Essential E-Commerce Site Design Techniques To Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

prevent shopping card abandonment site design tips

E-commerce shop owners understand the importance of the shopping cart. Unfortunately, some online business owners have to deal with customers abandoning their shopping cart before making a purchase. You can prevent shopping cart abandonment by your customers, by improving their online shopping experience.

Shopping Cart Abandonment At A Glance

According to the Listrak Shopping Cart Abandonment Index, ecommerce websites lose at least 75% of potential buyers before users cross the line and convert in a best-case scenario. On the other hand, 4 out of 5 shoppers abandon the shopping cart before making a purchase.

In addition, shopping cart abandonment averages as high as 87% for checkout pages and increases to as high as 90% during Fridays and weekends as revealed by this article. Aside from that, among the different sectors, the travel industry registered the highest abandonment rate at 85%.

Site Design Tips To Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Now that you have a clearer picture of the state of e-commerce marketing, here are 5 tips on enhancing your customer’s online shopping experience and prevent them from abandoning the shopping cart:

1. Push For A Remarketing Campaign

shopping cart abandonment tip 1

First things first, you need to accept the fact that there are customers who will abandon their carts. The good news is that you can lure them back to your ecommerce website with remarketing campaigns.

By trying to lure them back, you are giving yourself a chance to get visitors convert, which can be unlikely in today’s multi-device online environment.

There are many online tools that you can use for remarketing shopping cart abandoners. You can use, for example, Facebook Ads to remarket your products to visitors. Google AdWords can also be effective especially for products that may not be visually appealing to visitors.

2. Be Transparent with Costs

e-commerce shopping cart shipping cost

When shopping online, customers expect to pay only one cost. To them, nothing can be more frustrating than discovering that they are being bombarded with tons of hidden cost particularly shipping. Data published United Parcel Service (UPS) reveals that one of the highest costs associated with online retail is shipping.

As much as possible, be crystal clear with shipping costs. Statistics from Kissmetrics reveal that 28% of online shoppers will abandon their shopping cart when faced with hidden shipping costs. After all, your customers deserve some transparency on your part.

3. Offer Money-Back Guarantee

shopping cart abandonment tip 3

One of the major challenges faced by online retailers is rejection and hesitation on the part of customers. On your part, you need to remove these hesitations and uncertainties from shoppers. An effective way to do this is by offering money-back guarantees.

For any online store, getting the trust of your customers is important. Remember that online shoppers only see images of what they are planning to buy. They cannot touch or feel the actual product, and will rely on whatever information you provide them.

While e-commerce has gone a long way, there is still a huge amount of doubt on the part of customers that e-commerce retailers should address.

By offering money-back guarantee or other assurances, doubts by the customer will be greatly reduced. Removing hesitations of the customer will bring the focus to the product itself. In other words, you should do whatever it takes to remove any doubts that your customers may be having.

4. Speed Up Page Loading

website speed performance for e-commerce sites

A recent report revealed that shopping cart conversion rates drop by 7% for every second of delay in loading a page. For online shoppers who do not have the patience to wait for the page to load, a slow loading website could mean lost business for you.

As much as possible, you should optimize your page so that it loads quickly.

In order to speed up your website’s loading time, you should make sure to do the following:

  • On-page technical elements should be well-optimized.
  • Images should be optimized while maintaining the balance of quality and speed.
  • Reduce the use of ad network trackers, social plugins, and poorly implemented tags that can only slow down page loading time.

5. Correct Any Errors In Your Conversion Pathways

shopping cart abandonment tip 5

User behavior plays a huge part in converting visits to sales. It is your job to make sure that the interaction of your customer with your site is straightforward. It is extremely important to check any “leaky” area in your conversion pathway.

There are many concerns that you need to address in order to identify potential errors in your conversion pathway. Some of these include the effect of traffic on your conversion rate, bottlenecks in product pages, and confusion on the part of visitors when navigating your website.

There are other elements beyond your control that you should also be aware of, such as delays in your customer placing their order, the financial institution or payment gateway processing the payment, and others. You do not want your customer abandoning their purchase just because they were not informed if their order was successfully placed.

6. Ensure Easy Navigation Between Cart And Store

shopping cart abandonment tip 6

As an online retailer, it is your job to deliver convenience to your customers. You do not want your customers buying somewhere else just because they cannot navigate your online store. The easier it is for them to move from your cart to the store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

The bad news is that this is the most difficult to correct. In fact, even e-commerce giants like Amazon continue to experiment with their checkout system. Optimize the shopping experience to make it easier for customers to make purchases.

7. Give Shoppers Multiple Payment Options

shopping cart abandonment tip 7

The reward that you can get for providing shoppers with a satisfying shopping experience is them making a purchase. However, if you provide only one way to make payments, chances are they would change their mind and cancel their purchase. It is therefore important that you offer customers several payment options.

While credit card is still the preferred payment method, some consumers look for other channels for completing online purchases. Aside from PayPal, mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are on the rise.

Offering customers multiple payment options lessens the likelihood that they will abandon the shopping cart.

Final Word

Taking these tips into consideration can go a long way in ensuring a worthwhile online shopping experience for your customers. At the end of it all, they could end up buying one of the products you are offering.