20 Best Premium Blogger Templates

Blogger is one of the original free blogging platforms and although its use is not as widespread as it once once was (mainly due to the growth of WordPress and Tumblr), it is still popular with many bloggers. Part of the attraction is that it is very simple to set up once you have a google account.

 The ability to use custom domains for free and to earn from your blog via AdSense, are the two big advantages of Blogger and why many old-school folks and a few popular blogs, still prefer Blogger to WordPress. However, if you are looking for more advanced and versatile templates for your blog checkout our top wordpress templates for bloggers.  

If you prefer the simplicity of blogger then please see our list of the best free premium Blogger templates below. These website templates range in style but are all focused on blogging. Although Blogger is free, these premium templates will set you back $10-$20 which is not much to ask given their professional design  and added functionality which is far superior to any free blogger templates.

Premium Responsive Blogger Templates


BCorporate Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

BCorporate is elegant, sophisticated and professionally designed blog. It is easy to setup, and is suited for businesses and personal blogs.

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MagNews Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

With a clean and refreshing look, a sliding banner, full page background and SEO ready, MagNews is one of the more propular premium Blogger templates out there with the great aftersales support.

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Provia Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Provia is a multipurpose, corporate Blogger template featuring a clean and organized styling. It has a responsive layout, sliding banner, auto portfolio, Ajax pagination, comment slider and many more features.

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Flat Mag

Flat Mag Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Flat Mag is a minimalistic and organized Blogger template with easy customization and a flat UI. Optimised for magazines, it can also be used for personal and corporate blogs.

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Nami Press

Nami Press Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Nami is a responsive Blogger template built for magazines. Nami’s design is clean, organised and subtle in nature. It features include Drag & Drop support, sliders and shortcodes – which makes customization very easy.

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Geek Press

Geek Press Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Geek Press is designed as a well-organized and flat styled Blogger template supporting shortcodes, page pagination, Drag & Drop and an advanced editor. It is built for news and magazine websites.

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Parix Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Parix is a minimalistic one page, multipurpose Blogger template. It flaunts two layout styles, a responsive design, shortcodes support, Ajax pagination, easy and auto portfolio and an image and comment slider.

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Ajb.Spot Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Abj.Spot is a very clean and elegant Blogger template, featuring two layout styles. It has a responsive design, supports shortcodes and image and comment sliders. It is designed for personal blogs and magazine websites, amongst others.

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Flat News

Flat News Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Flat News is a fully responsive Blogger template, which allows full customization of home sections with the use of shortcodes. Its features include Drag & Drop, smart thumbnail resizing and an advanced editor. It also supports Print CSS and is ‘Ad ready’.

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WarmMag Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

WarmMag is a user friendly and professionally styled Blogger template, built exclusively for magazine websites. It features a flexible layout design, Google Font integration, post navigation, image slider and Advertisement banners.

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Quickly Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Quickly is a minimalistic, well-organized and multipurpose responsive Blogger template. It features a masonry powered grid with a sleek design and in-built YouTube integration.

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Sandal Jepit

Sandal Jepit Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Sandal Jepit is a minimalistic and light Blogger template built for the creative bunch. It features a full background image, YouTube integration and supports over 60 Google Web Fonts.

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Focus Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Focus is a clean, modern and grid-based Blogger template, designed for creativity blogs. It features two layouts – a Grid and Blog based.

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Masala Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Masala is a simple and well-organized, multipurpose responsive Blogger template, designed especially for portfolios, reviews and personal blogs amongst many. It comes with three pre-defined layouts.

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Thoughtful Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Thoughtful is a minimalistic and simple responsive Blogger template, built for personal blogs. It features a toggle sidebar, 24 social media icon sets and more.

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Agista Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Agista is a clean and beautiful multipurpose responsive Blogger template, built for magazines and newspaper websites. It features a full screen changing background, image slider, post and picture grid and is advertisement ready.

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Maxxiz Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Maxxiz is a lightweight and clean responsive Blogger template, built specifically for magazine and news websites. Its features include – 2 basic layouts, Ajax pagination, JSON search result, jQuery news ticker, video and RSS feed integration.

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Extra News

Extra News Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Extra News is a clean, well-organized and easy to setup responsive Blogger template built for magazines, news and editorial websites. Its features include a grid based categorical posts, jQuery slider, Dropdown menus, and much more.

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Exposure Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Exposure is a minimalistic, clean and completely grid based responsive Blogger template built for the ‘creative blogger’. Its features include: thumbnail cropper, gallery design, widgets ready sidebar and more.

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Grid Spot

Grid Spot Premium Responsive Blogger Templates

Grid Spot is a clean and modern responsive Blogger template, built for editorials and personal bogs. Its features include and auto generating logo, image slider, professional pagination, threaded comment system and much more. It also supports an advanced editor and is also very easy to customize.

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