The Top 10 Best Free Photoshop Textures


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Texture gives depth. It often creates greater dimension to images and other works of art. When designing your webpages or other internet sites, a Photoshop texture helps to create the tone and the emotion of a page. It expresses the attitude and helps defines the personality of the site owner. Photoshop textures do not actually have true texture, but they give the illusion that they do. They can often appear more three-dimensional than two, with their fuzzy, woody, crackly, silky, sandy, smooth, or rough visuals to create a certain feel.


There are numerous sites that offer free textures, and it may be overwhelming to select one from the thousands available. Who has the time to sort through them all? That is why we have come up with the top 10 sites for the best free Photoshop textures. To go even further, giving you a little bit of a head start in your search, we have included, with each of the top 10, a few names of the categories that each site provides. This will help you to find the right fit for your creations so that you can set up your sites with the highest quality and character.

How We Chose Our Ratings

 There are so many great sites that accumulatively offer hundreds of thousands of free textures, and each one has its unique strengths. Selecting the best sites was based on the following:

Number Of Selections

 Having a significant variety to choose from gives you more options to create the best designs. How many categories does each site have? How many variations does each category contain? A site should have a broad selection of free Photoshop textures to choose from. Some sites offer only a few free textures with the greater selections needing to be purchased. Others offer nearly all of their stock for free with the hope of users sharing their site with all of their contacts.

Quality Of Textures

 The higher quality your textures are, the better your designs will turn out. You want to make a good impression with your website pages and that means you need the sharpest textures with high resolutions. Additionally, quality textures also mean that they contain the best and most creative images.  


 It won’t do you any good to scroll up and down a site if you do not know how to navigate through it. We looked at how user friendly the site was and how easy it was to download each free texture. This can make all the difference between one site or another.

Other Options

 If you like a certain Photoshop texture site, you may want to look into further options offered by it that can enhance your designs. Some sites are very simple, while others offer more than texture downloads.


The more organized a site is, the easier and quicker it will be to locate the basic texture you are looking for. We looked at the overall layout of the site, as well as the accessibility for users to find specific categories based on names, colors, or patterns.


In establishing our top 10, we considered the professional reviews given by people who know Photoshop as well as textures. Relying on the opinions of the tried and true committees allowed us to get the best perspective.

Top 10 Best Free Photoshop Textures

We have sorted through the options and selected ten of the best sites. We have listed them according to the greatest overall rating.



Image source: pixabay

Seven designers have teamed up to create this remarkable site for free Photoshop textures. With more than 65,000 amazing high-quality textures to choose from and designs organized with high efficiency, we ranked this site in first place.


Textures are arranged alphabetically under several categories, including animals, decals, fabric, floors, grunge, landscapes, marble, nature, rock, rust, tiles, windows, and wood. Each category is conveniently sorted into subcategories. Being able to quickly find what you’re searching for instead of browsing through thousands upon thousands of designs saves time and alleviates stress when putting together your website.

Take your designs to the next level with the breathtaking images of the Grand Canyon, red rocks, or snowy mountains. Add rustic or woody characteristics with hundreds to choose from in each category. Glance through each section to see what inspires you the most.

2. TextureLib

With over 6,000 high-resolution free textures to choose from along with its easy-to-navigate layout, this site took second place. Textures are divided into categories and subcategories, which makes each design easy to find. Categories are also listed alphabetically and range from animals, brick, buildings, concrete, and grass to nature, road, rust, tile and wood.


TextureLib allows you to explore background images in its most deluxe and beautiful forms. If your site requires a stony look, you can select from a variety of stones or go beyond the ideal and search under the subcategory cave to locate an image of a warm beige rock, or the subcategory cliffs to land the intriguing texture of igneous rock. These are just a few examples of the numerous options you can choose from to create any desired feel.

3. Texturemate

Texturemate ranked third for its alluring high-quality textures. It also received high votes on navigation, in which its layout makes it easy to find and download each texture. The large variety of categories are listed alphabetically with subcategories following. Some of the unique textures include ash, bokeh, damaged brick, cotton, synthetic, stained glass, crushed or broken glass, diamond plate, macro, and coral.


For an awe-inspiring site, you can check out its selections under the category ice. Windows and industrial both allow you to create a fascinating feel of wonder, some of them stimulating curiosity. Select fur to for a soft effect, or leather for a more rugged tone. Granite includes many varieties of its natural element, encouraging warm or cool earthy feels depending on the colors you select. Experiment with the compelling options.

4. TextureKing


Image source: ​pixabay​​​

Even though TextureKing isn’t high in selections, its high-resolution designs and unique variety are all empowering. Easy-to-locate categories are sorted into inspiring topics including concrete, grunge, wood, stone/rock, metals, miscellaneous, fabric, paint, rust, plastic, dirt/sand, liquids, glass, and plaster. Another great feature about TextureKing, is that it will inform you of its latest releases on Twitter, where you can stay up-to-date.


Each category consists of several subcategories that can lead you down amazing paths to help you design your sites. If you want a glassy feel, there are several engaging images that range from the rippled look to an opaque sentiment. Try the grainy or woody mood that invokes a natural or outdoorsy perception. See what mystique and intrigue you can create with TextureKing.

5. Texture Palace


Image source: pixabay

Texture Palace exhibits beautiful and inspiring designs that are charming and intriguing in character. The collection contains images with compelling categories, including dreamy texture, old fence, animal fur, dirty cardboard, vein-like river, spring cloud, blur relax, and great cracked old wood. These categories contain numerous intriguing designs that will inspire you with your creations.


You can try images of wet leaves against puddles on asphalt. Or, perhaps you prefer a grungy wood tone to your work consisting of peeling paint or flaking wood. If you are into colors to create an impression, you can search through the category color texture for mockup to select images with enthralling color combinations. Texture Palace has endless designs for endless possibilities.

6. Lost & Taken

Lost & Taken is a popular free texture site. Its collection includes numerous unique and compelling textures, such as film, watercolor, vintage paper, grunge, stained paper, paint, cardboard, bokeh, bark, print, and bubbles. The images are high-quality and the site is easy to navigate, simplifying your job to create an arousing site.


Nature contains thought-provoking outdoor images of grassy fields, cracked cement, or aged tree rings. Browse through the bubbles category and find warm amber patterns, or mauve aquatic essence. Discover the original designs under the print category or the inspiring images from the category watercolor. Lost & Taken can take you from being lost in your designs to finding your niche in texture.

7. Freepik

Freepik contains nearly 39,000 engaging high-quality textures. The site is easy to navigate, with its alphabetically arrange categories including, grunge, abstract geometric, wrinkled paper, pink watercolor, marble, charcoal drawing, abstract liquid marble, brick, royal watercolor, and vector flower seamless pattern.


You can create amazing attitude on your web pages reflecting exotic energy with a grungy teal design or dreamy charm with a silky peach marble texture. An abstract array of blue triangles and shapes can inspire a deep mystical mood.


The site offers more than just textures, including inspiring images, such as music, silhouettes, ornaments, nature, buttons, water, summer, ribbons, wedding, cartoon, business, banners, and holidays. With so many options, you can utilize much more than just textures with Freepik.

8. Stockvault

Stockvault has amazing high-resolution textures with hundreds of attractive designs to download for free. Some of the categories include wood panel, feminine paper, grunge metal, green concrete, dark stone, metal plate, scratched wooden wall, book, splatter, G-drop, blue water, grass field, water drops, note paper, rainbow stripes, and smoke.


With so many enthralling images, you can create incredible designs. Use a texture from the smoke category that exhibits burgundy billows of smoke for a look of mystique. Add a tranquil tone with a calming grassy field. Liven up your page with pink and blue light streaks in motion.


Stockvault has much more than textures. It offers web design graphics, seasonal settings, objects, and elements. Take advantage of this great site to accommodate all your designing needs.

9. Brusheezy

Brusheezy is yet another excellent index for free Photoshop textures. It consists of high-quality designs with many options to choose from, including watercolour, glitter, wood, paper, sun dawn, autumn paper, teal blue watercolor, stone and brick, spray-painted wall, color tile, cool pastel, mountain stone, grungy spring, old cottage, painted wall, rusty metal, leaves, and much more.


One intriguing texture is rotten wood from an old fishing boat garnishing grungy peeling paint. The mood captured with this unique image could reflect a weathered, worn, vintage, grungy, or gloomy tone. On the opposite end, you could select a sunset background producing a peaceful or romantic feel. There are so many diverse possibilities, it will open up your imagination stores to utilize Brusheezy.

10. 3dtotal

This site offers a vast collection of textures that are explicitly unique. These eye-popping designs include categories such as clothing, device, animals, industrial, medieval, military, urban objects, environment manmade, ethnic, and architectural.


Among the building categories are castles, demolished structures, churches, and windmills. You may even prefer ornate balusters, pillars, rails, or bridges to add to your designs. There are several images of beautiful bridges over rivers or a leafy path in a calming forest that help to create the feeling of peace and quietude. You can have amazing options to work with when using 3dtotal.

The Next Best

The following sites didn’t make our top ten, but they are still great for locating outstanding free Photoshop textures. Check them out.

  • Shizoo
  • Star Textures
  • Archive Textures
  • Graphic Mania
  • Pixeden
  • Blog Spoon Graphics
  • Texturegen
  • Subtle Patterns

Buyers Guide

Now that we have narrowed down your search with the top 10 free texture sites, you can make your final selections of the best textures to design your pages, according to your personal needs and style. Once you have found the perfect Photoshop texture, you can simply add it to your background to optimize the look of your webpages. You can also add texture to your images to create more dimension to your two-dimensional pictures. With amazing designs containing spectacular textures, you will be ready to roll your blog, business, or whatever your site’s purpose may be. Take a moment to browse through the possibilities and enjoy the journey as you scroll through the remarkable options.