Increase Traffic To Your Shopify Store With These Tips

Online selling has gained popularity over the years, along with the emergence of social networking sites and other online platforms that help brands become viral. The growth of your online shop mainly relies on the loyalty of your frequent buyers, your strategic marketing skills, and your online presence.

Maintaining your online shop is a tough job, and your Shopify admin may be of great help in this area. However, how you increase the number of visitors – or future buyers – should also be your concern.

Here are some effective ways to drive more traffic to your Shopify store:

Get the people in your team to share your product

increase traffic to your shopify store

Tapping the members of your team can already make a big difference in terms of promoting your e-commerce website to more people. The best thing about asking help from your team is that you do not have to hire a separate team of people who will do the marketing job. The efforts of your existing team members to share your products to their online accounts will already be enough to make your business plan work.

Of course, it helps when they have a lot of people in their networks. With this wider reach potential, it will be much easier for your Shopify store to go public, in just a few clicks, shares, and likes. This will increase your chances of selling products faster to your target market, especially when more people begin posting comments on the items that you are selling.

When asking for help from your team, remember that their efforts should be appreciated. It will not hurt to treat them out to their favorite restaurant or bring boxes of pizza to your office pantry once your online selling business becomes big.

Post your store to Reddit

increase traffic to your shopify store

Reddit is an online community that welcomes members of various inclinations in arts, fashion, music, and other niches to share basically anything may be of interest to others. Aside from this, Reddit is also a venue where members can post comments on the things that you post, so that you and the site visitors may converse with each other.

Through this platform, you as an online seller will also be challenged to use catchy one-liners for your posts so that the viewers may easily understand what your product is all about. Your online store’s success can also be launched through Reddit, especially when you get more people to read and share your posts.

Write about people who are famous

increase traffic to your shopify store

You know how it feels when other people write about you. It’s good to know that some people are interested about your cause, your hobby, or your fashion sense because that means one thing: your name may potentially appear in search results. Talk about a much-needed SEO strategy!

In the same breath, if you want to catch the attention of celebrities, all you have to do is to write about them and post the article online. You can either tag them or send them a message so that they can read the article immediately.

Once you have caught their valuable attention, it will be easier to ask them a favor to share what you have written. Reposting the article on their online accounts will lead their fans, friends, and families to visit your online shop.

Send out free samples to Instagram stars

increase traffic to your shopify store

Instagram is a good venue to publicize practically anything by using photos as visual tools to grasp the attention of followers or even those who just randomly visit an account. If you have a friend who has a lot of Instagram followers, then the job is pretty much complete.

All you have to do is take photos of your products, choose catchy phrases, include the link to your Instagram account, then post it. Chances are, your friend’s followers will be curious about your products and will visit your online shop later on.

On the other hand, if your friends are not famous on Instagram, your next option is to look for Instagram celebrities who will be willing to post your products on their accounts. The easiest way to do this is to send them free samples so that they can personally try them. This way, you are sending them your love as their fan, and you are also taking your chances in making your online shop famous through their posts.

Who knows, they might like your products so much that they will even volunteer to endorse them free of charge!

Reach out to bloggers

increase traffic to your shopify store

The trick in launching a successful online business is choosing the right people to tap. Bloggers have the power to effortlessly make you and your products viral on various online sites in an instant. Their reviews matter, as these could make or break your online selling business.

Sending them a few samples may give them the inspiration to write good reviews about your products. It may also help if you send them a brief description of the products you are planning to send, in order to give them a hint that you carefully study the products that you are selling. This will give them the idea that your products are good and worth trying.

Use your Twitter account

increase traffic to your shopify store

On Twitter, you can easily post your publicity materials – such as a Snapchat video, a photo with catchy words, or an animated GIF – to grab the attention of your followers. Tagging your followers on your posts will help, too, as they will immediately see your tweet and may begin a new conversation.

Your Twitter account is where you can repost the things that you have already posted on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. What is interesting about Twitter is that you can also easily track what or who is trending, so you can engage in conversations related to the trending hashtags.


Increasing the number of visitors of your Shopify account and buyers of your products is definitely beneficial, but it might be a good idea to ask for advice from Shopify admin so that they can give you tips that may probably work best for you.

By using different social networking sites and online platforms, you have the potential to boost the popularity of your branding and increase sales from your Shopify store.