Best Free & Premium Wedding Website Templates

Creating a wedding website is something many engaged couples feel obliged to add to their every growing list of wedding planning tasks nowadays. Most engaged couples struggle to decide how to get a website created and how much to pay. This understandable given the variety of companies offering to create a bespoke website from scratch, the plethora of online services offering premium and free wedding templates and the fact that many couples have never built a website before. So what are the best options and how much should you pay?

This article will assume you do not want to spend more than $60 on the website and will therefore not be using a web designer. Frankly, the quality of wedding themes and templates available mean you will not need one unless you are trying to win some web design awards.

So, if you have decided a wedding website template is the way to go, your best option will depend on your budget, your web skills and your tolerance of bad design. It is fair to say that most of the free wedding website templates either have a poor design or they are designed well but have a number of restrictions on them (i.e. the number of photos is limited,  they are branded etc). They are normally offered free of charge as a method of getting couples to upgrade to premium themes or because they have advertising placed on the pages. That is not to say you will always get a great website if you fork out some money – there are plenty of premium wedding website template companies that have poor designs or features.

This article will separate the wheat from the chaff so you can get the best wedding website for your budget and technical ability. We will list 4 options that you should consider.

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Option 1: Use A WordPress Wedding Theme

Short of getting a quality web designer to build your wedding website from scratch, downloading a premium wordpress wedding theme will normally give you the best looking wedding site, the most features and more flexibility in the layout and style. Wordpress themes cost less than a good bottle of champagne and the powerful content management system and professional looking front end designs enable novice users to create high quality wedding websites within a few hours.

Although wordpress is relatively easy to use for those with no web design experience and all the good wordpress themes come with support, it must be said this option is a little bit more complicated and time consuming than the other 3 options below. For a start, you will need to buy a domain and sign up for a hosting account if you don’t have one already. The rewards can be worth it though as you will be able to create a fantastic wedding website for around $40 plus the cost of a domain (around $10 per year) and hosting (around $5 per month). The 2 best wordpress wedding theme providers are listed below together one one sample template image from each. Click on the images to see more themes for each supplier or you can also go to our article to see what we believe are the best wedding wordpress themes.

1. Themeforest


See Themeforest Wedding Themes & Prices

Prices: $35-$55 (One Off)

Themeforest has by far the largest collection of wordpress themes online and their wedding section is impressive. They also have plenty of excellent plugins that you can add to your wedding theme if you wish. If you have no wordpress experience you may need to get someone else to add your content to the theme you chose which will add a few more dollars to the cost unless you know a friendly wordpress geek. Alternatively, you could choose one of the dedicated wedding website builders like Appy Couple or Wedding Window below which are designed specifically for users with no web design experience.

2. Mojo Themes

mojo weddings

See Mojo Wedding Themes & Prices

Prices: $39-$49

Mojo Themes have a slightly smaller choice of wedding WordPress themes but there are at least 3 excellent ones to choose from. Even if you don’t like 100% of the theme shown WordPress allows a lot of flexibility so so it is normally possible to customise it easily. Therefore, it is recommended you look at all the page variations possible in the theme demos and read about the styling and layout changes that you can make from the admin panel before you buy any.

Option 2: Use A Wedding Website Template Company

These companies provide wedding templates that you edit from within your web browser – they are code free website builders. These companies host the websites on their own servers and are designed to allow complete beginners to create a website quickly. Given their focus on weddings (i.e. they have no other website templates on offer), they tend to have template designs that have all the main elements and functionality required for a wedding site. There are several of these companies listed when you do a google search but from the ones I have seen the best two are:

1. Appy Couple

Appy Couple Wesbite

See Appy Couple Designs & Features

Prices: $35 – Luxury Collection | $65 – Boutque Collection (Both are one time fees)

Appy Couple have got some incredible feedback and you can see why when you look at their stylish design and powerful features they offer. They say they ‘combine gorgeous design and brilliant technology to give you one destination where you can manage everything for your big day. From your RSVPs to travel details, from your registry to photo sharing and so much more.’ You can see their promo video below.

They are are a step above the majority of wedding website companies due to the sheer number of high quality designs available (over 500 at last count) and the app functionality which links seamlessly with the desktop site and your admin area. You will not only be able to create a very impressive website, but you can also have your own personal wedding app. Vogue said Appy Couple is a “wedding app every bride will appreciate”  and I think they are well worth considering if you are not used to working with wordpress templates and want your site to look great on smart phones.



See Prices & Templates

Prices: Free / 4 Paid options depending on features from $10.99 per month / $59.99 per year.

Whilst do offer free themes the premium plans are worth paying for (1 sample is shown above). Premium plans allow you to choose from better template designs, have unlimited pages, integrate apps (i.e. Facebook comments, maps, slideshows, travel apps), have unlimited storage space for photos and videos and hide the copyright symbol. There are also options to get the sites hosted on a custom domain name so your guests will have no idea your wedding website came from this template company.

3. Wedding JoJo

Themes 1 Wedding Jojo See Prices & Templates

Prices: Free / $14.99 per month also offer free wedding templates but their $14.99 a month premium service gives you access to the best quality templates like the one above, your own domain name, unlimited storage so you can add loads of photos before and after the wedding, full technical support and your own blog.

Other online website builders which are marriage focused include (21 day free trial then $19.99-$34.99 per month) and (2 week free trial – $14.95 per month) but the templates were not as good in my opinion.

Option 3: Use An Online Website Builder

This category is slightly different to the one above as these companies have loads of website templates as and are not focused on just doing ones for weddings. Their website building functionality tends to be be better and easier to use.


Wix Wedding Templates

See Free Wedding Templates At Wix

Price: Free / £3.38 per month

Wix has over 41 million users due to their range of template design and intuitive website builder. Wedding templates like the one above are free but in order to remove their ads you need to use their premium service which is £3.38 per month.


 Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.05.53

  See Prices & Templates At IMCreator

Prices: Free / $9.95

Imcreator is another high quality online website builder that has some excellent wedding templates available. Once again the themes are free but the premium account allows you to have your own domain and unlimited memory to host your images.

Option 4. Use A Free Wedding Website Template

There are some companies that offer only free wedding templates and have no premium option. One example is:

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 15.13.02

See Free Templates At states it has over 100 wedding designs but in reality it is one design given 100 colour and background variations. Their designs are relatively simple but no offensive. You can upload your photos, add multiple pages (ie.  your story, the wedding day details, honeymoon details, add a guest book and it allows your guests to RSVP from within the site. The site created will adapt to screen sizes so it will be fine on mobile devices. If you don’t like the template style they use and don’t want to spend any money, I would suggest using one of the free services of the companies above. You will still get a good template although your site will be branded and the URL will include their company name.