15 Killer Tools For The Kick-Ass Web Developer

Every year the job of a web developer becomes more demanding, as the web evolves into a more complex medium and both technology and users grow more advanced. Now more than ever you need a powerful toolkit of apps, plugins and software to create kick-ass websites and applications. Today we’re looking at some of the best web developer tools around to help you build a more productive workflow and develop better projects faster.

All of the tools in this list are designed to save you time by cutting out unnecessary or repetitive work, help you get more done in a shorter space of time or collaborate with other developers to create a better final product. Which means less of the monotonous stuff and more time for the kick-ass bits you love about being a developer.



Duo is a web browser for Mac OSX that allows you to see your web projects in mobile and desktop form at the same time.



Beanstalk allows you to host and share code, collaborate in a team of developers and automatically send finished code to development and production servers.



Mocha is a JavaScript test framework that runs on node.js and your browser, giving you asynchronous testing and more accurate reports.



Karma is a a JavaScript test runner from the same team who brought us AngularJS. You can write tests in Mocha – or another framework – and run them continuously on real devices for live feedback as you work.



LiveReload is one of those beautifully simple tools that makes web projects run more smoothly. Instead of hitting refresh every time you make a change, LiveReload automatically refreshes the page every when you modify a file.



Laravel is a flexible PHP framework to help web developers build amazing applications faster. With all the foundations ready and written in reliable code you can dive right in to the action and start working your magic.



Myth is a CSS preprocessor that let’s you write your stylesheets in pure CSS – without the worry of browser support – so you can dive into the best features of CSS3 now.

Total JS


Total JS is a powerful development framework for node.js with support for CSS3, JavaScript minifier, XSS protection, resources, modules and an MVC architecture.

Sublime Text


If you code, you simply have to try Sublime Text. This is the ultimate text editor for a faster workflow, with multiple line editing, multiple text highlight and a Zen plugin that lets you create a ton of shortcuts to write code in a flash.



GitHub is the definitive source of code collaboration and development projects. You’re looking at the world’s largest community of open source web projects that makes the web a better place for developers everywhere.



Coda is a holistic web tool for Mac that comes with a FTP client, text editor, terminal access and a whole bunch of other features to make your entire web projects more manageable.



WP-CLI is a library of command line tools to help you manage WordPress installations straight from the command line.

New Relic


New Relic is actually a company that produces a range of software options to develop better products with priceless data and customer insights.

Chrome Developer Tools


Chrome DevTools have to be the best in-browser development toolkit we have seen so far, allowing you to make instant changes in the browser and see the effect before your very eyes.



If you need a virtual server for you web development projects, MAMP is an invaluable tool for working off-line or server-side languages like PHP.