14 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins – Free & Paid

Due to their increasing popularity, premium wordpress authors are including shortcodes into their themes which enable users to easily add columns, buttons, icons, videos etc into posts and pages. However, you need to consider what will happen to all the layout changes and images added by these shortcodes should you you ever decide to switch themes. You risk losing all the capabilities of your shortcodes unless the shortcodes functionality is a plugin and not embedded into your theme. If the shortcodes are hard coded into the theme you using will will have to manually transfer over the relevant code to your new theme which can be a nightmare if the functionality is buried deep into the normal PHP and CSS files. A much better option is to use a separate shortcode plugin which will continue performing no matter which theme you use (unless there is some conflict).

In general, using plugins are much better than having everything bundled into a theme anyway and it is considered best practice for theme developers not to embed all this extra functionality into the theme itself. So, this month we have a mixed selection of free and paid shortcodes plugins for you to consider. They vary in the amount of features they perform as some are focus on specific issues whilst others include a huge range of functionality. The one thing in common is that all are preferable to using the shortcodes embedded in your own theme.

Creativ Shortcodes - Free


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The Creativ shortcodes plugin was developed Jonathan Atkinson he was not happy with the other free and paid plugins currently available. He has done a great job with this plugin and its range of features is very impressive for a free plugin: buttons, social icons, vides, toggles, accordian, tabs, quotes and google map.

Shortcode Domination - $18

shortcode domination

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Shortcode Domination a plugin that adds pro graphics in your blog posts. You can now make your posts eye-catching using the wide array of pre-made images that you can easily modify according to where you’re going to use it.

J Shortcodes - Free


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J Shrotcodes give you the liberty to add elements like custom buttons, boxes, tabs and accordion panels in your posts. Using this plugin, you can customize the colour, size and shape of these elements. Adding these visual presentation techniques will entertain the readers too.

Snippets - $11


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Snippets WordPress Plugin prevents you from duplicating your content. Often time when we create a website, the same information needs to appear in multiple places which is not a good idea. Snippets is so far the best solution to duplication and it is ideal for your testimonials, call to actions, common forms, signatures, contact information, and even in your themes.

ZillaShortcode - Free


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Zilla Shortcode is a pack of popular shortcodes that allows you to put columns, buttons alerts and tabs in your website. It is very simple and easy to use so, you won’t be having any trouble with it.

Display Post Shortcode - Free


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If you happen to have no idea about PHP or editing template files but want to display listing of posts, then Display Posts Shortcode is a recommended plugin for you. Just simply add the shortcode in a post or page and use the arguments to query based on tags, categories, post types and more.

SoundCloud Shortcode - Free


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Soundcloud Shortcodes allow you to add the Soundcloud player widget in your WordPress Blog. You can now allow visitors to play your latest Soundcloud tracks without making them leave your blog. It even supports customization in height, width and other parameters.

Arconix Shortcode - Free


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Add various kinds of styled boxes, buttons, tabs, accordions, unordered lists and play with the different cool colours to choose from!

Styles with Shortcodes - $25

style with shortcodes

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Styles with shortcodes allows you to personalize your wordpress posts faster and more easily. With over a hundred built in shortcodes to choose from, you will never run out of ideas on how to make each article better.

Shortcodes Pro - Free


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Shortcodes Pro make your creation of WordPress Shortcodes a blitz as it allows you to add Tiny MCE buttons without any hassle. Aside from that, you can sort buttons you have created and split those using separators and create groups. Topping all of that, you can export or import all the created shortcodes making it easier for back up.

Shortcode Ultimate - Free


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Shortcodes Ultimate is really an ultimate pack of shortcodes. Powered by CSS3, it adapts a responsive design that will surely kickstart your posts.

Vision Shortcodes - $21

Vision WordPress Shortcodes

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Vision is a WordPress Shortcode Plugin with a gorgeous design which is great for every website. It mainly features social icons, accordions, tabs, and pricing boxes.

EasyVideo - $12

easy video shortcode

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EasyVideo is a responsive shortcode plugin that lets you embed videos with one click! It is easy to manage and you don’t need to be a professional to have this shortcode plugin.

Easy Shortcode WordPress Plugin - $14

easy shortcode manager

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Easy shortcodes plugin lets you store unlimited shortcodes in a simple yet standard interface with MVC codebase and dynamic shortcode syntax. Let your WordPress site run gracefully with easy maintenance.



Shortcodes are undoubtedly a great help of webmasters who use wordpress and the variety now available are testament to their popularity. Just be careful not to download several to do slightly different jobs as you may experience conflicts and you will be adding lots of extra code which will slow down your site. As you would expect the paid ones are the best available and offer plenty of support but there are some good free shortcodes plugins available too.