Design Inspiration: 10 Creative Footer Designs

When a visitor hits the bottom of a webpage the footer is the last thing they see and possibly your final chance to keep them on the page or get them to take action. So when it comes to designing a footer it’s a good idea to ask yourself what you want people to do when they run out of space to scroll.

The fifteen footers in this list are quite modest from a design perspective, but they give every visitor clear instructions about what to do next – whether it’s sign up to a news letter or follow them on social media. Great footer design plays a vital role in turning traffic into followers, enquiries or customers and all of the examples bellow make great use of design, typography and calls to action.


this is teixido footer image

Teixido has a strong brand message aimed at website owners who want more online visibility and the footer on their homepage wraps things up beautifully with an irresistible call to action just above its bold universal footer.

David Hellman

david-hellmann-footerIt’s clear what David Hellmann wants his visitors to do when they come to his footer and that’s what makes this such a great design. A call to action button teamed with large social icons drives visitors to check out the best of his work or connect with him on social media.


cloud berry footer image

This Cloudberry footer makes great use of layout and bold text to pull off a more traditional footer that focuses on navigation. While many nav-based footer look overcrowded, Cloudberry uses clean lines and smooth tones to create a tidy double-row footer.

I Shot Him

i shot him footer image

The I Shot Him website is killer design from top to bottom and the footer is probably the most understated part of the site. This is no bad thing though, when it cleanly displays contact information, social media icons and a newsletter signup bar in a perfectly effective footer.



Chartbeat is another footer nav design that uses oodles of space and colour to keep things clean and easy to digest. More important though, is the wide banner that tells visitors to take that next step along the sales funnel and get in touch about their free trial.


forfathers footer image

It’s all about the call to action in this Forfathers footer with a chunky newsletter signup bar dominating the bottom of their page. Everything else takes a back seat in this design which shows Forfathers knows exactly what it wants its visitors to do when they reach the footer.


ImGame fooer image

ImGame has a similar theme going on with a giant download button encouraging visitors to download the ImGame iTunes app.



Vimeo takes another stab at the footer nav, but much like Chartbeat it has a much bigger message it wants to get across to users. More active monthly users means more revenue for Vimeo a competitive social media industry and the more people signed up and logged in the better.

M Power Yoga


M Power Yoga go for a jumbo full-screen footer featuring an unmissable email sign-up form that promises 10 free days of movement, mindfulness and mastery. This single page site is compelling from top to bottom, but all that slick imagery and transitioning teases visitors to the main feature – a bold footer that commands action.



edenpulse footer image

Edenpulse wraps up our list with this minimal footer design that captures the art of simplicity to tell visitors where and how they can get in touch and discuss projects.