20 Inspirational Website Designs

The Oxford Dictionary defines inspiration as

the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

Obviously there is no single, set way to make someone feel inspired and what may inspire one person will not raise an eyebrow in someone else. However, I am confident that fellow web designers will be equally impressed and inspired by at least some of these web designs in this article. There is plenty of variety of style, color and layout in the hope that one or two things will be resonate with you and make a positive influence in your future designs.

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Rafal Tomal

rafal tomal

Lead Designer of Copyblogger Media, Rafal is also the founder of Typespiration and Gridspiration.

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Started by Brian Gardner from StudioPress, Unfiltered is a collection of the people’s unfiltered experiences.

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Creator of the industry leading WordPress framework – Genesis, StudioPress’ landing page is a work of art. It is a boilerplate of a sales page. All of Copyblogger’s gathered knowledge – right from 2005 has been poured into designing this very landing page.

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Frank Chimero


Founder of Another – a design studio for page and screen, Frank’s personal website flaunts his love for full screen tiled design.

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Just Creative

just creative

A design firm lead by Jacob Cass, his portfolio has serious chops when it comes to a following – 68.6K Twitter and 2.4K Dribble followers. The use of pink is done brilliantly and the dynamic logo keeps changing with the active navigation tab.

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A vastly popular premium blogging platform, SquareSpace’s landing page works like a charm with its video background.

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The #1 productivity app in the Google Play Store, Any.do’s website features a beautiful minimalist design.

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Sparring Mind


A wildly popular psychology blog (and my personal favourite), Gregory’s essays have been featured in Forbes, the NY Times and Inc. Magazine.

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Jason Santa Maria


Jason is a graphic designer from New York who was previously served as the vice president of A List Apart. His current projects include A Book Apart and Typedia. He is also a faculty member in the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA.

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SitePoint is one of the finest e-learning resources on the Internet. Several books literally copy-paste content from SitePoint and the official W3 cites SitePoint as one of the best learning junctions for CSS. SitePoint fuses the grid-based layout along with their ingenuity in designing eye-catching combinations.

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Café Cuba


A caffeine powered energy drink launched in India, Café Cuba’s homepage is as unique as it gets. It is highly user interactive and the social media marketing strategy is quite compelling.

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New Rainmaker

new rainmaker

Brian Clark’s new project aims to give insights on digital media marketing to the populous. Incidentally, the homepage of New Rainmaker is designed by Rafal Tomal.

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Chris Brogan

03-chris brogan

Chris has managed to work his way up Forbes’ list of top 50 social media influencers and his personal site reflects his design aesthetics.

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medium by twitter

One of the best blogging (and reading) platforms on the Internet, Medium takes clean, eloquent design to the next level. Its reading platform boasts minimalism and typography elements makes reading (and writing) a pleasure to the eye.

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A design firm featured in CSS Designer Awards, its parallax powered landing page is one of the best I’ve seen till date. The use of the background image with just 2 elements – the background image and the red swirl, combined with the text in foreground – intertwine beautifully.

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InVision is the world’s leading design collaboration platform, used by companies like Adobe, Microsoft, AirBnB and Addidas. The homepage focuses on engaging and converting potential customers with a message and call to action. With the right background, the effect is just right.

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mailbox email app

Mailbox is an email app from the team at Dropbox. Its landing page epitomizes the power of simplicity – with just two colours. The mobile screen features an animated app screen which shows the app’s basic functionalities in a nutshell.

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This is the company which introduced the world to exit-intent technology. Used by hundreds of high-profile companies and in popular WordPress plugins like OptinMonster, it takes marketing to the very next level. Its website features (very) bold typography, with little text and complementing colours. A deadly combo which grabs the visitor’s attention in an instant.

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managed wordpress hosting by flywheel

FlyWheel is a unique WordPress hosting company which makes account transition process from designer to customer – a piece of cake. Their landing page enunciates the fact they’re really meant for designers.

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mailchimp is the best free email marketing software

MailChimp is simply the best email marketing tool for novice bloggers. It’s free up to 5000 subscribers and makes designing emails dead-drop simple. Its website communicates a sort of beautifully-strange childish innocence, simplicity and intuitiveness.

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