Best WordPress Themes for New Startups

The rise of startup cultures is probably the most defining moment of this century’s business climate. With a helping hand from the internet, today’s corporate environment opens the door to anyone with the right idea and enough drive to make things happen – pretty exciting stuff.

Sure, those early years can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re working with a shoestring budget or trying to secure those vital funds. At least you don’t have to worry about spending big on a website, though. Here are the best WordPress themes for new startups to give you an instant online presence without breaking the bank.



WordPress themes

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Startit is a versatile theme that comes with preset options for a wide range of startup businesses. As you’ll often find, there’s an emphasis on designs for tech startups but they give you a sleek template that can be used for promoting premium products and services in any industry.

There’s plenty of functionality here too with an online shop, product landing pages, a coming soon template and a bundle of custom options.

Palo Alto

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Palo Alto takes the form of a template designed to sell innovative watch designs. The end result is a theme ideal for any kind of wearable tech with strong fashion appeal. Anything from watches to headphones and whatever new trends for wearable gadgets you can dream – they’re all in good hands. And it’s a market that’s only going to grow over the coming years.


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Quark comes in with a WordPress theme ready to present your mobile application to the world. The design is pretty conventional in this case, taking a step back so the attention falls squarely on your app. It’s essentially a landing page template with the option of adding more pages as needed. Expect plenty of calls to action, product benefits, spaces for explainer videos and screenshots of your mobile app at its best.


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Kingdom takes us back to the eCommerce side of things and it’s a great design in two key ways. The minimal motif and image-heavy layout make it ideal for showcasing products that look as good as they function. Besides that, it’s also an incredibly versatile theme stylistically. High-end tech products, cosmetics, contemporary furniture and countless other product types fit seamlessly into this theme.


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Maker is another theme that takes the minimal approach but it swaps that premium feel for something a little less exclusive. The theme comes packed with styles designed specifically for tech, food and literature products but the minimal designs make each of them pretty flexible. Stylistically, they’re more suited to products in the budget-to-mid price range – a notch down from the premium styles we’ve looked at so far.


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Crown is another template designed for mobile apps but it also comes packed with features for other software as a service (SaaS) firms. Like most of the themes on this list, you get a drag and drop interface, allowing you to customise your theme without writing a single line of code. One of the standout features of Crown is the subscription plans module, allowing you to sell software products for a monthly fee.


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Another theme packing a monthly subscription module is Nimble. This theme focuses more on the SaaS methodolody, which you’ll see by a heavier emphasis on its blog page for promoting content about your services.


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Startup models itself as an eCommerce theme for brands with a small collection of products. It comes with preset templates for tech, clothing, art and home products – each with subtle changes to suit its product category.


WordPress themes

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Rocker is a versatile theme comes with a generous range of presents to suit different startup niches. That flexibility means some of the design elements are a little bit generic – the mobile navigation and hero sections being two offenders. But there are song design elements in there too, like the product display boxes, full-width calls to action and portfolio carousels.

Between the themes we’ve looked at today, you should have a good range of templates for just about any startup – whether it’s your own or your client’s. There are also countless business, agency and corporate themes for the more service orientated startups as well. All of which makes WordPress a pretty damn good option in those early years as a startup, when there’s often more money going out than coming in.