How To Integrate Live Chat In Your Website For Customer Inquiries

Starting a business is good, but it involves utmost commitment. You should not be too quick to launch any kind of business without being fully aware of how huge the responsibility it is to run a business.

For starters, it can’t just run on its own without you having a business plan to guide your business towards your set goals. You must have the following characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur:

  • You should be fully determined that the kind of business that you have put up is what you really want. Be sure that, whatever business direction you have chosen, you can carve out enough time to learn how to run it better, become a good leader to your employees, and implement good work ethics among the people that work for you.
  • Be ready to encounter some “low times” in your business. Just think of it this way: If Plan A doesn’t work out, shift to Plan B. Sometimes just taking a little risk is all you need to see the smooth road ahead.
  • A good entrepreneur should be confident about his capabilities. The big challenges up ahead may be difficult from afar but learn to enjoy the journey and absorb everything that you can learn from it. Great things happen after a storm.
  • You should not just rely on what you know. Instead, always be open to learn new things to help improve your business. The industry continues to evolve, and so you must grow alongside them and apply whatever can help you. Always remember that you don’t know everything.
  • Seek help from experts. There are people who can help you when you need advice. Listen to what they may say because it might just be the solution for whatever issues you are going through.
  • Be passionate because determination defines success. When you love what you are doing, it reflects with the kind of management that you do. It invokes positive energy to your employees as well. When they see how goal-oriented you are, they will also be inspired to push their limits in providing you with a better service aligned with the whole company’s image and welfare.
  • Be highly adaptable so that you can work with whatever changes happen along the way. Change in inevitable, and so we must learn to embrace it.
  • Handle your money wisely. You need to have excellent money management skills. Earning high revenue does not always mean that you are ready to expand. You must consider so many things prior to taking that big step. Have a clear financial map so you are aware on where the money should go monthly.
  • Get out of the office and meet new people. You are not expected to be confined within the four corners of your office. You may have a marketing team to help the business be recognized but it would help if you can create your own network to build trust among other people who can open doors for business opportunities.
  • Be confident about what your business has to offer. You must believe in your products or services so that you may be able to sell them with full confidence, ensuring people that you have the solution to their problems.

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How Important is Customer Care?

When taking care of the customer’s needs, make sure that the product or service is delivered with high quality service before, during and after the customer’s needs have been provided. Providing quality customer service means the company focuses on the needs of the customer and not on how much the customer is spending for the company’s products/services.

It is very important that your business provides outstanding customer service because this makes your customers feel that they are given importance. Here are some of the reasons why customer care should be part of your company’s top priorities:

  1. It is important to build trust. A customer becomes loyal to a company if they feel that what their needs are being met and that they are given the kind of service that they expect.
  2. People are willing to pay more for premium service. No matter expensive a product or service of a company is compared to the competition, some customers would still prefer the best service given to them to get the right buying experience.
  3. Good customer service builds brand awareness. When a customer is highly regarded by a company, the power of “word of mouth” can be so strong that your satisfied customers will be your walking advertisement.
  4. It lets your customers become more patient. No matter how much perfect your planning is, problems on the side of the customers may still come along. However, when issues are handled properly, customers are calmer and can understand the situation better.

Importance of Using Live Chat on a Website

Most physical stores and offices do not run 24/7. The case is different with websites, because this online method of purchasing has the ability to still close a sale even outside the usual waking hours. E-commerce websites work best when they provide features that customers may be able to use in purchasing.

Using a live chat function can be a good way to ensure that you stay connected to your customers any time of the day. It also helps customers share their experiences with the products and services that you offer to other customers.

How To Integrate Live Chat on WordPress Website

Adding live chat on your website ensures your edge over your competitors. If you are using WordPress as your website platform, here are some WordPress plugins that could help you set up a live chat feature:

Chat Room


Once the plugin has been installed, you will see Chat Room Menu icons from your WordPress admin sidebar. When you click on it, you would see chat room list. Click on “Add New” to create a chat room.

Once you have typed in the name, just click the publish button. To make it accessible to users, you need to place it on your site’s front end menu. Go to Appearance » Menus, select the room you want to add, and click the “Add to menu” button.  Your chat room will then be live and available for site visitors. Only registered users on your site can participate in a chat room.

My Live Chat

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This is one of the most user-friendly live chat software solutions that most WordPress users integrate into their websites. My Live Chat allows real-time communication with website visitors, enables you to monitor site traffic, and and helps you to analyze visitors’ web activities.

This plugin is easy to install into your WordPress website, and is totally free to use. Additional rates may apply if you want to add in more features.

Final Word

Customer service should not end when your customers receive the product or service that they has ordered. It needs to go beyond closing the sale. Customers want to feel that they are not treated as mere buyers but as allies in building the business.

Live chat can be a great way to build your network of customers. By using this online feature, potential customers become better oriented with what your company offers. In a sense, you let interested buyers feel that you are a trustworthy company because you allow them to freely communicate with you.

The best part is that you no longer need to wait for your business hours to start to be able to transact with your customers. By integrating a live chat to your website, you are giving prospective buyers the opportunity to inquire and provide feedback about your products and services without delay.