Best Image Editors To Generate Amazing Visuals For Your Site

Websites often use image editors to enhance or transform images or photos, the most popular of which is Adobe Photoshop.

The need to have high-quality images for any website cannot be dismissed. Images are on the page not for the sake of filling up space but rather to enhance the overall content. When images and photos are clear, visitors are most likely to check the content in its entirety. Apart from having a great layout, images should be related to the text and should be of the best possible quality all the time.

Benefits of Using High Quality Images

Below are the advantages of putting high-quality images on your website:

image editors benefits-image-editing-photography-camera

1. They make the content more interesting to read.

Most often than not, when people come across a website with colorful and vivid images, they will be curious to check out what the website is all about. Bad images will automatically turn off any online visitor.

2. They help readers understand the topic better.

Some websites may use terms that are too technical for ordinary people to understand. By using images, you can perfectly describe the text, making the site visitor understand what is written on the page. There is a need to use relevant photos to help people understand the context better.

3. They encourage people to share your content to different social media sites.

If photos used for a story are of the highest quality, viewers become more emotionally invested in what your website has to say. As a result, the likelihood of your content to be shared via social media becomes higher. Besides, social networking sites are now encouraging the use of excellent photos to be used as featured images to the links shared.

4. They are generally easier to understand than plain text.

Photos on websites can help visual learners understand the topic better, rather than tire themselves understanding the texts.

Some blog posts or articles use different images. Not only do they capture the attention of readers through the beautiful imagery, but the photos can also serve as a break from having to read long texts.

5. They make your website look professional.

Using professional quality images somehow encourage people to trust you and your company. It’s pretty much similar to you represent yourself to others. If you show up untidy or disheveled, what do you think will people think of you?

6. They contribute to your site’s SEO ranking.

Posts with photos make readers stay longer on the page. This creates a natural and organic increase in the time-on-site index of your page, which is a good metric to improve your site SEO.

Uses of a Photo or Image Editor

Some of the photos we take may not come out the way we want it. In order to have a perfect picture, a photo or image editor is used.

Here are some of the ways that a good image editor could be your savior:

  • To make the image of a person look blemish-free, an image editor can remove unwanted spots and flaws that distract the audience away from your content.
  • The color, contrast and brightness can be adjusted.
  • You can also make use of different settings like, blurred effect, sepia, night settings, and filters.
  • Photos can be stretched, cropped or transformed into its mirror image.

image editors photo-editing-example

Benefits of Using an Image Editor

Companies make use of photos to help them “sell” their products and services. The following are the reasons why photo editors are of great importance to any website or company:

  • Companies enhance photos according to the requirement needed in advertising campaigns.
  • You may want to take a photo depicting the summer season, but you don’t need to go to the beach to capture that picture. An image editor can be set in such a way that the background would exude a beach vibe.
  • Notice how models and celebrities look perfect on billboards? Thanks to a good image editor, all of the fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes can be removed.

Best Image Editors

Eager to edit your snaps to elevate their quality? Here are some of the best image editors in the market that can turn your drab pictures into digital works of art:


image editors irfanview

This freeware is an image converter program for Microsoft Windows, and is designed for both beginners and professionals. Apart from editing images, it can also play audio and video files and has painting and image creation features.

Irfanview comes with a 32-bit and 64-bit version. It is free for non-commercial use, and requires paid registration for commercial use. Irfanview has become known for its ability to handle a wide variety of graphic file formats, its ease of use, and its speed.


Although intended for non-professionals, Pixlr offers a variety of features that any visual artist can freely play with to enhance photos. Using Pixlr would turn your photos into a work of art.

This software can be downloaded on desktops, smartphones and tablets. It was founded by Ola Sevabdersson in 2008, and was acquired by Autodesk in 2011.



Aside from enhancing photos to produce better images, Fotor also gives you the ability to add text, put frames and borders, adjust contrast and brightness, and perform basic image editing functions such as blur, shift and crop.

The best part? You don’t have to download the app, because Fotor is an online image editor and collage maker.

Photo Editor from Aviary


This image editing app has advance features and editing tools, and is referred to by some of its users and supporters as a simpler version of Photoshop.  It is easy to use, and allows you to create wonderful images that look like they have been captured by professional photographers. You can make use of the different effects and have fun sharing your photos with your friends.

The app is available in Android and iOS devices.


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a freeware and open source image editor that is available on Windows, GNU/Linus, OS X and other operating systems. Using this software can make your photos look very professional because of its sophisticated features to help you get the job done easily. Third-party plugins are also available to further enhance productivity.


Regarded as one of the most reliable programs that many companies trust, ACDSee comes with advance features that perfectly capture the vibrance of photos. Its Ultimate version is comparable to Lightroom, PaintShop Pro, and Capture One, and is designed for people with intermediate to advanced image editing skills.

Adobe Photoshop

From simple image editing to 3D designs and illustrations, Adobe Photoshop continues to be known as a premiere graphic and photo editing program used by thousands of professionals. Adobe Photoshop CC, the latest version, supports all image formats (including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF). It allows images to be imported, edited, and customized into almost anything imaginable.


No matter which kind of photo editor that you use, for as long as you carefully make your photos as beautiful and captivating as possible, any website will definitely be an attention grabber. It takes more time to learn some of the advanced features in the image editors, but it would definitely make a huge difference once you implement the changes in your upcoming photos.