices normally sit between the $10-$20 region, making it another bargain option.


Creative Market

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Much like ThemeForest, Creative Market is another go-to for all kinds of resources and its landing page collection is huge. You have thousands of templates for all kinds of business types. The only downside is you can’t filter results by industry or any other parameter. In fact, there isn’t even a landing page section – you have to type that into the site’s search box.


Landing page platforms

If you find yourself including landing pages in a lot of your projects then it could be more economical to sign up to a platform. There are various providers who specialize in just that, with a range of features and prices, meaning you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs.



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Unbounce is the granddaddy of landing page applications, allowing you to build custom pages, integrate with other marketing tools and even split test to improve performance. Sure, it doesn’t come with the freedom of designing custom pages yourself but it’s a quick, happy medium.

Prices start at $49/month for limited features, $99/month for small businesses and $199/month for agencies and marketing teams.



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Leadpages is hot on the heels of taking Unbounce’s top spot in landing page platforms and there isn’t much between them. One important note is the fact you can claim ownership of your Leadpages – something you can’t do with Unbounce. And then you have the pricing.

Leadpages also does a $199 package for agencies and marketing teams but its other packages are $25 and $49/month – a big difference.



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Hubspot provides one of the most premium online tools for building custom pages or starting from templates. There are two things that set Hubspot’s landing page tool apart: you get incredibly rich data and monitoring tools included, but it only comes as part of the full Hubspot package.

The real kicker is you can’t get Hubspot’s landing page tool on its own, which means paying $200, $800 or a whopping $2,400 per month. It’s a great platform but one that’s designed more for marketing agencies with a price to match.



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Just in case those Hubspot prices gave you a shock, let’s tone it down a notch with a look at GetResponse. We’re actually talking about an email marketing tool here that comes packed with a landing page builder. You’re only looking at a cost of $15/month for the basic builder and $49/month for the Pro – a quick remedy for the lofty prices Hubspot demands.

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Wishpond is an all round lead generation platform that comes with a landing page builder, email marketing features and allows you to create social media competitions. Once again, you can A/B test your landing pages and monitor performance. Prices work out at $44, $77 and $129/month, making it a good entry platform if you delve into email and social media marketing.


The tools and resources we’ve looked at today should get you building landing pages for your clients in no time. From product launches to paid advertising campaigns, these are the gateway to hard sales for your clients. So make them a priority in your sales brief and show clients how valuable they can be.