Adobe Stock Apparel Products That People Wish Were Real

adobe stock apparel firm handshake

Have you ever seen something so good that you wish you could instantly have it no matter what it takes? Adobe has recently achieved something to that effect, with the release of Adobe Stock Apparel.

What is Adobe Stock Apparel?

The graphic software giant has come up with a unique and whimsical kind of advertising to revive their stock photo service, in the form of Adobe Stock Apparel. These simple products consist of Adobe stock photo printed on shirts and other clothing options. While this looks like a welcome sideline for the software company, some people have pointed out that the stock photos that appeared in the Adobe Stock Apparel lookbook are the worst of their millions of photos.

Of course, there’s one major issue at hand: The product line is not real.

Sure, the stock photos may look great on shirts, and perfectly depict messages that any company would like to convey to customers. After all, Adobe’s royalty-free image service claims to provide better and more realistic photos.

Although some of the stock photos in the fake apparel business are as not as pleasant as some of their other images, seeing them come to life through the shirts makes you think that these photos have something to say. This promotion was made with the intention to bump off competitors denoting low quality images and to save companies from spending time in sifting through poor images.

Here are a few of the popular Adobe Stock Apparel designs [source here]:

Firm handshake between business associates

adobe stock apparel firm handshake

This clearly depicts how people are able to be work with each other’s terms and be able to close a deal.

International business team working around laptop

adobe stock apparel international business team

For the eyes of an advertiser or a marketer, this picture definitely means business.

Mature business men with a boxing gloves fighting with co-worker

adobe stock apparel business man boxing gloves

As funny as it may look, this photo could really be a scene from any office whose employees or executives that get into a conflict or clash in opinions.

Happy senior couple piggybacking at the beach

adobe stock apparel happy seniors piggybacking

For the sentimental, this is something how you would want to see yourself when you hit such age.

Smiling seniors using laptop

adobe stock apparel seniors using laptop

We used to think that our folks may be technologically challenged but now people have come to realize just how much important the digital world is. As a result, some seniors have turned themselves into tech-savvy individuals.

What Do You Get With An Adobe Stock Subscription?

When you start with a free trial of Adobe Stock for Enterprises via Adobe Spark, you will get access to 50 million photos, illustrations, graphics and videos directly in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other Creative Cloud apps.

When you sign up now, the first 50 images are for free and you also get a chance to order from the Adobe Stock Apparel SS 16 collection – which, as I pointed out, is not real!


So what’s the takeaway message here? No, it’s not the idea of salivating over these fictitious Adobe Stock Apparel products. Instead, you should start thinking about innovative ways to market your business, much like what Adobe has done with its stock photo service.

[All photos from the Adobe Stock Apparel lookbook.]