Christmas Gifts for Web Designers and Developers

christmas gifts for web designers

It’s only a few weeks til Christmas and you’re probably making your list and checking it twice. Christmas gifts for web designers can be tricky. As picky as your “Creatives and Geeks” friends are with their fonts, they are also kind of picky with the gifts they will actually use.

But before you give up and just pick that weird-looking sweater made of horse hair, let us help you. In this article, we’ve listed a few quirky and useful (mostly) gifts you could buy for your friends who are web designers and developers (or for you to put on your own wish list). These were carefully hand-picked by our team and we hope you’d heed our gift giving advice.


Best Christmas Gifts for Web Designers and Developers for 2015


Cleaning Foil Zip Bag ($4.96)



If you’re on a really tight budget, or would want to give an affordable but useful gift, then this high-tech cleaning compound is the best one you could ever find. Whoever receives this gift will use it on a regular basis since it keeps their keyboards, and other peripherals squeaky clean. Thanks to its one of a kind formula, the material can to get into the deep cracks and crevices of any computer peripheral to clean in an effective way, removing almost 99 per cent of harmful particles. It is non-toxic and biodegradable so it’s a two thumbs up for that.

Quirky Cordies ($6.20)


A web designer who usually spends his or her time in his desk needs some decent cable management. Not only because it helps him or her  think straight with all the chaos ironed out, but also it keeps everything organized, safe and clean. That is why when we found these cordies, we decided to include them immediately. These awesome cable management system for desktops helps your web designer friend to organize his or her cables while keeping them weighted down enough so that they don’t pull back and disconnect. This helps you have a quick access to your chargers, USB ports and other cables when you need them as it eliminates for your need to go down your desk, scramble, and try to find that power cable your phone badly needs. These cordies are awesome with their small form factor, stable base, and ample slots where you can stack up to two cables on top of each other.

Eat. Sleep. Code Pillow ($14.99)



Perfect for your awesome programmer. This coding pillow will be great to add some spice in a room by preserving a theme that tells a lot about the one who owns it. Coming in a unique design, this 16 by 16 inch pillow will help your code loving friend be comfortable and be happy, especially with that durable satin material it is made of. Also, it has a rear fold over closure which allows you to easily clean and machine wash it. Just remind your friend to avoid using cold water, bleach.

There is No Place Like Shirt ($14.99)


This shirt will surely be a hit with your web designer loved one as he will automatically get the joke behind it, even if you don’t. Made from 100% cotton and a pinch of awesomeness this hilarious inside joke printed in your friend’s shirt will make it a favorite in the T-Shirt drawer.

PLEMO Denim Fabric 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve  ($15.99)


This is one of the most useful products in this list as it will help web designers protect the main tool that keeps them alive (sort of). I present you the Plemo Denim Laptop Sleeve, which offers a simple, useful, and elegant way to protect a web designer’s (or your) Macbook, laptop or notebook while being on the go. Built for protection, and laptop safety in mind, PLEMO offers this sleeve with a polyester foam padding layer, and a soft fabric lining which absorbs accidental bumps, and reduces the damages that impacts, or unexpected slip ups on most computers. This also allows the computer to be scratch free as its outer layer is a sturdy and durable denim fabric which doubles as a cozy -looking accessory. But I think the best selling factor of this sleeve is that its lightweight with only  11.4 ounces (shipping weight) and can easily be tucked away in a briefcase, backpack or any other bag big enough for it.

Floppy Disk Coasters  ($15.99)


If you want to go a little bit throwback with your gift, try throwing these Diskette Coasters in the mix. With a combination of non-slip, soft silicon material combined with heat-resistant agents, these coasters will not only make your table free of coffee cup marks, glass marks or any other liquid you don’t want in your desk,  but also gives you some nostalgia to the time where you were still putting your files into diskettes. With an awesome collection of colors to choose from, you can mix and match your coasters depending on your style.

Broken Image Mug ($17.95)


Remember when you were still starting to learn HTML, or when your internet is too slow, images started to look broken? Well, this mug allows your loved one to taste the same nostalgic feeling while maintaining a motif web geeks love.

64GB USB Flash Drive Credit Card Style ($18.25)


The most unassuming flash disk in the world award might be this one as this 64 Gigabyte USB Flash Drive hides in a credit card style form factor. While the design is more of aesthetic, and for novelty rather than security, this can be one of the most entertaining and useful things in this list. Supporting a meager USB2.0, and a read speed of 22MB/sec and write peed of 3.5 MB/sec, this is a good bang for the buck USB Flash drive your web designer loved one will surely use.

Dr. Who Decal  ($19.99)


If your web designer loved on happens to be a Dr Who Fan (I mean, who isn’t), then this is one of the better deals for you. Created by Vertigo Creatives, this Die Cut Vinyl Wall Decal offers an affordable, quirky and unique decoration for the recipient’s wall of inspiration, reminding him that time is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and he needs to get his work done as soon as possible!

C++ Throw Pillow ($20.59)


Another pillow makes it to the list as this quirky C++ pillow will assure extreme comfort for your recipient and allows him to preserve that programming theme he’s got going. Made with a classy modern looking design, this will surely attract compliments and will help your loved one feel better about himself.

Slide to Unlock Doormat  ($21.95)



A mix of quirky and useful gift, this slide to unlock doormat is the something your loved one will see every day when he leaves and comes home. Of course this becomes awesome as the recipients of this gift will remember you each time they see the doormat, which is saying a lot.

iPhone Stencil  ($25.00)

This is one particular gift that is purely web design. As many designers often start creating their interfaces using pen and paper, this tool will come in handy, especially when planning for mobile, particularly iPhone, versions of the site. The stencil as a standard iPhone 4s screen with lots of icons to choose from. It also can act as a ruler with measurements for accuracy.

USB 3.0 Hub  ($29.95)


If the web designer or developer you are trying to give a gift to is a big peripherals enthusiast then a USB hub is always a great choice. This one allows you to connect up to seven USB 3.0 devices with backwards compatibility with 2.0 and 1.1 devices as well. It is also fully plug and play, which means it doesn’t require any additional installation. It also has the capability of being hot-swapped, and has over-current protection along with the nice black finish.

With regards to compatibility, it can be used on Windows 10 through XP, Mac OSX, and Linux. (With restrictions. Please see the compatibility guide in the link).

What’s more awesome with this hub is that it allows  charging devices because of its premium grade 5V,  5Amp, 25W UL certified power supply. Phones and whatnots can be charged in any port as well.

Samsung Wireless Charger  ($29.97)


Web designers often are too focused in the work that they are too tired to scramble for wires and charge phones. That is why it is always a good idea to give this wireless charger as a gift instead. With an option to choose between two colors of black and white, this charger becomes not only a useful tool but also a stylish desktop accessory. The Samsung Wireless charger uses Qi Induction Charging to transmit power without any wires. Using this device, compatible tools like Galaxy smartphones, and other Qi-Compatible devices can be charged without any wires. Just plug the device into a wall charger and run the wires to the main wireless charging dock.


iPhone/iPad Charging Dock ($32.99)


Now for the iPhone users out there, we can’t offer wireless charging options so, let’s go with this iPad/iPhone dock. It uses a T-Stand design that allows you to easily sync or charge iPad and iPhone devices. It comes with a compact design and a tweakable cable management tool that can be used for lightning cables, 30 pin cables or micro USB, and can be directly connected to the computer for easy and quick charging. It also supports all generations of the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and can be used with cases with less than 0.33 mm in thickness.

Twelve South Ghost Stand for the Macbook ($34.99)


Some set ups include the Macbook connected to external monitors via thunderbolt 2.0 ports or via HDMI, that is why, it will look more awesome if there is a stand that can be used to dock the Macbook. This product is perfect for web designers who use the Macbook, this will help them not only make their desk cleaner, but also make the Macbook look more ergonomic and more sturdy. It is made of light but durable material which elevates the screen to a comfortable viewing height. Using this with a wireless keyboard and mouse will be a great plus too. Compatibility-wise, it can be used on the Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, with and without Retina Display.

Orico USB Hub ($39.99)

51oGx7u6ItL._SL1200_ (1)

We all know that Macbooks are not designed to include lots of USB devices (this is sad to say, but true), that is why Mac lovers (which may happen to be one of your web designer friends) are continually looking for peripheral devices that will not only perform well with the Mac but will also look good. Thankfully, Orico designed this awesome USB Hub that will allow any Mac user to extend his options on devices as it offers 10 USB 3.0 ports, resting on a 32″ angle to ensure stability and ease of access. Built in a very Mac looking design and form factor, this tool extends the power of any Mac computer to accommodate more devices.

Ankler Lumos LED Lamp ($42.99)


We know, we know…50 dollars for this lamp??? But before you rage there, my friend, let me tell you how awesome this lamp is!

This is the Lumos LED desk lamp, a desk lamp that over 10 million people have already bought. Yes, it’s one of the best lamps out there, with an easy, comfortable, no-flicker design. It allows the user to have a productive, stress-free day by allowing multiple different lighting options, fully adjustable angles that make it versatile. Your recipient  can use it for studying, reading, relaxing, and preparing for bed. Plus, it has a timer that allows is user to time the lamp to automatically turn off as they sleep thus saving energy.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Anker throws in a USB port to run a charger through so the user can charge a device while he or she sleeps! Awesome, right?

Twelve South BookArc for MacBooks ($49.00)81fYv+T3h1L._SL1500_

Another Macbook dock comes into this list as this one is more of a cradle which allows a Macbook to stand with the screen closed. From here, it can be connected to an external monitor along with a keyboard and mouse to have a desktop workstation set up that Apple calls “Closed Clam Shell Mode”. This dock will give a Macbook extra sturdiness and security and also makes the I/O Port accessible in times of use and tucks them away neatly into the desktop when at rest. Cables are also managed so that they won’t fall when disconnected. All of these are collected in a sturdy aluminum design which goes with the Apple silver-y motif.

UI Sketchbook ($50.00)


Web Design ideas don’t usually come into life digitally. Some start in sketches and this is where your web designer friend can make use of a UI sketchbook like this one. This is ideal for designers and developers who are looking to create prototypes, and wireframes without having the need to skip the traditional sketching process. With over 50 sheets printed with responsive design in mind, these pages come in both sides and mimics a browser window, a tablet and a mobile layout.  Web design lovers will surely love to play around this gift once they receive it.

Smart Trash Can ( $50.99)


Another office staple for home-based web designers – this touchless trash can will amaze. It includes a sensor that opens the lid once a hand goes close to it, so anyone would want to throw some scratch paper will find it easy and neat freaks less gross to manage trash. It is also equipped with a 3 D Carbon Filter Gate (CFG) and deodorizer to easily neutralize tough odors and preserve the fresh smell of the workspace. It also has Air Escape Holes for a convenient way to remove trash bags.

Logitech C920 Webcam ($59.99)


Client calls are frequent for web designers, especially the freelancers. That’s why a good web cam is always a good investment. And for that, we recommend the Logitech C920 1080p Widescreen web cam perfect for video calls and recording. It has full HD capabilities on Skype or stream and has a fluid HD 720P on  The camera is one of the best ones out there because of its true to life HD that captures to the smallest dots. Alongside with this awesome video recording prowess is a dual microphone setup that captures natural stereo audio while removing background noises.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse  ($83.86)


Of course, we wouldn’t fail to include this mouse in the list. One of the best mouses (or mice?) to ever been manufactured, the Logitech MX Master is a great choice for productivity as its design that leans towards ergonomics and function sets a precedence for future designs too. A second generation of high quality computer mouse made by Logitech, the MX Master has striking features like the side scroll wheel which your web designer loved one will surely learn to live without once he gets the hang of it, fully programmable buttons and a free wheeling option for your scroll wheel. This can be helpful with web design productivity as buttons can be programmed to be copy and paste shortcuts which are perfect for those Sketch wireframings.

Wacom CTH490AK Intuos Art Pen and Touch Tablet ($92.98)


The release of the iPad Pro and iPencil might affect the popularity of Wacom devices but they’ve always been a more reliable and cheaper alternative for graphic and web designers. With thousands of illustrations, mockups, and wireframes made using the Intuos, it is difficult to not put this item in the list. Using this drawing tablet, anyone can paint, and design directly through the computer and can be a good alternative for a mouse. It’s pressure-sensitive which helps the user to discern the thickness of lines depending on the pressure put on the pen. Touch is also available for this tablet as the  user can use his or her fingers to navigate, scroll or even zoom using the device. And when it comes to compatibility, it won’t fail you as it is compatible for almost any software out there.

Kindle Paperwhite 6″ ($99.99)


A Kindle reader is one of those gifts that are often mislooked but are helpful for web professionals in lots of ways. It can be useful in reading web design books and other reading materials which can help make your web designer a better version of himself. The re-upped Kindle now comes with a higher resolution display coming at 300 ppi, twice as it had before. The font was also adjusted to ensure a pleasurable reading experience with out straining the eyes. You can even customize it to read in both day and night, and has no screen glare!

 Philips Hue ($199.99 )


Lighting is another important aspect of the workplace and having the ability to control the lighting is always an upside to any product. And that is what the Philip Hue lights do. They give you the power to control the 600-800 lumens it has in each bulb. Buying this one will allow  you to control the brightness, color and even the intensity of the light via a smartphone app. This one is a starter kit which includes three bulbs to set up a lighting system wirelessly. From here, your creative web designer will be able to mix and match colors into his personal choice.

Arozzi Enzo Series Chair ($199.99)



Yes, yes. This is a gaming chair but the reason we included this item in the list is that gaming chairs are super comfortable as they are designed to make someone who sits in them all day feel close to zero back strain at all. It has awesome ergonomics which extend from the lower back to the head  and will surely help in reducing strain in the back when working for long hours. The arm rests are also adjustable which allows a more natural placement of the arms and shoulders while typing heaps of codes. So yes, this is a gaming chair, but you can use it for something else.

Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphone System ($250.00)


Headphones are always the safest gift to anyone who works in front of the computer. But what kind of headphones is the big question. For that, we suggest these wireless headphones produced by Sony. Unlike most headphones that uses bluetooth, these one use infrared signals from the transmitter to the headphones and this becomes a hindrance especially if you take the headphones into a different room but this is a desktop headphone anyway. It is also lightweight and could be used for ours without strain in the ears and the head. Plus, it packs a powerful sound that lets you hear crisp bases you’ve never heard before.

VertdeskTM 30″ x 60″ Electric Adjustable Height Desk ($746.99)


Again, it’s all about ergonomics. And the VertDesk is one of the best companies that ensure people who spend most of their time in front of the computer gets the enough movement they need. This desk allows you to stand while working and go back to the seated position as you desire. It uses a motorized arm that raises the height of the table or decreases it with a push of a button. This helps the user put less back strain from sitting all day and could help posture too.

LG 34UC97 Cineview Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor  ($937.99 )


Lastly, the biggest investment in this list is this awesome sexy monitor. With web designers wanting to be more accurate with their color schemes having a high-grade ultrawide monitor helps. It is packed with a 3440×1440 resolution, in a 21:9 aspect ratio which gives lots of real estate on the screen to work with. It’s also curved so viewing angles will always look beautiful, crisp, and oozing with true colors.

To end

Now that we have the list complete, what was your favorite? And as a designer which of these would you want to add to your wish list on Christmas? Let us know in the comments!