22 Best Unbounce Landing Page Templates

Unbounce is a DIY landing page publishing platform with easy-to-use tools which helps you build and design pages in a short timeframe without any coding expertise. Its sole purpose is improve conversion optimization and increasing the speed in which you can get a new landing page design launched and tested.

You can design landing pages from scratch, but it is far better to use a template and adapt it to your needs. They offer plenty of free templates on their site once you sign up to use their services but the best templates are undoubtedly the premium ones. For only $17-$21 you can pick up some amazing professional looking designs from here which are likely to convert really well.

We have listed a variety of templates and divided them into different sections depending on what niche that are focused on. However many are flexible and would be ideal for squeeze pages, sales / service landing pages and general lead generation sites. If you are building out a multi page site that you want to start ranking in the search engines you may be better using something like wordpress – we have listed the best wordpress landing page themes here if you want to check that out.

Unbounce uses an impression based pricing policy starting at $49 a month for 5000 pageviews but these landing pages should increase your revenue far more than that due to the increased conversion rates.

Unbounce Landing Page Templates for App Showcases


appsy Unbounce Landing Page Template

Appsy is a brilliant example of a mobile app landing page. Opening with the app preview, it lists the benefits of using the app in a clean, grid-based layout.

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appsolute Unbounce Landing Page Template

Appsolute opens with a video introduction, followed by placeholders for the app features, screenshot gallery, the Download button, the good ol’ footer and finally a social media bar.

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appster Unbounce Landing Page Template

Appster is a responsive Unbounce landing page crafted for showcasing mobile apps and games. The demo images used are ‘flat’ in nature, which gives off the impression that the target app’s user interface (UI) is flat in nature.

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Softy Software Promo Application Landing Page

softy Unbounce Landing Page Template

Softy is a minimal landing page for all kinds of software. You can include a large screenshot of your application, testimonials and YouTube videos.

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inspiron Unbounce Landing Page Template

Inspiron is an app landing page with four predesigned color layouts, with distinct mobile and desktop versions. It includes a dynamic testimonials placeholder using the jQuery ticker effect.

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iflat Unbounce Landing Page Template

As the name suggests, this template is perfect for Apple apps. The design is very modest and it uses just a handful of elements.

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Share App

shareapp Unbounce Landing Page Template

Share App is a jQuery powered interactive Unbounce template for mobile apps. It features an animated background which adds to this template’s uniqueness. It also uses FontAwesome font icons which ensures compatibility with high DPI displays.

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Multipurpose Landing Page Templates for Unbounce

All in One

aio Unbounce Landing Page Template

AIO sports a minimal design which is pleasant to the eye. It comes with an email list builder, a wide call to action (CTA) and “conversion centric” design. The developers provide free support to help you out when required.

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maxmuse Unbounce Landing Page Template

MaxMuse is a full-blown corporate Unbounce template. Its design elements are very common to those present in multipurpose WordPress themes. Its notable features include: a team section, client testimonials, portfolio, video segment and a contact form. All this is organized in a one page layout.

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softbox Unbounce Landing Page Template

SoftBox is a full screen background template which features a block style layout, pricing tables, card-styled client testimonials and pricing tables.

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Real Estate Landing Pages

Condo Real Estate

condo Unbounce Landing Page Template

Condo real estate is a conversion centric Unbounce template for property listings. Notable features include subscription forms, drag & drop support, social media integration and video tutorials. A unique feature of this template is the “thank-you page” which pops up before the visitor leaves the site. This greatly improves the user experience (UX).

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realizer Unbounce Landing Page Template

Realizer is a lightweight Real Estate landing page template for Unbounce. It sports a bold CTA, parallax scrolling, full screen background and a video section for easy demonstration. The grid-based apartment layout makes this template unique.

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myvilla Unbounce Landing Page Template

MyVilla is a sophisticated Real Estate landing page with individual desktop and mobile versions. The distinctive feature of this template is the bold typography which emphasizes on readability. Apart from this, you have the usual features which includes a full screen background, appealing CTA, grid-based apartment layout and a ‘featured clients’ section.

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condio Unbounce Landing Page Template

Condio is a very popular real estate Unbounce template with a (relatively) huge number of sales (83 as of 8 June, 2014). The distinctive feature is the image slider and its ability to use external images. Condio also features a ‘block style’ layout as opposed to the grid-based layout as we have seen in MyVilla and Realizer.

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Unbounce Templates for Academics and Education

diploma Unbounce Landing Page Template

Diploma is an Unbouce template for community college courses and/or distant learning programs. It includes a checkbox grid section and an image gallery. The “thank you” confirmation page improves conversion.

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eduland Unbounce Landing Page Template

A highly efficient Unbounce template for academics, Eduland includes a teacher gallery, course work section, upcoming classes video placeholder and course pricing tables.

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Unbounce Landing Pages for Startups


startups Unbounce Landing Page Template

In the Startups landing page, both the first and last impression is very carefully implemented. Distinctive features include pricing tables and separate mobile and desktop versions.

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SaaS Trial

saas Unbounce Landing Page Template

This template has a unique design where the information sort of ‘flows’ like a waterfall. It sports bold typography, spacious design and a unique testimonial section – all leading to the signup button.

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duality Unbounce Landing Page Template

This template is a superb choice for companies/projects that haven’t been launched yet. In other words, this is a great “coming soon” template for Unbounce.

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“Unbounce Landing Page for Startups”

startups2 Unbounce Landing Page Template

This template opens with a signup form, followed by the details of the startup. The design includes pricing tables, client showcase, customer testimonials, FAQ and the other traditional elements.

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Landing Page Templates for Non-Profit Organizations


purpose Unbounce Landing Page Template

Purpose is an excellent Unbounce template for non-profit organizations and/or NGOs. It exhibits a very clean design and an engaging infographic, followed by an animated image slider. You can use the Donate Now button to direct your visitors to your preferred payment processor.

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donatefuture Unbounce Landing Page Template

This template uses powerful visualizations to motivate the visitor to take the favorable action. The infographics (although in demo) can be used as an excellent example of an instance of the template. The “charity figure” and “recent donations” sections add to the uniqueness of DonateFuture.

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