Benefits of Sliders and How To Use Them Correctly in Web Design

web sliders benefits how to use properly

In web design, sliders have become effective tools for inserting slideshows on pages. To make a page look more organized – especially those with a large number of photos – sliders can continuously run or play the series of photos without the need to click anything on the part of the site visitor. This website design tool helps to create an organized and more interactive page.

This early, let’s get one thing clear: sliders are not recommended for all types of websites. The best types of websites that sliders can be applied to are those that would like to show specific locations or features of an area – say, a real estate business, a hotel, or a vacation hotspot. It’s also amazing to see in websites that need to show variants of a given product, especially if you want to show different colors and sizes of a given design.

Since sliders are commonly used for detailing out a given product or service, some websites may actually look more organized without them.

Benefits of sliders

Using sliders is a good way of creating an interactive page, mainly because the movement of the slideshow can instantly engage site visitors. People are generally visual when it comes to getting their attention, and that principle applies well in showing people slider images instead of words.

sliders burgers

Nope, those aren’t the sliders that we’re referring to (although they are attention-grabbing!).

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using sliders in your website:

Better showcase of products

Sliders make it easier for website owners to tell the visitors what their services or products are all about. This eliminates the need to direct them to other pages of the site just to find what they’re looking for.

Visual appeal

One of the functions of sliders is to create pages that appeal visually and spark the interest of the website visitors. By displaying beautiful pictures on your sliders, there’s a better likelihood that your site visitors stick around to browse through the site and read more information about your business.

Instant information

Important pieces of content can be easily displayed using sliders, and this technique adds more emphasis on what your company offers. It is easier to make specific information stand out when you use sliders, mainly because of its interactivity.

Better display of textual content

While sliders are commonly used for images and photos, they are also good for text snippets. Testimonials of regular customers are best displayed using a slider.

Alternative form of advertising

Sliders can be used for telling stories about specific products or services. Website designers can maximize the use of sliders by featuring information or details in the form of silent ads to catch the interest of website visitors.

Tips to use sliders correctly on your website

sliders how to use them properly

It would help to assess if your page needs sliders, so that you can maximize your website to your advantage. To get you started, here are some tips on how you can use sliders correctly:

Use it as a marketing strategy to highlight packages, promos, or discounts

Sliders are the best tools to use if your website gets updated regularly and if you want to put real-time content. You can make use of sliders to post your latest promotions or events that you want to advertise. Make sure that your slider appears above the fold on your landing page, if you want to maximize the potential of getting more leads and sales.

Importing your photos from your social media account and putting them on your slider is also a good technique.

Use it to expound on what your website is all about

Aside from marketing your upcoming promotions, sliders can also promote your products and services, as well as your entire business. Depending on the content that you will put on the slider, this technique can give the site visitor instant access to information about your website or company.

Remember that the slider is a vibrant and attention-grabbing feature on the page. Because of this, make sure that the information that you put in the slider is concise and direct to the point.

Use CSS to customize the look of your sliders

Sure, sliders are commonly used for marketing reasons, but you should also put in mind that it should match your website design. The slider will probably be one of the highlights of your website. Having said that, take the extra effort to use CSS to create a customized slider style that will complement your existing website design.

Make sure that your sliders are mobile-friendly

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for years, you probably know that more and more people are into mobile browsing. As a website designer or owner, you have to make sure that your sliders will not ruin the whole design package of your page. In other words, your sliders should follow responsive design, so that it appears amazing on any type of device.

Put in mind that your sliders serve as a website highlight, and so you have to be really careful in the way your sliders are displayed on screen.

For a gallery of photos, use thumbnails for your sliders

Slideshows of photos can be difficult to deal with especially if there are a lot of images included. Imagine posting a lot of photos on the slider, but your visitors cannot keep up with the continuous movement. There’s a big chance that viewers will have a hard time going back to images that have already been displayed.

Failing to present your images properly defeats the purpose of your sliders. For this to be resolved,  it is best to use thumbnails to make it easier for your website visitors to navigate to previous and next photos.

Use Lightbox to display photos from your slideshow

To maximize the use of sliders, it is highly recommended that you use Lightbox to let your website visitors view the photos more closely. This way, you can allow them to explore the slider contents in closer detail.


Sliders have changed the definition of web design in a big way. By making use of this nifty feature, you can be sure that your pages will catch the attention of your target audience.