Best Email Opt-In Plugins for WordPress

Not long ago we published an article on email marketing for web designers and clients alike. The merits of email marketing speak for themselves but today I thought I’d shift the focus onto the most vital tool in email marketing: the opt-in method.

This is the form, popup, banner or whatever else you use to prompt visitors to sign up to your campaigns. And if you’re in the WordPress game the good news is there are tons of email opt-in plugins to help you set up sites for email marketing in an instant. Some of those plugins are better than others, though, while others are beyond underwhelming.

So let’s run through the best of the email opt-in plugins available for WordPress as things stand.


Bloom eMail Opt-In Plugin

Opt-In Plugins

This plugin is built by the team at Elegant Themes and it comes with a strong range of opt-in methods. They look great right out of the box and you get a lot more customisation options than most plugins we’ll be looking at today. The only downside is you have to sign up to Elegant Themes to get access to the plugins, but that’ll only cost you $89 per year and give you full access to the themes collection as well.



Opt-In Plugins

MailPoet is the WordPress plugin that focuses on newsletter signups and cuts out all the complications of setting up the opt-in process. The free version comes with a bunch of tempting features and there’s also a paid version for large-scale campaigns and analytics reports. So it costs nothing to try out the free plugin and see how you get on from there.


Optin Forms

Opt-In Plugins

Optin Forms is a completely free option that comes with great looking opt-in forms as standard. You don’t get the customisation options on offer with the Elegant Themes plugin but you do get an easy setup process to compensate – not to mention the freebie incentive.


MailChimp Top Bar

Opt-In Plugins

MailChimp Top Bar is one of many plugin extensions for the MailChimp platform, this time placing a bar at the top of the browser asking users to subscribe. It’s a nice, unobtrusive method although they can sometimes go unnoticed. That’s one of the calls you’ll have to make on your email marketing approaches but, if you’re already using MailChimp, this is definitely an option to look at.



MailMunch is easily the most feature-rich plugin we’re looking at today. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s entirely free, as some downloaders seem too. There is a free version but it doesn’t come with the full features. Either pay up for the full version or you’ll probably be better off looking elsewhere for free options.


OnePress Opt-In Panda

Opt-In Plugins

OnePress Opt-In Panda is designed with reserving premium content in mind and if that’s your main approach, this is a good place to start. There’s a premium version that comes with added features for $23 but the free version gives you all of the essentials. Again, it costs nothing to try the free version and see if you need those premium features.


Easy Digital Downloads

If your email marketing strategy includes selling or giving away digital products then this is the plugin for you. If digital products are relevant to your business, I always think this is one of the most compelling ways to get people signing up. It comes with a good range of support for different payment options, languages and other features. Great if you want to offer both free and paid digital downloads.


Those are the best of the WordPress opt-in plugins I’ve had a chance to play with. The plugins we’ve looked at today should give you an option or two for just about every type of email campaign and you have a good mix of free and paid plugins in there for good measure.

If you’re not sold on the idea of email marketing yet, there’s little more I can do. I’m not about to say email marketing is easy but with the tools available these days getting setup couldn’t be more simple. No excuses folks!