Envato Elements – The New Designer’s Resource

Envato is one of the oldest names in design resources – a marketplace where you can buy and sell essentials for just about any web project. The only problem is Envato’s age has caught up with it a bit. While ThemeForest remains one of the best places to find premium WordPress themes, the firm has fallen behind on other design elements like icons, fonts and UI packs.

Well not anymore. Because Envato Elements is the new home for design resources and it’s here to take on the likes of Creative Market and vastly improve on the previous crop of Envato design resources. And, I have to say, it’s pretty damn good.


Introducing Envato Elements

To be honest, it’s years since I bought anything from an Envato site, except ThemeForest. When it comes to cheap/quick graphics, Design Modo and Creative Market are the only places I look 90% of the time. After that, I tend to bite the bullet and do it the old fashioned way with custom graphics.


So I’m very happy to welcome Envato Elements to my list of design resources. First of all because it matches the likes of Creative Market but it beats them hands down with its search and filter options. Which makes it incredibly easy/fast to see if it has what you’re looking for.


How much does Envato Elements cost?

Instead of paying for individual design packages on Envato Elements, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited access. And here’s where it gets interesting because the sooner you sign up the less you pay.

If you sign up now (at the time of writing), you’ll get unlimited access for $29/month. This special launch price will be “ending soon” though – after which there’ll be a “last chance” offer for $39/month. And, if you miss that final offer, you’ll have to pay the full $49/month for full access – so it’s worth signing up now if you’re interested.


Envato Elements


Whichever price you get upon signing up is what you’ll continue to pay unless you cancel your subscription and sign up again later. Then you’ll be bumped up to the regular price, of course.


Is it worth the price?

This really depends on how much you pay for your subscription and how often you use it. All I will say is I haven’t seen a bad design element on the site yet and it won’t be difficult to make profit on top of your monthly spend, even if you’re paying the full price for it.

As I say, the best thing for me about Envato Elements is it beats the competition with its search and filter options. This is something Creative Market and Design Modo seriously lack, which can really add to the time it takes to find something suitable.

To sum up, I think signing up now for the $29/month plan (at the time of writing) is going to feel like an absolute steal in six month’s time.


How good are the design resources?

the quality of design resources on this site blows GraphicRiver and other Envato sites out of the water. It’s a much-needed upgrade for the company and it puts them back up there with the best. I still need more time to decide how good the design resources are across the board but they’re looking like an improvement on Creative Market and co. at this early stage.

Anyway, here’s a look at the categories you have on offer:


  • Graphics: Backgrounds, textures, vectors, patterns, icons, objects, illustrations
  • Add-ons: Actions and presets, brushes, layer styles
  • Fonts: Serif, sans-serif, script and hand written, decorative
  • Graphic templates: Print templates, product mockups, websites, UX and UI kits, infographics, logos, scene generators
  • Presentation templates: No categories


So that gives you an idea of the kind of resources available from Envato Elements. There must be well over 1,000 icon packs, around 500 fonts and 150 UI kits – as things stand. That’s mot a bad start for a new platform by any means.


Envato Elements


Going back to the search and refine functions for a moment, you can filter graphics by Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch and other options, depending on the kind of resource you’re looking at. You can also search the entire site using keywords and save resources for viewing later.


Envato Elements


The only thing I don’t like here is that you need an account to look at items. That said, you can create an account for free with no obligation to subscribe to a paid plan. It does mean handing over your email address and an extra barrier to seeing what the platform has to offer, though.


Envato Elements


Can I sell resources on Envato Elements

Yes, you can sell design resources on Envato Elements and you can find all the necessary info at the Contributor Help Center. Things work a little differently than you might be used to, though, on account of the subscription model Envato Elements is based around. Instead of earning a fixed fee for each item you sell, Envato shares 50% of its total subscription income between contributing designers.

Here’s what Envato has to say about the payment model:


  • The greater the number of subscribers who use your items, the more you earn.
  • The greater the proportion of an individual subscriber’s usage that relates to your items, the more you earn. In fact, if they only use your items, then you get all of their revenue share amount.
  • The more item points your item is worth, the more you earn for a download
  • We always share 50% of the net revenue, regardless of a subscriber’s usage


I can’t comment on how accurate this is as I’m not currently selling on Envato Elements. It’s certainly not the most transparent or straightforward approach, but it’s another option for your designer income none the less.


So there’s a look at Envato Elements for you and it feels like a much-needed addition to the small collection of online design resources. There aren’t as many options as we would probably like and this is the first one to implement a decent search function. That gives it the edge over other platforms for me and I think this will be my first stop for paid design resources now.