18 Awesome Photoshop & Illustrator Logo Tutorials

There are so many Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials out there it can be a job in itself searching for the right tut to inspire your next design. So to make things easier we scour the web for you and bring together the best tutorials into handy little lists, so you don’t have to. This week we’re focusing on logos and in this article you will find our favourite tutorials to help you come up with new ideas and techniques for your own logo designs.

This list contains a diverse range of styles, including flat design, typographic, grunge and many more. You also have a variety of difficulties – from beginner to advanced – in a combination of articles, videos and even an infographic style tutorial. Each of these tuts has one thing in common though – a fresh design and an end result that fits perfectly with the latest trends. Which means you can take everything you learn from these tutorials and apply to you design project today.

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15 Designs | Logo Concept | Photoshop Tutorial

15-logo designs-photoshop-tutorial

Creating A Coffee House Logo – From Theory To Vector In Adobe Illustrator


Working With Type On A Path In Illustrator



Quick Tip: How To Create A Retro Style Textured Logo


Create a Watercolor Logo In Photoshop

create-a-water-color logo-in-photoshop

Create A Frog Logo In Photoshop


Creating A Retro Logo


How To Create A Retro Badge/Emblem Style Logo


Typographic Logo In Illustrator And Photoshop


Logo Presentation Tutorial


Dache: Logo Design Process


Design A Grungy Circular Logo


Photoshop: How To Make A Retro, Cajun-style Tattoo Logo


Design A Hipster Logo In Photoshop


Photoshop Logo Tutorial: Clean Professional Logo Design


Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make A Logo In Wood



Comparing The Logo Creation Process Between Adobe Photoshop And Illustrator


Photoshop Tutorial | Logo Design | Flight



Got any recommendations?

If you know of any killer logo design tutorials or we have missed one of your favourite tuts of this list, get in touch and help us make this collection even better!