Update Your Shopify Store To Boost Sales

With the continuous expansion of e-commerce, so many small and medium businesses have joined the bandwagon and have taken their stores online or launched digital versions of their physical stores. For many entrepreneurs, the premium choice for their e-stores’ platforms is Shopify, a well-recognized e-commerce solution.

The convenience, functionality and wide range of features offered by Shopify have proven the service to be adept at helping business owners achieve and surpass their sales targets. The key is learning how to maximize what the platform has to offer to the industry’s advantage in order to reach more consumers and boost sales conversions.

If your e-store is also built on Shopify, then you would definitely benefit from some tips on how to amplify its benefits, including upgrading the look, vibe, and overall functionality of your site. Here are some ways on how you could update your Shopify store to increase sales:

1. Upgrade your theme

One of the factors that attract a customer to an e-commerce is its aesthetic presentation. The saying “first impressions last” could very well apply to an online business website. Whether your layout design appears artistically deficient or crowded and overbearing could instantly turn off a potential customer from a negative impression of your personality and brand. It is advisable to conduct regular reviews of your store’s layout and upgrade your style from time to time. This will keep customers interested and will ensure that you stay marketable and competitive.

Here are some themes that have been highly recommended:


shopify startup theme

Startup is ideal for stores that offer a few products. It offers a modular homepage that can serve as a one-page store in itself. However, it is flexible enough to be adjusted to accommodate larger selections in the future. It offers other features such as retina compatible images and SEO optimization.


shopify symmetry theme

This is one of the best themes offered by Shopify as it considers e-commerce best practices. It offers a convenient navigation system to allow online shoppers to easily find their way around the store. It provides several homepage design selections and a number of advanced features.


shopify minimal theme

Minimal is highly recommended for those who want a user-friendly design that still offers a chic and contemporary look. It is very flexible and offers numerous layout choices, navigation styles, collection views, and typography options.


shopify supply theme

This free theme is best for businesses with large product inventories. Its navigation theme is specially designed to allow for quick and convenient browsing through product selections. It also offers several homepage collections and supports the Product Reviews app to gather feedback on products and services.


shopify weekend theme

Weekend is also designed to meet e-commerce best practices. It offers grid layout designs, customizable options, and amazing visuals. Its best feature is its “Add to cart” functionality, which pops up to ask a shopper what he intends to do next. This facilitates a smooth checkout. Weekend also provides reliable customer support services.

These are just a few themes that you can choose from. There are hundreds of other awesome Shopify themes – both free and paid – that you can select from, according to the needs of your business. Consider some factors that are suited for your store’s set up such as catalogue presentation, image support, menu options, and other important elements.

2. Use striking photos

shopify tips use striking photos

Photos are the major selling point of your e-store. Maximize on providing captivating images that capture the best features of your product to entice your customers such that they won’t leave your page without clicking the “Buy” button. Be sure to provide real life pictures in addition to standard photos to give your shoppers room for imagination. Also, allow buyers to zoom in and view the product from several angles.

3. Provide convincing copy

shopify tips provide convincing copy

Selling great product selections or offering valuable services is not enough. Your customers want to know how the brand can enhance their lives. Write engaging content and compelling product descriptions that impel visitors to purchase your products.

Remember, you need to keep attracting more customers. Make sure to periodically update your copies. Provide variations and add some flair to your content.

4. Incorporate a Content Marketing SEO Strategy

shopify tips content marketing SEO strategy

When writing your content and product description, incorporate keywords that online shoppers are probably going to use to search for specific products. Your goal is to attract potential customers to your site so use targeted keywords in crafting your content. This will bring the right audience to your e-commerce site.

You should also optimize your meta descriptions. This is a valuable strategy for generating inbound traffic. The logic is simple: more traffic equals more sales conversion. In addition, meta descriptions increase your click-through-rate (CTR) in order to bring better chances to improve your site’s ranking on search engines.

In crafting your meta descriptions, be sure to consider some important points. For starters, they should contain the keywords, be relevant to the content, and should include a call to action. A call to action acts as your sales pitch and is crucial to your advertising strategy.

5. Maintain a blog

shopify tips write blog

A blog is an important component of content marketing SEO. It allows you to use the target keywords more frequently so you could increase your site’s traffic volume. It provides an opening for you to incorporate your products into the topics you discuss. It will give you the opportunity to supply more information about your products or services.

Every blog post that you write is an occasion to promote your company or your brand – and to sell! That’s why it’s a good idea to publish blog posts as often as you can, preferably once or twice a week. Use your blogs as effective marketing tools to boost your sales.

6. Expand social media presence

Connecting your online shop to social media is a great way to boost sales.


Promote your business on Instagram by posting photos of your products. Use popular hashtag trends so other users (other than your followers) can find your e-store. This is a good tactic to draw more potential customers to your store’s site.


You should also maximize your presence on Pinterest. If you still don’t have an account, go and create one!

Shopify has a partnership with Pinterest. This lets you sell your products on Pinterest directly. The “buyable pins” on Pinterest encourage users and consumers to visit your store to purchase from larger selections.


You can also use your Shopify account to display and sell your merchandise directly on Facebook. To do so, select the Facebook sales channel under the Settings on your Shopify account.

The best part of this is that when you add Shopify e-commerce to your current Facebook business page, you optimize mobile shopping. This means that customers using their smartphones can purchase and checkout right on the Facebook page without being redirected to your Shopify store. This expedites your customers’ shopping experience and helps you advertise your store to more potential buyers.


Shopify is truly a remarkable platform designed to help entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals. It offers flexibility and customization to help merchants create and manage a convenient, yet fully-functional digital store. Maximize its features and fully utilize its assets to expand your business and grow your profits.