10 Minimalist Websites To Get Design Inspiration From

Minimalist Websites

Web design can be as fickle as fashion. There was a time when animated GIFs were all the rage on thousands of websites, but they have since been replaced by new batches of website theme trends.  In fact, we last published on minimalist websites here, and you will be able to see some evolution in just a short time.

Despite the surge of beautiful website themes through the years, the beauty and simplicity of minimalist design cannot be denied. In a world of chaos and complicated design elements, staring at a blank or minimally designed space can provide sufficient rest for your eyes. In fact, proper use of white space is one of the most common style options used by magazines.

If you are a lover of things that are sparklingly clean, you will definitely love these ten minimalist websites as inspiration for your next design project:

Thru You Too


We start our list with one of the most classic color combinations in the world of minimalistic design: Big black text on a white background. This music site effectively puts the focus towards the music videos with its non-intrusive design elements.

Jac In A Box


This branding and design company knows the importance of simplicity to present the power of their services. Their website is another great example of putting black and white colors to good use.

Italic Studio


Minimalist design doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with only two colors. This website from a design company uses gradually changing colors to provide some excitement to the landing page, but still keeping the minimalist style intact.



It’s but natural for a lot of design companies to appear in this list, and this design firm from Finland is no exception. Their landing page contains only four main links presented in large panels. Clicking one of the panels creates a sliding motion to open the contents of the panel. It’s an absolute beauty to watch!

Alexander Collin

alexander collin

This Sweden-based graphic designer created a website whose landing page contains four small links on each corner and a huge vertical line smack dab at the center. The grey background helps the eyes to relax a bit before reading his extensive content.

The Post Family


A unique group of artists, designers and media practitioners came up with an impressively minimalistic website that uses big fonts on a light gray background. As you scroll down the front page, succeeding panels show huge font text on different backgrounds colors.

Mikiya Kobayashi


This Japanese designer’s website portfolio effectively captures the spirit of his interior and furniture design style. The landing page contains his name in big black text on top of randomly fading images of his design creations.

The Zebra


Aside from black, nature’s colors also work well with a white background, such as the pastel green and light blue highlights of this car insurance company search site. It’s a delight to look at the fresh design details of the page, and it makes you want to take out a new car insurance policy fast!

Earth Hour Paris


Minimalist website design works best in conveying a message, and this website effectively did so. Design-wise, this site uses a color reversal – white text on a dark grey background – but the effect is the same as other black-on-white minimalist websites.

The House Of Eyewear

thehouseofeyewearAnother fail-safe minimalist design involves using a single picture as background, such as this eyewear company website. In a single glance, the site visitor will get a glimpse of the elegance of the store through a clean site layout.


Choosing a minimalist theme for your website means that you want the visitor to focus on the content of your pages. Make sure that your content speaks for itself even with a very simple website interface.