LinkedIn Learning Tips To Improve Employee Knowledge

Employee training is synonymous to retention. When workers see that their company is providing them with opportunities for growth, it is likely that workers will stay in the company and become even more motivated. This is the ultimate goal of LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn’s e-learning portal designed for individuals but also geared towards employee training.

According to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner via TechCrunch, with the introduction of new technologies, the World Economic Forum expects around 5 million jobs to be displaced. Meanwhile, roughly 78% of corporate finance executives believe that as much as 25% of their workforce could be out of jobs by 2020.

How Can LinkedIn Learning Help Employees?

Education and training is crucial is crucial in boosting an employee’s professional profile as they search for a job. As such, enhancing one’s professional skills is a sensible thing. Here are some tips that companies can gain from LinkedIn Learning to boost employee knowledge.

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Subscribe To Online Courses

For companies that are premium subscribers of LinkedIn, they can get access to 25 new courses weekly. LinkedIn will also start rolling out an enterprise tier for large companies so they can subscribe for their entire rank and file.

Connect With Colleges and Universities

Tying up with colleges and universities is another way companies can enhance employee knowledge. This can also be a huge step towards inviting graduates of the college or university to apply with the company in the future. This technique can aid companies in the early onboarding of users early in their professional lives.

Add Online Job Placement Services

By adding online job placement services, companies can better assess individual skills and in the process recommend jobs that are suitable for potential employees. It would also be helpful to add some type of training as part of the service.

Send News Feed and Alerts

Pushing feeds and alerts to your employees is another great way to enhance their knowledge. With its acquisition of Pulse, you can use LinkedIn Learning to send related news content to your workers. The content may include news from influencers as well as supplemental links.

With LinkedIn Learning, employers and HR managers can select the courses that they will offer their employees. Most of the content will come from with some 9,000 courses available. Companies can also get access to LinkedIn’s analytic products in order to monitor the progress of their employees and what is being studied.

The sending of news feeds coincides with the launch of a new desktop experience. With the new design, users will get a quicker way to toggle from their own profile to suggestion of others to read and follow. It will also allow the user to get a more dynamic stream of potential jobs and valuable content.


LinkedIn’s focus on education and training is in line with its primary role of being an avenue where users can create and maintain their professional profiles publicly while looking for future employment. The company aims to establish itself as a forerunner of the world’s “economic graph.” For LinkedIn, education is an opportunity to gain new business.

To get access to LinkedIn Learning, login to your LinkedIn account and start reading.