Grab The Attention of Your Site Visitors in 5 Seconds

tips to grab the attention of website visitors

You may have the skills of a mad (but extremely talented) web developer, but that’s meaningless if no one cares about your website. Every website owner’s goal is to pull in more followers to their pages, and that will only be possible if they can grab the attention of their target audience.

Most people generally visit a website because they need information. Chances are, website links get clicked on the search engine results page (SERP) because they appear helpful for those who are looking for specific pieces of information.

However, the critical part of website design is to know how to grab the attention and interest of casual page visitors. The web design strategies that you use will definitely play a significant role in maintaining the interest of your site visitors for them to stay and keep looking. In other words, although the quality of information on your site will matter, how you present your content matters just as much.

Grab the attention of site visitors with these tips

Ready to engage your target audience? Here are some amazing and effective tips to catch the eye of your site visitors in 5 seconds or less:

Combine text with photos and icons

grab the attention text with images

Majority of the population will always go for simple explanations rather than content that is too technical and exhaustive. Unfortunately, some websites cannot avoid being too technical, especially when you’re talking about programming or business.

The challenge here is how to give websites that are heavy in text a chance to shine and get noticed.

First off, you need to be smart in choosing your textual content. The right words are in themselves effective tools for you to choose the right images or icons that can represent everything that you are talking about.

The trick here is that you show people interesting images that will make your text more interesting to read. One strategy here is the use of the right typography, so that your site visitors will not lose the interest to keep reading.

Choose a background color that is soothing to the eyes

grab the attention choosing website color schemes

A good background color creates a good foundation for any given website. Choose a boring color, and you will instantly drive people away from your page. Choose a shocking background color, and you will also drive them away because of the strain on their eyes.

Color theory is one of the trickiest strategies that can be applied to website design. However, once you have perfected this strategy, your overall design will definitely contribute to grab the attention of people who visit your site.

The color scheme of your page should immediately give your visitors a feeling or emotion that will later connect to what they are about to read from your pages. This spark of emotion is crucial in keeping their interest in whatever they are trying to get from your page.

Font colors should also be a concern, too. Words get emphasized not only through the size, font, or style, but also through the colors used to convey the words. Choosing colors well is a tough challenge, but pulling it off goes a long way.

Work your way through people’s emotions

grab the attention work through people emotions

Advertisements aim for photos or taglines that work through people’s emotions because these things never fail. In the same way, people stay in websites because they feel that they are connected to what they are seeing or reading.

With this idea, you have to be careful with the words, images or icons that you are going to use to grab the attention and touch the hearts of your site visitors. If your website is about products or services, it will be a smart decision to show photos of how you can become part of a person’s daily routine. You may also highlight how you stand out from the rest in terms of reliability.

Go back to basics: show sequence and patterns

color palette sequences patterns

While people sometimes look for something different than what they usually see in websites, a lot of them still like it when they see things in order and logically positioned. This is not to say that people have boring tastes – they only need to find things in order for them to understand the pieces of information they receive.

People need information to make decisions, and arranging your content in sequences and patterns ease site visitors to understand what your site is all about. The messages and information you wish to send should be conveyed in a logical and orderly manner, so that people can easily process them for decision-making.

For instance, if your site is about a certain type of investment, information about how their money grows should be well-presented so that you can sustain their interest enough to keep reading. Visual representations help a lot as well, such as graphs and infographics.

Use the principle of F-patterns

grab the attention follow f-pattern reading browsing

Website designers need to pay attention to the position of textual content. Note that people may not read everything on a webpage. In fact, some people just scan the pages by scrolling up and down.

In this case, it should be a priority to follow the F-pattern—a visualization technique that follows how the human eye reads and moves upon seeing texts and images. Once you have understood how you can apply this to the development of your site, then you have already done half of the job.

Focus on the speed of your website

web design website speed

You instantly kill the chance to grab the attention of visitors if your pages load too slowly. Website design and content is important, of course, but a very simple strategy that you can apply to website development is to create a site that does not lag or does not make your visitors wait.

Make sure to remember that the first few seconds are critical – if you will make your site visitors wait too long, they might shift to another similar site.

If you really want to grab the attention of online users, invest on optimizing website speed.

Final Word

The best and easiest strategy to make sure that you grab the attention of website visitors is this: Put their interests ahead of yours. Know what they want, and give it to them.