9 Simple Ways To Get Better At Design

Design is always subject to appreciation or criticism. As a web designer, you might feel that your designs are poor or that you can do better. Well, there’s no need to worry. There are various things you can do to improve. Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the simplest ways to get better at design.

The simplest ways to get better at design

1. Be Organised

Organisation is a key aspect in helping you become great at designing. First and foremost, make sure that your workstation is clean and provides a fitting environment for you to work in. This will make you feel relaxed and make it easier for you to work more efficiently. The files in your computer should also be organised. Ensure that you group similar projects together to make them easily accessible. You could also create three areas where you can place files that are pending, current and processed for both physical and digital files. By knowing where every item is, you’ll spend less time searching and instead use the extra time to focus on the design.

2. Seek Constructive Criticism

Feedback and criticism from others is crucial to the growth of a web designer. When others criticise your work, they’re able to point out mistakes that you might have overlooked. They’ll also tell you the areas where you need to improve or even suggest numerous resources that you can use to improve your designs. Be open to hearing what your employers, supervisors, clients, peers, colleagues or coworkers have to say about your designs. Of course you don’t have to follow exactly what they’re saying but ensure that you pick the main points for current or future reference. The way you see your design might not be the way others see it. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the message you’re relaying with your design is being interpreted correctly. If you work from home, you can seek feedback from online web design communities. You’ll find helpful people there and will benefit immensely from the feedback you get. As a start, you can start out by joining Behance or Dribble to see what others have to say about your designs.

3. Collaborate With Other Web Designers

Once in a while, it’s important to collaborate with other web designers. There are If you’re working in an office setting, work with your coworkers and engage in every aspect of the project. Ensure that you understand what is going on and how your coworkers think. At the end of the day, you’ll find that you’ve learnt additional knowledge that will count towards making your own designs better. You can also collaborate with others online on different web design communities or even contribute to an open source design project. In the long-run, you’ll have a better understanding of the entire design process while improving your skills.

4. Learn Something New

To become better at design, you need to keep learning. Whether it’s formal or self-taught knowledge, constant learning allows you to learn a new skill or freshen up a skill you already know. There are many ways in which you can learn new skills. These include:

  • requesting a colleague or peer to teach you a new skill
  • enrolling in a course in a learning institution of your choice
  • using online tutorials and courses
  • replicating existing designs

Use whichever resource is readily available to you at the moment. Constant learning will definitely make you better at design.

5. Use A Sketchbook

In this day and age, most designers use their computers for all their design work. While there’s nothing entirely wrong with that, scribbling designs by hand can be very helpful. It boosts creativity and gives you a better picture of what you want to achieve. Carry a sketchbook with you so that you’re able to write or draw ideas as you think of them. You’ll find the sketches in your sketchbook very helpful when you’re designing. It’s also important to draw your designs by hand to get an idea of what you want to accomplish once you turn on your computer. You can even scan your sketches and tweak them in Photoshop which makes your work more original.

6. Stay Updated

One of the simple ways to get better at design is to keep up with the latest advancements in the field. It is a fast moving industry that is constantly evolving. To keep yourself in the know, you need to familiarise yourself with new technologies and techniques being used in the industry. You can obtain this information by reading the leading blogs in web design. However, you should be careful not to follow each and every trend you see. Only use information that you find useful and practical for you.

7. Pay Keen Attention To Compatibility

A great website design loses meaning if it can’t be viewed correctly on a given browser. Always make sure that your designs are compatible with all browsers. Doing this will make you better at design since you’ll know how to tweak your website to work well on different browsers. Although it might seem like an obvious step, you should pay a lot of detail to it. You should also ensure that your adhere to the set web standards as much as possible. If possible, make your websites 100% compliant. If you’re using Firefox, the Web Developer Toolbar will be of great help.

8. Refer To The Plan

When it comes to design, there’s normally a plan or brief that’s to be followed. Throughout the design process, ensure that you refer to the brief regularly. This will help you stay on track. When working on your own projects, ensure that you have a clear objective. This increases your focus when designing and makes it easier to concentrate on your final goal.

9. Practice

Every time you come across a new concept of skill, learn it and practice it. The best way to learn is through practice. This allows you to identify areas that you’re weak at and what confuses you most. Your practice sessions don’t have to take a long time. You can simply start with 30 minutes everyday. You’ll definitely notice your gradual improvement at design.

These are definitely the simplest ways to get better at design. You’ll see a great improvement once you apply them. Remember to keep your work original and unique as you strive to get better at design.