Free Fonts Friday #6

So here we are with the first freebie font friday of 2014. The fact that it is the 3rd Friday of the month shows how busy/disorganised I have been. Anyway, here are 5 fantastic fonts to get your teeth into. All are free although some will require that you part with some cash to get additional variations (i.e. bold, italic etc). Also, be careful to double check the licences on them if you plan to use them for commercial use.

These typographical treat have been developed by freelance designers and guys at The Northern Block and kindly made available for free download to the design community. I hope you find something you like. I plan to list free fonts each Friday as long as I am not swamped with proper work so please check back often.



Fenix Free Font




Hapna Mono

Hapna Mono



Regular Dense

Dense Regular