10 Free & Paid Tools to Measure Website Uptime

Anyone running a business and trying to maintain an online presence will tell you that you are only as good as your website – and if your website is frequently down or non-functional for some reason or another, potential customers or clients will quickly find themselves looking elsewhere. When it comes to measuring uptime, you can either A) stare at your screen 24/7, watching for problems, or B) use an uptime monitor to keep an eye on things for you. Since Option A is not very practical, here are 10 great tools to consider, designed to measure server uptime. Some are free, some are paid, and all do a good job letting you know when you are up and running.

Mon.itor.us (Free)

www.monitor.us website-monitoring


Mon.itor.us  is a free monitoring service looks at all of your systems from the cloud and brings the information together in a simple, easy-to-read dashboard. The graphs and dials are all simple to understand, giving the appearance of a gas gauge in a car.

Pingdom (Free & Paid)

Pingdom website monitoring

Pingdom takes advantage of social media, texting, and E-mail to let you know when your site is down, which makes sense, considering that most of us are in touch at almost all hours of the day using our mobile devices.

Site 24×7 (Free & Paid)


Site 24×7  is another great option for uptime monitoring, tracking DNS servers, websites, mail servers and more. It will alert you in real time to any potential problems.

Are My Sites Up? (Paid)

Are My Sites Up?

Are My Sites Up? features a multitude of plans designed to monitor your servers every minute (literally, once a minute), giving you outage alerts via SMS, E-mail, or voice call. They will also give you details of why your sites are down if they are available.

100 Pulse (Free & Paid)



The free version of 100 Pulse will monitor up to two websites every 15 minutes, and you receive updates via an installed Google gadget. You can also add additional websites, features, and more frequent checks at a cost.

Montastic (Free & Paid)


The free version of Montastic will give you monitoring every 30 minutes for a limited number of sites with more frequency and sites available with a pricing plan. Problems are relayed to you using E-mail. Simple, yet effective.

BasicState (Free & Paid)


BasicState  monitors an unlimited number of websites every 15 minutes, shooting you an E-mail or SMS message if there is anything awry. BasicState also provides uptime reports and histories going back a couple of weeks.

Uptrends (Free & Paid)


Uptrends  is great for providing users of your site with a regularly updated uptime report, monitoring sites every 30 minutes. You can embed an uptime status button directly on your page to simply provide this information.

InternetSeer (Free & Paid)


InternetSeer offers a variety of plans that will check your websites every 5, 15, or 30 minutes, depending on your budget and preferences. Users receive alerts via SMS, E-mail, fax, or pager, depending on which century they are living in.

Uptime Robot (Free)

Uptime Robot

Thanks to Uptime Robot, you can monitor up to 50 websites every 5 minutes, receiving information by E-mail, RSS, SMS, and even Twitter. The service runs a check on your site’s header and looks to see if the code comes back with problems.

Clearly, you have lots of options when it comes to uptime server monitoring, and since the principle is fairly simple, most of these will get the job done well, although some are better suited to certain types of sites. Be sure to pay attention not only to price, but also to important features such as frequency of monitoring, the number of sites included, and the way any issues are reported back to you.