15 Best Responsive Shopify Themes For Mobile Shopping

Technology today has provided everyone with easy-access to basically any service, including shopping! That is why the demand for more and more Ecommerce platforms and themes continues to be one of the most profitable avenues for web development and design. One that I particularly like using is Shopify, an awesome Ecommerce platform. Together with responsive shopify themes that are optimized for both desktop and mobile shopping, selling a product has never been this easy. 

We collected the 15 best responsive Shopify themes for mobile shopping for you to choose from. There are a few basic filters that I applied in this particular article, so before we start let’s discuss them first!

  • Functionality – of course, the first thing a theme has to do is to work. Applying a theme that doesn’t work is useless, so I made sure these themes you’ll download will run smoothly on your website, whether on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Conversion Optimization – I’m a big fan of converting leads into customers, so I hand-picked 15 of the themes I thought to be most effective both in UX and UI, and in allowing your visitors to convert easily.
  • Design – last, but definitely not the least, is design. If you are choosing something from this list, it will be beautiful.

So now that we have reviewed how these themes were chosen, let’s begin taking a look at them!

15 Best Responsive Shopify Themes For Mobile Shopping

1. Bazien

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 1

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Bazien is a beautiful and professional-looking Shopify theme that merges customization without breaking the foundations of its design. The theme is fully responsive, easy to use, and flexible. Perfect for any type of store! With over six  home page versions to choose from, you can tailor-fit your look depending on the needs of your business without even touching a single bit of code. It also comes with four unique header options, a responsive and retina-ready layout (perfect for mobile browsing), and works with any browser.

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It’s conversion-optimized as well. With newsletter opt-in boxes in the home page, customizable default messages, cart indicators, and powerful call to action buttons located at the prime spots of the screen. Truly, with such beauty, professionalism, and functionality, Bazien is a great choice for your next Ecommerce shop.

2. Humbleshop

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 2

Next on the list is Humbleshop, a minimalist, responsive Shopify theme , that fits to both modern and traditional styles. It has an easy-to-configure theme settings which can be great for those who don’t want too much fuss on setting up their page. The developers assure you that you can set it up in five minutes.

Of course, the theme doesn’t fall short in features. It is Retina-ready that means every detail you want your customers to see will be visible and crisp. Humblespace also provides you with a minimalist, responsive and clean design that is streamlined towards convincing your customer to buy your product. When it comes to SEO, it allows you to create pages without worrying too much about additional information as it creates an automated meta open graph tag, and allows you to easily optimize your store. It also comes with every Google Font you could think of, and use on one of two preset themes that you can easily customize. This theme is built on Bootstrap, and runs on Fontawesome 4 so you wouldn’t be worried about adhering to standards.

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Best Responsive Shopify Themes 3

Qrack is another beautiful Shopify theme that combines the professional look with modernity and snappiness. At first glance, you’ll immediately see its a clean-looking theme. It’s also responsive, so you could target any customer with any device you want as the web page adapts to the screen. It comes with different styles, but I recommend the full width layout as it simply accentuates the theme of your shop.

It also comes with features like custom product thumbnails, a beautiful carousel, ajax add to cart, some useful widgets, and the powerful calls-to-action all over the page on the different layouts available.

 Demo  Download

4. Effect

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 4

When I first saw Effect’s demo, I was astounded with how bold and powerful the area above the fold is. The huge carousel complete with great typography is a winner, but Effect didn’t stop tweaking. It added call-to-action areas like ‘for men’, ‘for women’ and ‘child’ buttons to convince the user to immediately take action in the website. This is great, coming from a business perspective as your design interacts directly with your audience, so from the first fold, you’re already a winner.

But of course, Effect wouldn’t make this list just because it has powerful above-fold areas. It doesn’t fall short in features as well. Aside from being fully responsive, the theme comes with additional three home page versions to choose from, a mega menu, an Ajax cart and wishlist, a quick view feature, product offer features, and currency converters to name a few. These mentioned features would easily encourage you to try this beauty out.

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Best Responsive Shopify Themes 5

CityCycle is one preppy Shopify theme, but its modernity doesn’t take away its class. Let’s start with the above-the-fold section. Beautiful typography and the use of high-resolution images — these are markers that there is something in-store for your would-be browser to find out. It works and scrolls fluidly as the different elements like parallaxes, and product cards fade into your page. And the developers did not forget the functionality of the theme as it includes full customization, Mailchimp support, Google Map-enabled contact forms, and more.

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6. Material

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 6

The next theme on the list is Material, another gorgeous Shopify theme that exudes beauty and grace in its lean and innovative design build. Material pushes the limits in Ecommerce interface as it gives you power to make any screen look and feel great. It comes with features like Advanced Filter Modules that will allow easy filtering of items thus making UX better, and so much more.

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7. Avenue

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 7

If there is a gold-standard in minimalism among the responsive shopify themes included in this particular list, Avenue is the first that comes in my mind. It embodies stripping down to the most important, beautiful, and useful features to a point that it almost looks bare naked. But that doesn’t mean Avenue does not look good. For all intents and purposes, it is beautiful and powerful, all at the same time. Alongside its fashion-designer look are powerful features all lined up to facilitate conversion -features like Optimized Advanced Ajax Search,  Flex Slider and Image Slideshow, Ajax Add to Cart, and much,  much more.

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8.  Fashion

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 8

Eye catching, beautiful, responsive, and conversion-optimized — Fashion is an Ecommerce daydream. With a modernized gorgeous look, and layout, Fashion extends your features in the most optimized way possible and will help you encourage that doubtful buyer to click and try out your store. It comes with different layouts, colors, banners, and widgets. Its functional features like Flex sliders, Ajax filters, Mega Menus and Video support are icing on the cake for this theme. But what’s most noteworthy about Fashion is the area just a few pixels above the fold. It shows you the quick way to get the item you want, which is great in terms of UX.

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Best Responsive Shopify Themes 9

Bright, but not bad for the eyes is this theme at number nine. If you want to build your new store on niches like fashion, interior design, and other related markets, then this is the responsive shopfiy theme you are looking for. With great customizable features that allow you to change the overall look and feel of your store without touching a single line of code, Bright makes you capable of fully taking control of your brand, as you plug in and test different areas of  your store. It comes with a Retina-optimized responsive design that allows you to place product reviews, carousels, and more.

  Demo  Download

10. Wintertime

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 10

Remember the time where you used to browse magazines and catalogs to find the next new thing in fashion? Well, Wintertime does just that by fusing the minimalist-hipster-ish design with Shopify, bringing an old habit back into the system. Primarily targeted for marketplaces that want to sell clothes, the theme goes well with other fashion-related products like shoes, coats, watches, and glasses, and with its clean and clear design, it will give a classy edge in your store.

Of course, it comes with a fluid and responsive layout, which will assure you that the beauty of your theme transcends screen sizes. It also has interesting features like Quick shop, which will allow you to quickly, and easily select items, read their descriptions and add them to your cart.

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Best Responsive Shopify Themes 11

Lamby looks more traditional than modern, and that is okay because traditional designs like this one work. They are more common because they are most likely optimized to convert more, thus a lot of other designers are following the footsteps of more successful ones.

Aside from its pretty generic design, which goes well with multi-niched stores that can’t sacrifice to have one motif alone. Lamby’s awesomeness starts with its cleanly written code that allows its functions to work fluidly and without a hitch.

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 12.  Velvet

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 12

If you’re the type of store owner that doesn’t want your user to click a lot of times before making a sale, then Velvet is the best candidate for you to try. When you see the page, you will notice that there is nothing to scroll down to, and that is intentional. The designers of this theme want you to do two simple things: select, and choose. This allows for better conversion because there aren’t a lot of things to distract him or her.

But the lack of the other areas in the design doesn’t make Velvet any weaker in terms of features. The designers still packed in features like Quick Shop, Tabs, Reviews and Full Customization.


 Demo  Download

13. Cover

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 13

Cover is another theme that is more than suitable for your new online store. Its sleek, modern, and clear design makes it glove-fit for fashion, interior design, and related needs. Targeted towards making everything easier for you – including selling and earning – Cover is loaded with tons of customization, from Ajax filters, Live Theme editors, Mailchimp Integration and much more. Truly, this beauty doesn’t fall short.

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14.  Shopmusic

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 14

Now for you music-lover entrepreneurs, here’s Shopmusic! This classic and minimalist design provides you with an immaculate-white background built on a simple fluid layout. It contains eye-catching graphics presented in slideshows that allow potential buyers to fall in love at first sight.  It also allows you to classify and organize all your products into categories which lets your buyers to shop by menu, thus increasing UX. You can also feature products, and choose the effect you want to transition them.

Truly, while Shopmusic might look basic and light, it doesn’t sacrifice functionality because it gives you everything you need in the least efforts it can exert because simple is not a synonym of boring.

 Demo  Download

15. Ap New Fasihon

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 15

Finally, we present New Fashion, a smart, responsive and smooth theme for your new Shopify business. This theme is built with mobile in mind and is designed to be ‘Google-mobile’ friendly. This means that the site will function in high optimization, and at the best level possible. This means that you will also help bolster your search engine rankings as Google puts emphasis on mobile in its latest updates.

Of course, with its multi-layout design, with different integrations from Youtube to FontAwesime, this theme is more than just being a responsive Shopify theme, it’s becoming your ECommerce wizard.

Demo  Download


With this diverse list of 15 responsive shopify themes, we suggest you pick one and try the demos, so you can personally judge if it suits your business. We give you these themes to help shorten the time to get your business online and mobile. So, best of luck!