15 Awesome Ghost Themes For Bloggers

Ghost is a blogging platform that’s all about showcasing text and imagery with style and minimal clutter.  The platform removes unnecessary elements of other blogging platforms and focuses on creating a simple, fun and rich reading and viewing experiences. Ghost may still relatively new, but, it already boasts beautiful and simple designs that may well suit all your blogging needs. Many influential bloggers have already made the switch from wordpress as they love its simple front and back end designs. If you are not sure what Ghost is then I would recommend you read Ghost: Can It Compete With WordPress?

If you are interested in trying out Ghost, or you already use it and are looking to freshen it up with a new theme, here are some of the latest Ghost themes, all well-designed, all responsive and all ideal for publishing content with style.


Aperture Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Photographers, meet Aperture, the world’s first photography theme for Ghost. From now on, photographers can enjoy putting up content on Ghost, alongside writers and bloggers. Aperture’s simple layout brings out the best in your photographs, plus the responsive design will make sure your portfolio looks good on any device.


Blogify Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Look at all that beautiful space! Blogify is a responsive Ghost theme that’s perfect for personal blogging. The design uses flat elements to really make it as simple as possible. The ample space and quiet color combinations also help de-clutter things, making the reader focus on the important thing: your content.


Curri Ghost Theme Themeforest

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For the job-hunter that’s looking to impress future employers, Curri acts as a modern and stunning alternative to paper CVs and resumes. Tell the world your history of achievements using any of its 5 different timeline styles. Blog about your work experience in any style you want because it also supports all types of media, i.e. images, videos, audio and even Facebook and Twitter! Your CV is going to shine with this one!


Fruity Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Fruity is as unique as can be. With this Ghost theme, you don’t need to scroll down to find more content, everything is right there in front of you. The design and layout is clever and simple, making the blog cover as the background image and the individual posts as some sort of keys – which when you hover over, it subtly moves like a piano key. Simple but wonderful! Also, for the bloggers familiar with html, you can change the id to either light or dark, depending on the background image you choose.


Heroic Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Highly-rated and well-loved (it has 5/5 star ratings), Heroic is a timeline based Ghost theme for individual bloggers. The design is nothing fancy, but hey, who needs fancy when you have a really neat timeline holding down your content? Use the timeline feature to detail your history and the history of your content. Uploading videos from YouTube and Vimeo won’t be a problem because it can rescale media files with ease.


Interstellar Ghost Theme Themeforest

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If animated headers are your thing, Interstellar is the Ghost theme for you. Catch the attention of your visitors by using a cool animated header and then wow them with your content. It’s a simple, minimalist theme with a subtle quirkiness that can make all the difference.


Nonus Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Nonus is a powerful Ghost theme that will make any blogger jump for joy. For starters, they can choose between 3 theme versions: parallax, full screen video, or gallery. With parallax, users get to have a visually-stunning and fun page. With the full screen video, videographers and video bloggers can greet their visitors with a film they have made in the site’s header. And let’s not forget the photographers, they can use the gallery version to display their photos. All in all, Nonus is a beautiful and powerful theme that outshines the competition.


Phantom Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Phantom gets it right with very little. The flat design, minimalist layout and soft typography make it a user-friendly Ghost theme. The parallax cover image adds some flair and ups the engagement factor. It’s a great responsive theme for bloggers who want something simple, but effective.


Poly Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Fresh out of the oven, Poly is a modern and clean Ghost theme suitable for any type of blogger. Remember to choose an excellent and awe-inspiring cover image because this theme has a wide display. That’s a good thing, by the way. Also, the sleek but simple design looks good on any device, whether it be on your phone, tablet or desktop.


Rain Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Nothing’s better than reading under the covers on a lazy, rainy day – and that’s what this theme is all about! Rain is a responsive Ghost theme that takes your background photo and gives it that raindrops-on-my-window look. It even has rain and thunder as background noises to really put you in the mood. The nice little touches and the minimal design explain why this is a highly-rated theme with 5 stars.


Suave Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Suave, like the name implies, is all about the finer things in a Ghost theme. The beautiful layout and typography creates an aura of elegance and sophistication. This looks great for bloggers that talk about luxury products and high society topics. It comes with 2 headers and includes 7 skins to choose from.


Swayze Ghost Theme Woo Themes

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We’re loving the witty reference to the actor, but we’re loving even more the minimalist nature of Swayze. Everything’s stripped down with this one, the only thing left behind is the content. Clean typography and minimal design elements go hand-in-hand in presenting the content up front and center.


Tasty Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Tasty is a responsive Ghost theme that’s built for sharing recipes and teaching the world how to cook good food. The design is fairly bold with the wide fonts and even wider photo displays, creating an ideal presentation and showcase for your food photos. Ideal for food tutorial blogs, Tasty will make mouths water and tummies growl.


Toffee Ghost Theme Themeforest

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If you want a Ghost theme that’s inspired by Pinterest’s elegant and addicting pin-board style layout, take a look at Toffee. This theme features a stylish masonry grid layout that will keep your readers scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. This type of layout is unobtrusive and easy to navigate, creating addicting reading – visitors will get stuck on your site for hours! It’s clean, user-friendly and makes your content interesting.


Writr Ghost Theme Themeforest

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Writr has an elegant and stylish design that’s both eye-catching and seductive. But don’t worry about it overshadowing your content, it actually adds more flair and style to it with subtle design elements and beautiful typography. You can also add links to your own social networks so your avid readers can follow your different social profiles.