How To Design A Computer Repair Website

Some of the most annoying, frustrating, and stressful issues that require immediate fixes are related to computers breaking down. Let's face it, when our home computer breaks down, all hell breaks loose. Sure we have our smartphones as good alternatives for going online on Facebook or browsing the net. But what about all of our saved work on the hard drive? Or the dozens of Gigabytes of photos we've saved in carefully labeled files and folders over the course of a few years? Not to mention all of the log in information on all of the social media accounts and websites we frequently visit and sign in on! And we won't even get started on what happens when a work computer in an office stops working – with no backup done in weeks. The sane thing to do is pick up the phone and immediately call someone who specializes in fixing computers – preferably a company that offers 24/7 repair services. Never worked with a computer repairmen before? Go online on your phone and do a quick search for a nearby on-site computer repairman. Too many results pop up?

If you are the person offering computer repair services, here is what you can do to make your site more visible and more likely to be clicked on.

Use The Latest IT Standards!

  • When designing your computer repair website, make sure that you do it in accordance with the latest IT standards.

  • Keep in mind that while most of your customers will be people who are not up-to-date with the latest regulations or trends in the IT world, this does not mean you should not use the latest design standards and make your website look top-notch.

  • Use a full-width slider in the header section so you can effectively adds a more personal touch to the whole design. Use this slider for placing essential information about your company or team, as well as the type of services you have to offer and any other additional information you might find useful to include. To make an idea on what else you can wrote there, check out this link and read a few details on the type of work that the Prosco computer repairmen do. For example, they have a special section called Our Most Sought-After Services” which enumerates their highest, ranging from PC repair or PC setup and installation, hardware and software installation, laptop repair, including screen repair and replacement, networking restoration and others.

Say It Loud & Clear: What Sets Your Apart?

When designing your website, make sure you also include a special section that speaks loud and clear about the services that recommend you in front of your competitors. Prosco computer repair service teams for example offer on-site computer repairs, as well as free price estimates, affordable service prices, and nationwide IT support services. Which of these can you bring to the table and revolve around? Advertise yourself with the help of your 24/7 computer service available in all areas or your 1+1 free repairs. Whatever helps yous tick your crow out of the crowd will aid you gain more appreciation and attention.

Brand Your Website!

  • Use your existing business card logo and font to brand you website so it is easily recognizable.

  • Use a transparent GIF for your logo so you can use differently colored backgrounds.

  • Add relevant videos, pictures, and avatars and focus on using a clip art wizard as your logo if you do not already have one. It is one of the cheapest ways of doing things if you do not have a big budget for it.