Why Make a Mobile Optimised Website?

Website design can be difficult and sometimes it seems like adding mobile optimisation may be an unnecessary effort. This definitely isn’t the case though, as mobile optimisation can reap a whole load of rewards for you and your brand no matter what stage of growth you're in.

Firstly, by not having a mobile site you’re effectively cutting off a portion of your potential business as mobile users won’t want to wait for your page to load and then have to put in more effort to navigate. They’ll simply look elsewhere so your website won’t benefit from their clicks or potential custom.

Next, if you’re trying to get your name higher up the Google search results list you need to know that their search algorithm takes mobile optimisation into account. If your site doesn’t offer this then it could be the difference between someone visiting your homepage or another site popping up first.

Making things easier for potential customers and viewers is what it’s all about so you want to make it easy for them to find their way around. A good example of how to do this is the review site Bingo Strike, they have all of their reviews filed away and all a reader has to do is select what category they want to know more about. Having easy to click buttons means that users won’t need to scrabble around to get to the page they want.

Browsing on a non-optimised site can be pretty frustrating and if users feel this way they’ll head to another brand that can assist them better. Statistics show that mobile users tend to make more snap decisions and purchase more items so losing out on this traffic is a no no.

Mobile users may spend more money but they also have less time to waste on sites that don’t cater to them, it’s a snap decision and then your potential traffic and business is gone. Even if your product or service is the best out there at the most reasonable price, this knee jerk reaction is enough to send them straight to a competitor who may earn more because of your mistake.

A larger portion of users are now on mobile devices so as time goes on it’s more important to have a site that they can easily use. The smartphone boom is only ever getting bigger so the longer you don’t have an optimised site, you’re losing more traffic exponentially.