Inspirational Logo Designs Using Numbers

We’ve clearly come a long way in terms of logo design. Gone are the days when people had to rely on old, tired standards for designing a company logo. These days, you can get inspiration from practically anywhere when it comes to creating a new logo for a business or website.

Although there are limitless possibilities to make a logo, some factors may limit the creativity of the logo designers. For starters, some companies require a particular element or feature on the logo so that it represents the firm’s ideals and objectives. These limitations may come in the form of the following:

  • Colors: A company owner or board of directors may have decided on a particular color combination for all external communication, and may dictate the logo designer to stick to these colors.
  • Imagery: Some companies use specific objects or themes to convey their message to potential customers. Examples include a fierce animal (tiger or eagle), a globe (to represent their global reach), or any object that the company considers significant.
  • Text: Probably owing to the fame of companies that use text-based logos such as Coca-Cola, FedEx and Google, some people want a logo that spells out their company name.

For the latter, some logo designers may have more than enough creativity to conjure an impressive text-based logo. However, one very limiting factor that leads some graphic designers to scratch their heads is number-based logos. A company that goes by the name of “435, Inc.” could lead the logo designer to a serious mental block or loss of ideas.

If you are designing a logo that requires the prominent display of numbers, here are…

10 inspiring, number-based logo designs:


number logo designs - eight

Using the number eight (8) and cutting it up into pieces that spell “eight” is a brilliant and effective idea.

Eleven In One

number logo designs - eleven in one

The pink “11” and “1” numbers project well in this clean logo.

Twelve South

number logo designs - twelve south

Simple and straightforward, this logo shows the number 12 rotated 45 degrees and seemingly pointing south.


number logo design - ninecube

Crisp and structured like a cube, this logo exemplifies the perfect infusion of a number inside an object.

One O’Clock

number logo designs - one oclock

This ingenious logo makes use of simple design to depict the number 1 as a long hand of a clock face.

Three Nuts

number logo design - three nuts

This may look like an average geometric number 3, until you notice that it’s shaped like a nut and the inner whitespace looks like a wrench.


number logo design - threeagle

A play on the words “three” and “eagle”, this logo shows the number 3 in white color. However, you may also look at it as an image of an eagle’s head facing left.

Three Strikes

number logo design - three strikes

This logo, composed of three streak lines, perfectly captures the spirit of the name.

Eight Byte

number logo design - eight byte

Aside from the huge white number 8, the two holes appear as a circle and rectangle to signify “one” and “zero” in the concept of a bit, respectively. The bite mark at the upper right also helps to establish the name.


number logo design - win

Initially, it looks like the word “win” in white font over black background. However, taking a closer look reveals that it’s composed of the numbers 1, 2 and 3. It’s also brilliant in the sense that this is how winners of sporting events stand on the podium.