13 Best Code Free Website Builders For Non Web Designers

In the earlier days of the internet, creating websites used to be a task for professional web designers only. These days, however, services like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, allows anyone to make their own website with little or no web building skills. However, those looking for non blog type sites that Blogger and Tumblr provide and those who do not have the technical know how to adapt a wordpress theme are tending to move towards other free website builder that are easy to use for the web design novice. These free website builders require no coding expertise and have been designed specially to allow anyone to get a well designed template online  quickly without worrying about hosting and theme customization. Whilst we would advise you use for powerful options when you need a more unique website or CMS (i.e. HTML5, Boostrap, Joomla, WordPress) or need extensive ecommerce features (i.e. Shopify) the following free website builders are worth checking out if you just want to a simple website for yourself or business.


Wix Website Builder

Wix is a popular website builder which offers hundreds of website templates for free. With over 40 million users and counting, the site guarantees a code-free website-building experience which is Google / SEO friendly. Most templates are responsive and cater to various website types such as business, photography and portfolios.


IMCreator Website Builder

IMCreator offers simple and elegant web design. The free site creator uses drag-and-drop for building web pages, as well as templates especially made by professional web designers. These templates categorized into different functions such as Portfolio, Photography, Art, Music, Wedding, Real Estate and Restaurant.


Moonfruit Website Builder

Moonfruit is a free service for creating sites with highly customizable designs. The website building software is easy to use even for a novice. According to a user’s review, if one is familiar with word processing programs, then he/she should be 85% familiar with Moonfruit’s software.


Weebly Website Builder

Weebly is a service that is endorsed by major news sites like BBC, Time and Newsweek. Its powerful site creator allows a user to drag and drop elements into a page. A free account includes everything required to start a professional-looking website, including free hosting.


Webnode Website Builder

Webnode boasts of getting your website up in as little as 5 minutes. A free account allows you to build a personal site with modern graphics and templates along with free hosting. There are also no ads with a free account, and they promise that no download, installation or technical skill is required.


Webs Website Builder

Webs has a lot of features bundled with its free service including hosting, a Site Builder and a basic Web Store for selling online. The site building software also uses drag-and-drop for easy web page building. Templates are available, with customizable logos, background color and fonts.


Webydo Website Builder

Webydo is a well-received newcomer that showcases bold, clean templates. With a free account, a user can start a website with Webydo’s sub-domain, create 15 pages and get unlimited bandwidth and 1GB storage. The site building software uses drag-and-drop, and it automatically optimizes all elements for best performance.


Jigsy Website Builder

Jigsy is a free website building service with premium features. On top of the usual code-free website builder, one can choose and customize fonts, use free stock photographs and upload photo galleries. Websites created with Jigsy are mobile and SEO-optimized.


Yola Website Builder

Yola is one of the first free website builders around, so it’s expected that they carry one of the best cost-free packages. For a free account, a user gets a powerful, easy-to-use website builder, customizable templates, SEO-friendly design, email support, YouTube embedding, Site statistics and Google maps integration.


Jimdo Website Builder

Jimdo aims to “put the power of website creation into everyone’s hands”. With that promise, the service equips the basic user with simple and easy-to-use tools to create beautiful, professional-looking sites. It’s free account includes access to templates, 500 MB
of storage, an online store with PayPal support, RSS feeds, widgets and photo galleries.


AllYou Website Builder

Designed specifically for portfolio sites, AllYou has an impressive array of templates that showcase the works of creative professionals who are just starting to establish an online presence. A free account includes unlimited projects/pages, full drag-and-drop editing, code-free customization, Typekit fonts, email support and 50 MB storage space.


Strikingly Website Builder

Strikingly specializes on one-page, responsive websites for personal, business or portfolio needs. With its front-end editor, one can click on an element to edit it and see the change instantly. Pages created with Strikingly are search engine optimized, has support for social media sharing, provides page analytics and a contact form to connect with readers. The website editor defaults to a blank page to start, but one can choose from a wide range of high quality templates.


Webstarts Website Builder

Webstarts claims to get a site up in less than 30 seconds. A free account lets a user create 5 pages, 10MB storage and 5GB/mo bandwidth. The service also offers a decent amount of templates to choose from, with an option to customize the elements using the site building software. Creating web forms, slideshows and photo galleries are also supported.