How To Design Business Cards To Get You More Clients

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Business cards make your company easier to look for, especially in industries where competition is very tight. If your main goal is to build a network of clients and connections, then you should put in mind that you need a business card not only to make it easier for your clients to contact you, but also to build first impressions.

Your business card design can actually make or break the goal of building a good impression of what your company has to offer. This is why you really have to be careful in choosing how it would look like. It should be noted that even if a business card carries the contact information of your company representative, the overall design sticks to your clients. The better the design, the more likely your prospective clients will choose your company’s product or service.

Tips on Designing Business Cards

Here are some tips that you may want to follow in designing your company’s business cards:

1. Make sure that you put your information concisely

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Put in mind that your clients’ time is important, and so unnecessary information should be discarded. Especially for company owners, it is imperative that the contact details are clearly defined for the clients to classify which one is your office landline number or your home number.

Put every detail that your clients need, but refrain from putting too many contact numbers or too many email addresses. Remember that the goal is for your clients to have an easier time contacting you for their needs. Concise business card designs available online are helpful in choosing which ones you would pattern your design to. You know what they say: keep it short and simple.

2. Be creative and make a mark

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Business cards are an expression of character and personality. If you want to be remembered, focus on saying what you or your company can offer, through the total look of your business card.

You can use cartoon characters, icons that are easy to recognize, unusual business card shapes, and uncommon card materials to achieve creative business card designs for your company. It will also be interesting to use taglines from famous movies or songs.

Remember that people are visual beings. When you show them something interesting through the business card design you have carefully chosen, your job is almost done in convincing them to choose your company over the others.

3. Choose the right color scheme

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Designs for business cards should come with appropriate color schemes depending on the product or service the company is engaged in. Nowadays, designers try to break the norm in the look of business cards. It won’t hurt to add few more colors to catch the attention of people within your network.

However, it should be remembered that the colors you choose for your business card should suit the type of industry you are in. Advertising companies and those related to the arts can be more playful in choosing colors for designs.

Overall, the choice of colors should not be overdone. Try to explore the right color combinations for your business cards, and decide on which ones to use in your own design.

4. Try incorporating unconventional designs

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We all have an idea of what business cards should contain — the company logo and business name, the name of the representative, and some contact information. It has also become standard practice to follow a traditional size, shape, and set of colors that aren’t too bright or too pale.

However, creative design for business cards can challenge these norms by pushing for unconventional card styles. Whether it is an unusual shape, size, material, or look, unconventional designs can easily catch the attention of your prospective clients.

Of course, going unconventional might take a lot of time and effort because you have to carefully choose the best design that will represent your product and service. Choosing unconventional designs for your business cards can easily spark the interest of people within your network, so be very smart in selecting the design that will best represent your company.

5. Select the right font

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Sure, colors and icons are a major factor in your overall business card design, but choosing the right font is also important as it contributes to the total package. Different fonts stand for different meanings, and this is why company owners should do their research on the meanings of fonts that they want to use in their business card designs.

Fonts convey messages and leave an impact on who is reading. That is why it is vital to understand the psychology involving fonts, and how they can affect the target audience. For example, a company that supplies party needs should choose a font that conveys a lighter feeling, because parties are supposed to look fun and not stiff.

6. Stick to a useful design

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The best way to convince your clients to keep your business card in their file is to make sure that you choose a design that has other purposes aside from carrying information on how you or your company can be contacted.

Some unique business cards are designed to function as a clip bookmark or a mobile phone stand. There are a lot of creative and useful designs for business cards, and it’s really up to you to choose.

Make sure that you try to connect what your company does or what you offer with your choice of business card design. That way, it will be easier to establish a recall of what your company is all about. Besides, if you fashion your business cards to something useful other than merely showing your contact information, then your potential clients may think that throwing away your card is going to be a loss on their part.

Final Word

There are a lot of creative design tips for business cards that you can search online, from which you can decide which one to use. Whatever design you choose, remember that your business cards will speak to the recipient about your company and what you have to offer them.