20 Best Placeslace to Learn WordPress Online

Nowadays nearly every other person you meet has a blog of some sort and the vast majority will be completed on WordPress. As of this month, April 2014, 14.7 billion wordpress pages are read each month by over 400 million people.  The reason that WordPress blogs are so commonplace is the fact that it requires such a low level of technical expertise and provides so much flexibility in terms of design and functionality. However, if you really want to get best the best results out of your WordPress site rather than just scratch the surface, you need to get under the hood and start looking at the code.

Fortunately there are a number of fantastic resources online designed to teach you  how to use WordPress to its fullest, and many are customized for various levels of expertise. After scouring the web for the best of the best, I have created a go-to list of the best places to learn WordPress online whether it be to tweak some code to developed fully fledged themes and plugins to use with clients or sell online.

It is important to note that not all of these resources are free, but what is a little bit of cash up front if it helps you save lots of time and make money in the long term?  We have split the resources into the best ones which are paid and  the others which tend to be blogs and introductory courses. Click the tabs below to switch between the two.



Treehouse contains a nice and growing collection of WP tutorials for beginner through intermediate users, including topics such as how to build a WP theme and more. We are currently offering a range of treehouse discount codes for their excellent tutorials which can be found in our coupon code section here.



WP101 is the best place for learning WordPress basics – even things as basic as adding your first post are covered in this set of tutorials. The quality is excellent, and access is available for $19 a month or $39 a year.

BobWP Video Tutorials


If you are looking for some step-by-step walkthroughs designed to give beginners a WP edge, then BobWP is the way to go. For $24 a month, users will have access to extensive tutorial videos, including adding WooTheme and StudioPress.

Pippin’s Plugins

Pippins Plugins

 For $6 a month, Pippin Williamson gives you a ton of easy plugins, teaching you how to build them, how they work, and showing you how to make changes to customize existing plugins for your use. Williamson is the WP plugin expert, and here you can get info straight from the horse’s mouth.



This site is designed for the intermediate WordPress user, giving you more advanced tutorials on web application development and object-oriented programming, just to name a couple. [/tab]



Looking for free language coding classes? Codcademy has it and more.



Tweak and trick out your WordPress page with the suggestions on this site. The dedicated WP page is especially helpful.

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex

Known as the WordPress Bible, WordPress Codex will teach you everything from the most basic functions to the highly geeky specialized tools.



This free resource has a large collection of videos and how-tos related to anything and everything WordPress. The beginner as well as the advanced user can learn a lot from this incredible site.


WP Snippets   Looking for snippets to make development simple and easy? WP-Snippets has over 200 of them for your perusal.

Make WordPress


The official site for the development team at WordPress, Make WordPress keeps you up to date on the latest happenings and changes within the WordPress platform. Go here to keep your finger on the WP pulse.



Another code snipping site, this one gives you nearly 700 snippets for your use as well as a discussion forum where you can talk with other WP’ers about modifying and customizing code.

WP Beginner


This fantastic site is not just for beginners, so don’t let the name fool you. Run by Syed Balkhi, WP Beginner is the go-to source for tips, tricks, and how-to videos without dumbing down the information. Everyone can use a refresher, and this site is updated constantly.

Easy WP Guide

Easy WP Guide

Those who prefer reading to watching will appreciate the written nature of this resource. Either download in PDF format or view online. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Carrie Dils

Carrie Dils

Carrie Dils’s website dedicates itself to Genesis development, teaching users how to create their own Genesis child themes and troubleshoot WP problems. A nice site for the intermediate WP’er.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing WordPress

Smashing is a WP development blog that is updated monthly and contains a number of articles from the WP who’s-who crowd. They have a dedicated wordpress section.



  Run by WP Engine, Torque has a variety of articles on WP topics.

WP Mayor

WP Mayor

  Here is another great source of beginner through intermediate how-tos.

Post Status

Post Status

  All things Word Press are found on Post Status, including both articles and breaking news. 



  Mostly for advanced users, Paulund provides a mixture of snippets and tutorials.

Advanced WordPress


  This Facebook group allows advanced WP’ers to share ideas and thoughts on WP topics.

WP Theme Detector


WP Theme Detector allows you to analyze the site and discover the theme. This is great if you come across a design you like and want to use the same theme.